What happened to rent (1)


Regarding the story of renting a house, I can only start from college.

In the next semester, the roommate L suddenly announced that he would move out of the dormitory and rent a house outside. He said that he wanted to find a quiet place and review to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.

No one doubts his decision, because whether in dormitory, class, or even the entire college, he can be called a representative of hard work, and his efforts are obvious to everyone.

At that time, there were not many students who went to rent outside the house. Generally, the renting a house was a little couple who had thought about the two worlds. He went to the library all day. Obviously, he had no girlfriend. In any case, we all envy him.

I had a good relationship with him, so he was often pulled to find a house. At first, I was found on the campus. There were a lot of rental advertisements on the walls near the Eastern Canteen. The single room was equipped and the home appliances were complete, but the price was too high. Later, I heard that there were a lot near Dongmen, so the two began to ride a bicycle to the villages in the villages such as Wanxiu and You Ai. The farthest time came to the area of ​​Anji Bus Station, they were about to leave the city. The appropriateness means that the monthly rent does not exceed 200. L said that he can only bear the price, and it won’t work for one dollar.

In fact, in Nanning, a single room with a better condition is at least 300 yuan per month. Here is the least. Of course, it is already very high for students who have not yet graduated.

In this way, we found it for nearly two weeks, and started a talk with the car rental of the shared chartered chartered public bags. Essence

Later, L excitedly told me that he found a place himself. Not only was it close to the school, but the rent was cheap, and it was less than 200 a month. I ran over and looked at it. The condition was really rotten. The whole building was described as an exaggeration to describe the three words of dirty and messy. It is simply a dangerous house. It is surprising that there are many people living here. The colorful underwear and underwear judgment from above the corridor is still a couple gathering area.


I couldn’t stay there for a long time there. Sure enough, after two months, he called and asked me to help move luggage and say that several graduate students living next door often returned in the middle of the night. A scary, he couldn’t stand it.


So, soon, he changed the place again, located in a city near the east gate. Seeing that he was familiar with the car, it should be that the price had been seen before and abandoned.

The landlord is a middle -aged woman in her thirties. She smiles and her language is. It seems that she usually reads countless people and has already figured out the psychology of us who are not in the world. In fact, she was kind on the surface, but she had a bad water in her heart. Throughout the day, she thought about how to make more money, so when L moved into her house, it was equivalent to falling into the trap she set. It exposes the greedy nature of seeing money, such as arbitrarily raising rent, collecting more water and electricity charges. On the day of the day, she will also ask you to clean the room to leave. Even if you think that you have been cleaned, but sorry, it is just that she still thinks that you want ten dollars as a cleaning fee. Poor L, finally left with an extremely depressed mood again.

I don’t remember that he had changed the place of rent a few times, moved several times, and did not know where he would choose where to be a relatively stable residence in his own. He only knew that he had accompanied him through many streets and alleys to help him help him Move many luggage. If I want me to find a word to describe that experience, it can only be tired.

I remember one time, the two of us carried a large second -hand Xi Mengsi mattress and walked in the alleys of the village in the city, ignoring the strange eyes of the surrounding passersby, and the pace heavily moved towards the next rental house not far away. At that time, I suddenly had an ominous hunch. I started to worry about where I would live after leaving the school? Is it like him, wandering uncertainty, all around the world?