Xiaomi magic no trace tape: Where to stick to



Today, I will bring you a good life -daily elements | magic without trace tape. In our daily life, we often use glue to bring fixed things. In the past, the tape time was long, and there would be a lot of residual gels when it was torn, which was very difficult to clean. There will not be these troubles without trace tape, let’s take a look together!

Double -sided paste:

Tape adoption

Yakle material

, Safe and environmental protection! Both sides are sticky, and it is more convenient to stick to the west! The tape is 3m long, 3cm wide, and 1.5mm thick.

Random tailor


use. Hand -tear is constantly torn, you need to use tools to tailor! The scope of applications is also wide, and the surface of various walls and objects is applicable!


There is no trace of coming and going:

Daily elements | Magic -free tape is no different from ordinary tape in appearance, but this tape is free of trace, that is, we will not leave traces when we tear off, and will not destroy our walls. While ensuring strong viscosity, tear off without marks. Added the practicality of the tape and perfectly solve the trouble of residual gum!

Repeat use:

This tape has a highlight, support


Washing, reuse

Intersection After tearing it off, you can wash off the dust above with water. After drying, you can recover the stickiness. You can use it again. It is very environmentally friendly.

Tape is also equipped

Anti -adhesive buckle

There is also a diaphragm in the middle of the buckle and tape to make the tape more convenient. Don’t worry about sticking to dust on the edge! I have to say that the details are in place, and the user experience is great!

Written at the end:

Daily Elements | Magic -free Tape

: Double -sided strong bonding, magic no trace, can also be washed and reused. There are only a few good things in life, and it is also postage money. You can use it everyday, you can buy a experience!