Wide cool personality multi -function, simple and portable large capacity -light and shadow planet function cross -body bag experience evaluation


As an IT migrant worker and digital enthusiasts, the most inseparable is a lot of digital products, such as laptops, iPad, Bluetooth key mouse kit, Bluetooth headset, mobile power, data cable, and so on. Every time I want to go out, I worry about the storage of these things. However, for me, ordinary backpacks give me a feeling of not fashionable and not good match. And a fashionable and portable cross -body bag has become a very good choice. I have always hoped to find a messenger bag with a portable, large capacity, and a trendy element. I found it. I finally started this light and shadow planet Apollo function shoulder bag.


In terms of appearance, this light and shadow planet Apollo function shoulder bag abandon the exterior of the traditional messenger bag. It adopts a more trendy design and is simple and versatile. Smooth lines, excellent materials, as well as detailed embellishment such as reflective strips and small handles. They all give the appearance of this cross -body bag’s appearance design. At the same time, this messenger bag also has two colors and three sizes to choose from. You can choose the appropriate size according to the size of your notebook and daily use needs to ensure the portability of daily use.


In terms of function, the capacity design of this messenger bag surprised me very much. While making full use of each inch of space, the design of the partition layer is also very creative. On his back, he no longer has to worry about the mess in the bag, he can get the items very comfortably. At the same time, a chest bag is also designed to store our mobile phones or items that need to be used frequently. At the same time, a computer shock -proof partition is set to prevent the computer from being harmed.


In addition, this messenger bag also uses water -proof fabrics, without fear of wind and rain, traveling at will. The bottom of the webbing band. It can also be used to scrape the tripod or take it off, and so on, even the rear sarcasm design. It is convenient for us to hang it on the suitcase. This is one of my favorite reasons for this backpack. Each design of it can play an ingenious role, and in different scenarios, it can bring convenience to our travel to the greatest extent.


This light and shadow planet Apollo function shoulder bag can be said to have both face value and strength. The simple and stylish appearance can easily cope with the streets and commutes. The orderly functional design of the wells can make you say goodbye to the messy backpack. If you also want to start a trendy messenger bag or choose a gift for friends, then this light and shadow planet Apollo function should be your best choice.

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