Fashion and warmth coexist! Ten cotton clothes with special tone ~


1. Fashion and warmth coexist! A special cotton suit with a special tone. The design of this clothes pursues low -key light luxury and big hair collar, the huge and rich wool collar, the noble and luxurious texture in the bones, the rich and dense texture, which shows the warmth, but also luxuriously luxurious , Also romantic, the hair collar is greasy and thick, the fiber tip of the walking is soft, and it looks like an elf jumping, adding a bit of gorgeous femininity! Royal wind keeps warm, easy to concave shape! Not bloated at all

时尚与温暖并存!特别有腔调的十款棉服~8·大爱的一款外套,简洁优雅,真的不要太好看! 连帽+毛领,~很有设计感的毛毛口袋 收腰的设计 上身真的很有层次感 ! 添了几分华丽女人味!御风保暖,轻松凹造型! 一点不显臃肿!小细节是不是很贴心,大众款,不挑身材,都好穿!

2. The workmanship is very good! Very thick! Keep warm! Touching is great! Popular this year, the design of the oversized tweezers against the cold ~ The design of the waist waist is also very humane. Not much to say, you know ~~~

3. Baseball -style cotton clothes, full of fashion! Simple and atmospheric version, suitable for various figures! Collar colors stitching! The classic letters are dynamic! Two pockets in the predecessor, beautiful and used! Perfect zipper collection, easy to wear and take off! Two colors enter, medium and long models of warm -up control!

4. Fruit you pursue your own attitude ~ If you are pursuing different people ~ Then the design of this cotton jacket is definitely suitable for you ~ Whether it is front, side, back, buckle ~ will be the perfect set of your overall shape. By. With any color and style sweater and long, the fit is so close and natural ~ also have a unique style of self -wear ~

May • a medium -long cotton jacket! Super warm, can cover the perfect figure, can also lengthen the legs of the legs, lengthen the shape, and look more and thinner! The tall MM can be controlled, the pocket design on both sides, practical warmth, large hair collar, fox hair! Really big -name Fan Er is full, and instantly brought out the tide of high streets ~


6. Da Mao collar drawing tape rope Cotton coat


7. Da Mao collar design! I think you must not lack good -looking clothes, but you must lack good -looking and warm clothes. This cotton coat ~ The length design is also better than everyone, whether it can be controlled, the two zipper pockets, zipper fur ball decoration, a touch of color, a light color ~~ Large fox hair, full and delicate


8. A jacket for big love, simple and elegant, really don’t look too beautiful! The hooded+hairy collar, ~ The design of the hair pocket with a sense of design is really layered! Add a bit of gorgeous femininity! Royal wind keeps warm, easy to concave shape! No bloated at all! Whether the small details are very intimate, the public, not picking up, are easy to wear!

时尚与温暖并存!特别有腔调的十款棉服~10·冬天不仅要温暖,更要时尚有亮点, 这款棉衣,毛领连帽设计,时尚中透着温暖, 直筒版型,腰间立体口袋设计,实用又休闲, 上身非常的有型,显瘦不臃肿,下雪天也不怕啦

9. Full of fashion, the oversized hair collar design on the hat, not only the wind and warmth, but also the big -name Fan Er, the bloated feeling in the slim winter clothing, and the problem of too tedious levels, break through the bulky of traditional down jackets The concept brings a modern design style, allowing you to maintain a perfect figure at all times, slim and thin, and not bloated. It is the pursuit of every beautiful eyebrow, and this cotton coat is in line with your needs.


10. In winter, not only should you be warm, but also fashion and highlights. This cotton coat, the hair collar hooded design, with warmth in fashion, straight version, three -dimensional pocket design of the waist It’s thin and bloated, and it’s not afraid of snowy days



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