The top ten tattoos OEM manufacturers: The color you use is good, 3 test methods


It is not afraid of spending more money when buying colors. The color used by yourself is good or not, the test is aware of it.

The three -color material measurement method allows you to spend a few times less money and take less wrongdoing.

Test method 1:

The grain feeling of high -quality color materials is very weak, and the color will be more uniform after wiping. Take 1 drop of color material on the practice skin, and then gently draw the practice skin with the color material until the color material is completely disconnected.

The color materials that are satisfied in the following situation are preferred:

(1) The lines are smooth and there are no breakpoints or uneven.


(2) Pure colors and no mixed colors.

(3) Cover the lines and color with your fingers, and the delicate sense is obvious.


Test method 2:

After stirring the color, take 1 drop to the palm. Then rub the color material with your fingers, and if there is a brushed state, it indicates that the ductility and coverage of the color material are better, and the color retention rate in the later period is relatively guaranteed.


Test method three:

In the case of real practice, in the case of correct techniques, you can judge through two cases:

(1) Do you need a secondary color;

(2) I do n’t know if it changes in the later period.


Due to the low price of inferior color materials, a large amount of chemical synthetic chromosomes are generally added. Macromolecules are obtrusive, and it is difficult to be absorbed by the skin. After a long time, it will turn blue and red after being oxidized.

The high -quality color material mainly based on plant raw materials has delicate powder and is easily absorbed by the skin directly. It will not be attached to the leather surface, which does not change color after oxidation; No more than 3 years.

In addition to the above test methods, the quality of the color can also be judged through the qualifications of the manufacturer, the reputation of the brand, the outsourced packaging of the product, and the product filing situation. However, the test steps are so cumbersome. You can consider Nuojiao’s original German imported color material, 5 times concentrated color milk, and one color.