The 8th cheongsam goddess in the entertainment industry is charming and stunning. Someone has changed 27 sets of cheongsam.


Cheongsam is the existence of Chinese clothing China and the United States. It can highlight the feminine curve of women, show the gentle and atmospheric posture, and there is a unique and restrained sexy.

Although the cheongsam is beautiful, it is difficult to control. The test of the figure is still the second time. The most rare is the complementary charm of people and cheongsam.

The beauty of the entertainment industry is like the crosses of the river, but it is widely considered to be the best and most temperamental stars who wear cheongsam.

Today we will take a look at the eight representative cheongsam goddesses to see how they use a cheongsam to wear thousands of styles.

The following rankings do not distinguish


1. Chen Shu


When it comes to the female star who can control cheongsam, she must not be able to turn around the “Queen of Cheongsam” Chen Shu.

For more than 20 years in performing arts, Chen Shu has contributed a lot of classic cheongsam styles, and even director Gao Xixi praises it: “The most beautiful Chinese actress in cheongsam.”

In “New Shanghai Beach”, she plays the communication flower Fang Yanyun, incorporating the charming style of this woman into a dazzling cheongsam.


In “The Love of the City”, she plays the white Liu Su in the family, showing a gentle temperament between her eyebrows, and she is dressed in a plain cheongsam.


In “Heping Hotel”, she plays the detective expert Chen Jiaying. She is dressed in the improved version of her cheongsam.

Chen Shu’s appearance is not very prominent in the entertainment industry of beautiful women, but her intellectual, classic and elegant temperament is unforgettable.

This kind of temperament is not developed in one day, but thanks to her experience of dancing from an early age and the cultivation of her family.


Chen Shu was born in the art family. His father is a dance artist and has been working in the singing and dance troupe. The mother is also keen on music, and the instruments they are good at are piano and flute.

Influenced by his parents, Chen Shu has also studied dance since he was a child, thus practicing a correct posture, and his talks are full of cultivation.


When he was in middle school, Chen Shu entered the Beijing Dance Academy Affiliated Middle School to learn ballet, national dance and classical dance.


After graduating, she was admitted to the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe to be a dancer, and she stayed for nearly 6 years.

In 1999, Chen Shu, who was renamed in the study, was admitted to the Chinese opera with excellent results. Since then, she has started her acting career.

Before 2007, Chen Shu played many different types of characters, but only Huang Yiyi in “Disdling” was impressive.

It wasn’t until her friend suggested that she filmed a period of time. She spent a lot of money to shoot a set of retro cheongsam blockbusters and repeatedly recommended that she was named in the entertainment industry.

A good face, a tall figure, and the polishing of several Republic of China and the drama, the taste of old Shanghai women in Chen Shu’s temperament is becoming stronger.

Since then, the title of “Queen of Cheongsam” has become synonymous with her.


Fatting off the green, today’s Chen Shu is more charm of mature women. She is dressed in a cheongsam, and she is undoubtedly a suitable ink painting.

The reputation of the Queen of Cheongsam is by no means a virtual name. At the age of 44, she still takes very stable.


Second, Maggie


Maggie Cheung is also a well -deserved goddess in the hearts of the public. Her cheongsam installation can almost reach the height of the gods.

On September 20, 2019, Zhang Manyu’s 55th birthday. Photographer Xia Yongkang specially released the exclusive scene behind her to celebrate her birthday.


Zhang Manyu in the photo is wearing a colorful cheongsam, and her eyes are like a silk.

“Fantastic Year” is a movie with a strong personal style of Wang Jiawei and the most “goddess” character on the screen on the screen.

The film mainly tells the love story of Hong Kong that happened in the 1960s. In the film’s cheongsam style, no one is right to this day.


In cheongsam, she showed the elegance and restraint in the bones of Oriental women.

No matter how many years in the past, Maggie Cheong is still unforgettable in the scene where cheongsam stands in the dim light.


The whole film Maggie wore more than 20 sets of cheongsam, and the styles were hardly repeated.


