Global Women’s Perfume Popular List: Noble luxury and taste, exclusive incense recommendation for urban women


Luxury perfume is not only a symbol of exquisite and elegant, but in a sense, it also represents the aesthetics and taste of women. For women, the existence of perfume is like bags and lipsticks. The love is inherent. Choosing an exclusive and recognizable women’s perfume is undoubtedly added to the overall image and temperament of themselves.


The types of perfumes on the market also have different types. Different fragrances represent different temperament, or fresh and sweet, or sexy and charming, elegant and noble, and different fragrances are also different. But it is undeniable that no matter what kind of fragrance, it has its own unique charm. So today Tina will take stock of the popular list of global women’s perfumes for everyone, list the following women with exclusive characteristics, each of which has its own advantages. Popular items are worthy of our start and collection. Let’s take a look at what are!


The following is the overall overall fragrance, popularity and the ranking of fragrance durability. Everyone’s experience is different, and the rankings are also different, for reference only.

YSL reverse Paris

Follow -up: bergamot, peach


Middle: Datura, Mulan, Jasmine, Baiyi

Rear adjustment: patchouli, Keshirmu

The new romantic female fragrant Mon Paris, inspired by the romantic capital Paris, uses mysterious and bright mandala and deep and strong patchouli to create Saint Laurent’s first White Flower West Perfume. First of all, it is very eye -catching from the packaging. This perfume bottle looks very girl. The pink bottle is tied with a black bow, which looks luxurious and elegant. The front tone is fresh peach fusion of the buddha, bright and sharp, as if in a sweet love atmosphere, and then gradually appearing is the strong mandala, with the aroma of peony and Mulan. The rear adjustment uses patchouli to interact with coschilm wood, showing feminine femininity.

Gucci Huayue Green Percerament ‍‍

Top tone: White Persian resin leaf, black vinegar chestnut buds


Middle: Wanxiangyu, Jasmine, Make Gentleman

Tune: sandalwood, musk

The bottle of this perfume continues the design concept of Gucci Bloom perfume, and adds a new green wax leaf pattern to the packaging, which looks full of literary style. The difference between this perfume and the rich smell perfume that can be obviously felt in the other is that its fragrance is a relatively light type in the front. If there is nothing, it seems to be in the green bamboo forest. The middle and rear tunes that are slowly transformed into the flowers are fragrant but not greasy. The medium jasmine flower fragrance is relatively heavy. The fragrance is slowly turning sweetly. It complements each other and has a long aftertaste, showing the layers of the entire perfume vividly.

Burberry my Burberry perfume

Top tone: fragrant pea, bergamot

Middle: Geranium leaves, Xiao Canglan, Jin Yan

Rear adjustment: Damascus rose, Chiba rose, patchouli


A perfume with a modern British style looks expensive. It is a cold and sexy perfume, which has a strong taste. It is more suitable for autumn and winter or spring and summer. It uses fresh and intoxicating sweet peas and bergamot to turn on the sweet and pleasant front of the sweet and pleasant. The charm of Jin Yan and Xiao Canglan is medium, and the tunes use patchouli and roses, which are just right, with a trace of calmness, dazzling and imaginative. It belongs to a one. Very feminine perfume series.

Chanel perfume

Turning out: grapefruit, Wenbai


Middle: Jasmine, Cyclone


Rear adjustment: patchouli, amber, iris flower

Chanel perfumes are divided into several different types, but the most popular one is still inseparable from this fans of its family. As the first perfume used by many girls, it is also called ” “Enlightenment”, this perfume is a tender scent re -interpreted by Chanel’s exclusive perfumer Oliviya Boga. It belongs to the fragrance of flowers, and it smells not very sweet, but it is particularly fresh, and its fragrance is still long. It can be kept a little bit of fragrance all day. Sweet, it gives people a very comfortable and gentle feeling, which is more suitable for younger sisters who are young and lovely or walking with ladylike temperament routes.

Lancome Miracle Perfume

Turning: Xiangli, Pink Pepper, Litchi, Xiao Canglan

Middle: peony, jasmine, Damascus rose


Tune: musk, vanilla, amber

Speaking of Lancome Miracle Perfume, everyone must be familiar with it. As a very classic perfume, the first feeling given is the sense of vision of sweet and gentle women. Avant -garde, lychee and Cang Lan expressed the freshness of the morning dew. This perfume is relatively long -lasting, and basically it can be maintained for the first half of the day, or even a day. First of all, it belongs to the kind of light fragrance. It will turn into a very mild floral fragrance. There are many flowers blooming my most beautiful feeling, and the fragrance is still more advanced.

Alright, the above is all the more popular series of women’s perfumes that are shared with you today. In fact The style of your own style and your favorite fragrance is the most critical. So is the above models that you are using, or have other good recommendations and opinions? Welcome to leave a message and discussion below the comment ~

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