The Southwest International Trade City also has the first child products shopping festival for the Professional Merchants Association will be held


(The business city professional investment will be one after another.)

(Static display in the store, dynamic catwalk outside the store, and the business city operating households have promoted new products.)

(While watching the show, the business city meets the needs of the operator.)

Every industry should have a professional stage, even a small children’s clothing or a pair of small children’s shoes. In September, Guiyang Southwest International Trade City (hereinafter referred to as the “Commercial City”) will take children as the protagonist to launch a new round of professional investment.

Those who want one -stop purchasing children’s clothing and children’s supplies, from September 27th to October 7th, the business city “‘we are family’ -2016 Guiyang Southwest International Trade City’s first children’s products shopping festival and 2017 spring and summer new product China Merchants Club “, Worth visiting.

Convenience: one -stop purchase of children’s supplies

西南国际商贸城又有专业招商会 首届儿童用品购物节将举行

On the one hand, parents complained that in the huge malls in the urban area, children counters and brands were strolled around. They did n’t say money to buy things for children, and they were very laborious and troublesome.

On the other hand, dealers also said that children’s clothing agents are not easy, the supply is scattered, and the brand is difficult to find.

Want to buy one -stop purchase, easy to wear and use it? The business city can help.

From September 27th to October 7th, the Guizhou Provincial Commercial and Trade Enterprise Federation will host the “‘We Are Family’ -2016 Guiyang Southwest International Trade City First Children’s Products Shopping Festival and the 2017 Spring / Summer China Merchants Association” Essence As small as infant supplies, as large as various brands of children’s clothing, children’s shoes, and children’s shoes will all appear on the stage. Thousands of brands are gathered. One -stop purchases are convenient and fast.

It is understood that the first children’s supplies shopping festival and the 2017 spring and summer new product investment will be displayed in a comprehensive display of various brands of children’s products to form a competitive and trade base and the entire format to complete the industrial chain. Product display, commodity transactions, industry exchanges, common prosperity.

In order to make mature dealers in the province, you can negotiate new brands, new products, and new businesses at the “Door” without leaving home. Agent and franchisees have a collective appearance of hundreds of special brands, and the scale can be imagined.

Not only that, the China Merchants also introduced well -known brand merchants such as children’s clothing, baby clothing, children’s shoes, washing, milk powder foods, etc. The display category was extremely rich. Simultaneously launching new products of spring and summer 2017, as buyers, agents, franchisees, In particular, infant chain stores, etc. to build a rare one -stop purchasing channel, seek cooperation with buyers, agents, and franchisees with mature brand operation experience.

Focusing on the theme of “We Are Family”, in addition to the opening ceremony of the New Summer Merchants Club, Brand Merchants, and Baijia Brand Exhibition Conference during the event, it will also set up a special life -sale area and various entertainment activities for consumers Area. This means that parents bring their babies to the scene, not only can they add new to their babies, but they can also participate in many interesting parent -child games together.

It is reported that the China Merchants Club brought together more than 100 children’s supplies companies in Dongguan, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Xiamen, Fujian and other regions. , Mimila, 5+1, the big -headed son, the little head father, wow bear, pumpkin vine, children’s garden time, Fuxing baby, Danny Bear and other high -quality brands. If you want Taobao, you should not miss it.

The activities of the on -site entertainment area include: Alice Wonderland+WeChat printer, Mickey Street+Candy Delivery+Lego Blocks, Power Generation Bicycles+VR Games, DIY Area+Own Show (Children’s Clothing Matching), etc., so that you and children can want to wanton Walking between fairy tales and modern times, experienced dreams while experiencing high -tech.

Wonderful: Professional Merchants Club one after another

“First Children’s Products Shopping Festival and the 2017 Spring / Summer Merchants Association” is not the first professional industry investment promotion of the Trade City. Two years of opening, as of now, around all formats, the land and trade city plots have been launched, the November Chamber of Commerce, the new product release summit, the brand men’s and women’s clothing-China Merchants Association, and the Hardware Chamber of Commerce-10,000-person dealers. Among them, the Coveon Chamber of Commerce-New Product Publishing Summit has been held for two consecutive sessions, which are wonderful and well-received.

“Actually, our brand and products are promoted in this scale, upper grade, and professional way. It is very good for the entire industry and a single brand.” Zeng Aimin is a business household in the business city. Another identity is the president of the knitting branch branch of the Guizhou Provincial Federation of Commercial and Trade Enterprises. From the beginning to the commercial city, to the group of knitted underwear to release the newly -knitted underwear to release the summit for the first session, his biggest feeling is that the platform’s support and promotion of the industry. “If it is not in the business city, we will not have such an opportunity.”

“We must summarize their experiences and strive to make the event into a brand festival with a large scale and influential scale. While showing the results, the development of the industry. “After the” Joint Weaving Underwear 2016 Autumn and Winter New Products and the 2nd Guiyang Southwest International Trade City Knitted Underwear Crazy Purchase “was successfully concluded. The partners say.

The China Merchants has successfully opened two sessions of confidence, and so is the first challenge.

Time returned to a certain weekend more than a month ago, the “In the first Guizhou Baijia Brand Clothing Alliance Investment and Autumn and Winter New Product Conference” kicked off at the Plaza 1 of Trading City. For two days, the show and new products were dazzling and dizzying. Whether it was an agent or ordinary consumers, they were addicted.

西南国际商贸城又有专业招商会 首届儿童用品购物节将举行

“In the past, we fought alone, with high costs and low influence. This time, we are very different. We integrate resources and group development to minimize costs and maximize influence.” Ban Fenggui, the president of the brand clothing chamber of commerce, bluntly said, “It is the blessing of the brand’s big world.”

Thanks to the business city. Since its opening in June 2014, the Trade City has not stopped the merchants. Instead, on the basis of continuous improvement of hardware and building platforms, consciously organize merchants to classify and formats according to the industry. It also launched the establishment of the Guizhou Trade and Trade Enterprise Federation, and has also promoted the establishment of industry branches for knitting, menswear, women’s clothing, children’s supplies, small department stores, small department stores, small appliances, luggage, shoes, and curtains. The development of the province’s business circulation industry has played a huge role in promoting.

Focusing on the integration of resources in business formats, based on professional achievements, in the future, based on business cities, the industry investment will come one after another. (Report from our reporter)