Guling, ink, print, stripes … Every cheongsam, Maggie Cheung interprets different stories.

The cheongsam on her body is like a movie line. She interprets the color and mood of the film, and is constantly changing with Su Lizhen’s feelings for Zhou Muyun.

Such a style of cheongsam is produced by Zhang Shiping, a Hong Kong hall -level art director and clothing designer, and the cheongsam team he found.


After the film was released, it evoked the cheongsam complex in the hearts of the Chinese people. Many women tried cheongsam to perform the beauty of traditional clothing.

In the movie “Ruan Lingyu” directed by Guan Jinpeng in 1991, Zhang Manyu, wearing a cheongsam, was another style.


She is a lady lady in the old Shanghai period. She is a lady in the old Shanghai period.

In order to play this famous movie female star in the Republic of China, Maggie Cheung shaved her eyebrows and imitated the women’s walking and standing posture every day before booting.

With this film, Maggie Cheung swept the Golden Award and Golden Horse Award of the year, and won the Berlin Film Festival’s best actress in one fell swoop. She was 28 years old that year.


Now mentioning “Fantastic Year”, the most impressed by countless audiences is Zhang Manyu’s “Cheongsam Show” in the film.


She played Su Lizhen, the shape and temperament of her perfectly show the unique beauty of Chinese women, and so far they are unable to surpass.

3. Xu Qing

Among the actresses, Xu Qing’s cheongsam style has always had his own unique taste.


The audience who has watched the movie “Evil Is Not Right” must be impressed by this shot:

Xu Qing’s communication flowers Tang Fengyi, wearing a silk texture with a silk texture, showed out her hips, and started a bed relaxation.


The cheongsam just supported her sloppy figure and charming curve. She was more greasy and less abundant.


In just a short 2 -second lens, Xu Qing’s “cheongsam hips” became one of the few classic scenes in the film, and director Jiang Wen was also frank.

This scene is probably the most indifferent moment in the history of Xu Qing’s screen. Even her herself reposted proudly and said: The effect of three months of yoga is good.

In the Republic of China drama “Old Chinese Medicine”, Xu Qing’s cheongsam installation once again stunned the audience. This time, she converged the style and played a gentle and gentle ladylike lady.

Without the gorgeous outfit of “Evil Is Not Press”, the elegant cheongsam in the play show her restrained beauty, and adds a bit of style to her.

In the drama “The Dream of Dreams”, Gu Xianglan played by Xu Qing was unanimously recognized by the audience, and his stage shape was also unforgettable.

The dark green cheongsam is exquisite and elegant, and the color of the black bottom color printing cheongsam is full of high -level sense. No matter what kind of graceful cheongsam shape, her figure lines are bumpy, which is very beautiful.

From 2013 to the present, Xu Qing has participated in more than 70 “Dreams of Dreams”. On the stage of more than 600 hours, Gu Xianglan she plays is already an indispensable classic in the hearts of the audience.

On Xu Qing’s body, there are both the style of the big woman and the beauty of the little woman. When the upper body of the cheongsam, all praise for Chinese classical beauties can be used on her.

Although Xu Qing is over half a year old, she is still well -maintained and the girl is full of sense, as if the years have never left a trace on her.

Fourth, Tang Wei

Wang Jiawei’s “Fantastic Year” once drove “cheongsam trend” for a time. Tang Wei, who starred in Wang Guizhi in Li An’s “Lust Ring”, also performed the absolute charm.

The reason why Li An chose Tang Wei as the heroine, it is said that she also fancy the temperament of the oriental women on her body.

In order to play Wang Guizhi, Tang Wei left his favorite jeans, switched to cheongsam, and learned

Beautiful and beautiful, she was originally very boyish in private.

Tang Wei is upset, and the cold and literary face with retro -cultivated cheongsam interprets Wang Guizhi the role to the fullest.

When interpreting Wang Guizhi’s complex emotions, the cheongsam modified the character’s sharpness, making her look softer a lot. Tang Wei’s heroic and cheongsam complement each other.

Someone had carefully calculated that Tang Wei changed a total of 27 cheongsam in “Lust Ring”, breaking the record of 23 cheongsam in Zhang Manyu in “Fantastic Year”.

“Lust Ring” is the famous masterpiece of Tang Wei. The cheongsam style in the play adds a lot of points to her, which is impressive.

The “Golden Age” in 2014 is a completely different style. This film tells about the lives of the Republic of China female writer Xiao Hongdan and his fate.

Playing a Republic of China such as Xiao Hong is undoubtedly difficult to present.


But Tang Wei, wearing a cotton cheongsam, is well integrated into this role whether it is appearance or expression.

In order to shoot the “Golden Age”, Tang Wei deliberately frozen himself during shooting. It was such a intention that it was closer to the role.

Five, Ni Ni


In the hot show of this summer movie “1921”, Ni Ni’s cheongsam style in the film was stunning again.


She was wearing a pink cheongsam, sitting on the bow and holding an umbrella, like a natural and beautiful wild rose, describing infinite beauty.


At first, Ni Ni entered the public’s field of vision, and she appeared in the shape of cheongsam.

In Zhang Yimou’s “Jinling Thirteen Sisters”, Ni Ni plays a sexy and charming, charming woman with a kind of dusty woman Yu Mo.


A retro cheongsam, with a pretty wave curly hair, coupled with the charming and delicate makeup, the blurred and intoxicated Qinhuai girl splashed out.

In this movie, Ni Ni put on the cheongsam out of the wind, and her cheongsam had a charm.

11 years ago, Zhang Yimou asked the new work “Jinling Thirteen Sisters”. There were two requests: Nanjing dialect and English.

After a round of selection, Ni Ni, who was born in the broadcast department, was selected. In Zhang Yimou’s words, Ni Ni had a character temperament.

Zhang Yimou spent two years to train Ni Ni. In order to practice the characters, she has practiced many courses.

Such as etiquette, body class, dance class, etc., even calligraphy, cheongsam, walking, etc. must be practiced strictly.

After some practice, the effect was very successful, and the swaying back was beautiful. She also became the most charm “conspiracy girl” in recent years with this role.

In 2019, Ni Ni, who was the heroine of the drama for the first time, once again put on a classic and elegant cheongsam appearance, showing the charm of Oriental women.


This year, the drama “演 捌” starred in this year, Ni Ni’s red cheongsam charming style, a light green cheongsam is beautiful and refined, with its own style and charm, raising his hands to make people fascinating.

Six, Jing Tian

There was a sentence on the Internet, “Nan Yihuan Beijing sweet, singing Zhuang Xinyan, who is not red.” After the first online drama “Si Teng”, this sentence was no longer applicable.


This drama fire is not without reason. In addition to the high degree of restoration of the plot, the dozens of beautiful and artistic conceptions of Jing Tian also added a lot of points.

In the play, Si Teng’s clothing and shape played by Jing Tian are changing, almost in the shape of a set of cheongsam in the average episode, and sometimes even a few sets of episodes.


Not only did she set off her “rich and rich flowers in the world”, but she also carved the mood of ancient China, which was so beautiful.

The first set of first episodes is a white cheongsam and a small cloak. It seems to be low -key, but the pearl handbags are difficult to hide everyone’s lady’s aura. When walking, they sway. Essence

The resurrected Si Teng appeared with a elegant cheongsam, coupled with the willow leaf eyebrows, the classical charm was full, and there was a kind of exquisite curve beauty when she was still.

Jing Tian’s manner was very stretching, and her figure was bumpy. Wearing a variety of slim cheongsam could fully reveal the advantages of her figure.

And her erect posture and elegant temperament are also inseparable from the training of the shape from a small dance.

When he was young, Jing Tian was practicing dance, and was admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy’s Affiliated Middle School at the age of 12 for dance and studies.

Although she was later admitted to Nortel’s transfer to be an actor, this experience of Xi Wu not only made her body temperament more and more popular, but also helped her film and television development a lot.

After “Si Teng”, Jing Tian put on the cheongsam again, showing the classical beauty of Oriental women to the fullest.

Seven, Li Xiaoran


In 2000, he was recommended by Chen Kun, Li Xiaoran starred in “Similar to the Wind and the Wind” directed by Zhao Baogang.


In the play, Li Xiaoran plays the noble dancer An Qi, a woman who is like Lilac.

Her appearance in the play is gentle and quiet, and she is a beautiful look to wear cheongsam.

The white complexion and graceful posture, coupled with the retro temperament, make her wear a cheongsam to have a special charm. Even the simple linen cheongsam can be dressed in manners.

If Chen Shu’s cheongsam is elegant and charming, then Li Xiaoran shows the gentleness of the cheongsam outfit.

The popularity of “Like Mist, Rain and Wind” also made Li Xiaoran popular, and often went to the crew to run the dragon. She finally boiled her head.


After that, there were more and more people looking for Li Xiaoran, and she also appeared in many Republic of China.


From “Phoenix Putting Peony”, “Yin Dan Shilin” to “Too Lay to Say I Love You”, to “Kite”, Li Xiaoran, who put on cheongsam, is like a lady who came out of the Republic of China.

Qi Ru orchid.


From the cold and arrogant to the style, the cheongsam has countless expressions on Li Xiaoran’s body



Like Chen Shu and Jing Tian, ​​Li Xiaoran also studied dance since he was a child and was admitted by the Beijing Dance Academy.

Dance not only helps her improve her temperament and shape her figure, but also allows her to get “golden rice bowls”.

In 1993, Li Xiaoran was assigned to the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe as a dancer after graduating from Beijing Dance. There, she met Chen Kun and met the opportunity to become famous in the future.

Now 45 -year -old Li Xiaoran is still unabated, sexy and noble, making it difficult for people to guess her true age.


Eight, Liu Yan


Some time ago, some netizens shared the stills of Liu Yan’s shooting TV series “Young Marshal”. In less than 3 hours, the reading volume exceeded 8 million.

The play

Directed by Zhang Li, starring Li Xuejian, Articles, Song Jia and so on. In the play, Liu Yan guest plays the cousin of the young Zhang Xueliang.


Although there are not many plays, they can catch the audience’s attention every time they play.

Liu Yan in the stills, wearing purple floral tights cheongsam, exudes the style of mature women.

The tailoring of the slim, the personal fabric perfectly shows her bumpy figure curve. Slightly obliquely, the seemingly thoughtful appearance is like a scroll.

A “goddess’s drama” caused strong attention. She was looking back at the yard and smiled. It was a stunning spring.

In another set of stills, Liu Yan wore a Chinese style cheongsam, elegant light makeup and gentle hair, which was very stylish and charm.

This cheongsam decorated with black as the background, purple -red, worn on her, mature and dignified and charming.

Holding the wedding dress with both hands, the joy of his heart overflowed.

In the stage drama, Liu Yan also had the shape of cheongsam, and her indifferent cheongsam highlighted her beauty.


Outside the screen, Liu Yan is also a hidden “cheongsam control”. When participating in the event, there are many cheongsam shapes.


Even when she attended the wedding of her girlfriend, she was wearing a dark green embroidered cheongsam. She would neither snatch the bride’s limelight, but also with a low -key luxury beauty.

The eight goddesses mentioned above not only control the cheongsam just right, but also wear their own style.

In addition, there are many female stars in the entertainment industry.


For example, Song Yi in “The Pretender”, her cheongsam shape is also beautiful, and the purity and charming fusion well.


Another example is the cheongsam dress of “Qiong Yao Girl”, like a classic beauty Chen Hong, who put on a retro cheongsam, sweet and noble.

There is also Qiong Yao’s beauty Jiang Qinqin, and she is graceful and luxurious in “Half -Life”, with a kind of mature beauty.


In fact, as long as the actress with good body conditions, it is basically not too bad to wear cheongsam. For many people, it is only a few opportunities to show.

In a word, our own aesthetics are not bad at all.


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