If you don’t look at this, you may make your head more oily


A while ago, the company’s younger sisters discussed the troubles of summer.


In the group, the word “head oil” was swiped.


Many exquisite urban beauties, before arranging social activities, even hold their fingers in their hearts to count their hair –

Washing your hair in 135, appropriate, two -four -six oil heads, should be a house.

Strive for every time you washing your hair, you can use it.

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Hair is washing on time, but we found that most people are not very able to pick their hair, basically look at the fate, or look at the fragrance.

Although it is fate of hair change, buying shampoo randomly


It really makes your hair look oily and less!

Want to know what shampoo you are suitable.



Born is the life of oil out of oil


The scalp is also the skin, but the sebaceous gland density and sebum secretion of the scalp are far beyond the skin of the body and the limbs.


One of the functions of the sebaceous glands is to secrete sebum, which causes the scalp to love oil.

Data source: Dr. Lilac on online survey, 3885 participants.


Picture source: Dr. Lilac Data Research Institute

Moreover, there is still differences in the density of sebaceous glands on the scalp.

That’s why, the first oil bangs are the first.


In addition, once the oil starts, the hair will be attached to the sides of the face, and the thief has a big face. The top of the head looks collapsed.

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It can even be said that from the moment of birth, the scalp has moved towards the road of gradual oil.


During the adolescence, the level of related hormones in the body rose, the sebaceous glands gradually matured, began to secrete a large amount of fat, and the scalp began to turn oil.

Until middle age, as the hormone level gradually retreated, sebum secretion levels gradually decreased.

Occasionally, the male levels are encountered, and the head oil is inevitable at the same time as the rosin -related diseases.

It is really sad and invincible.

Don’t say that you are a person who is never oil, this is probably the difference between the son of heaven and our ordinary people.

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Too oily


Recently, it is popular to reconcile with themselves, and many friends have intended to reconcile with their own oil.

It’s wrong!

Head oil will not only affect the appearance, but also the health of the scalp.

First of all, sebum secretion is strong, which may cause dandruff.

Normally, sebum protects the scalp, but excessive sebum may directly break the balance of the scalp micro -environment.


For example, there is a microorganism on the scalp, which is called Mara -bacteria, which is a fungus that loves sebum.

The more vigorous the scalp oil is secreted, the happier the Marara bacteria breed, and the contemporary metabolism has a large amount of fatty acids.

The oleic acid in fatty acids will stimulate the scalp and accelerate the metabolism of the scalp keratin. When a small piece of pieces fall off, the dander we call.

Sometimes it will be accompanied by a head oil, and itching.

Secondly, sebum secretion is strong and may also be related to some skin diseases.

The large amount of Malacia bacteria may be one of the causes of scalpy dermatitis.

Let the already oily and itchy scalp, worsen the snow, the acne on the scalp is still painful, it is really a bad thing.

Friends who want to protect the scalp, I really recommend that you see the last.

Otherwise, when the scalp is damaged, it is too late to cry!

No way to make a wrong way

Some friends thought, okay, then I use dry hair spray, my head is not oily.

Occasionally emergency use is okay, but dry hair spray just makes you feel no oily, and there is no cleaning effect. If it is not good, it may cause folliculitis.

Most of the dry hair spray rely on starch and silicon powder to suck the fat on the hair.

Starch is a good nutrient for bacteria. Once it is covered on the surface of the scalp and is not cleaned for a long time, it may allow the bacteria to reproduce a lot. The scalp flora is imbalanced and eventually causes inflammation.

Silicon powder is not a fuel -saving lamp. If you use too much, you may also block the hair follicles.

For example, many people sprayed out in the morning, went home to clean up at night, and even forgot to wash, the scalp is easy to grow acne.

There are also many friends who will be ruthless under their scalp, rubbing with fingers and nails when washing.

Or use violent shampooing tools to rub the scalp like a shoe.



Scalp: What are the benefits of force me to you?

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The scalp as the soil of the hair is under the test of the external environment like the face.

Coupled with abundant secretions, like faces, we also need our careful care.

After the violence washed her hair, my heart felt cool, but the scalp would be damaged due to excessive cleaning.

Seeing the sisters here may be panicked, this is not enough, that’s not good, give me a criticism, what’s it! Intersection

Want to control the head oil

Shampoo must be selected

First of all, sebum secretion is regulated by androgen, but in addition to oil, androgen can also cause the most common hair loss problem -androgen hair loss.


Therefore, if your hair is not only oily, but also the situation of hair loss, you can take advantage of your hair to see the doctor in time and start drug intervention.

In addition, the scalp is particularly prone to acne and erythema. A large number of friends who have a large area can also see if there are problems such as seborrheic dermatitis or folliculitis.

In the end, if you just love oil, there is a good way to keep the scalp in a refreshing scalp, that is, picking an oil control shampoo that suits you.

The name of “refreshing”, “fluffy” and “oil control” on the market on the market is not bad.

Compared with the shampoo of “Soft” and “Gloss”, the silicon oil and oil components in oil control shampoo are relatively small, mainly deeply cleaning.

There is no problem with the composition of silicon oil itself. The appropriate amount of silicon oil can reduce the dryness of the hair and look smooth.

But for friends who are prone to oil, too much silicone oil is deposited on the hair, and the hair may really make the hair tightly stick the scalp.

It looks more greasy!

Image source: Tuwa Creative

Therefore, before you pick the shampoo, you really need to look good to the ingredient table, and choose according to the needs of the scalp to avoid stepping on the thunder as much as possible.


If you want a good fluffy feeling, and you want to be less dry, you can see if these ingredients are well matched before buying shampoo ——

Clean fluffy:


Sodium sodium sulfate, XXX polyether sulfate, XXX beet -alkaline, coconut oil dihydramamide, sodium XXX amine, etc.

Moisturizing and smooth:

Glycerin, pantolin, omitide, ammonium salt -10, hyaluronic acid, etc.

Picture source: taken by yourself

Soothing and maintaining stability:

Glycyrric acid potassium, neuride, etc.

Washing feeling cool (those who don’t like coolness can avoid it):

Mint, ethanol, etc.

At this time, you can imagine that you are preparing a large pot of soup. If you want to work well, you need to make a reasonable match.

However, these formula names are too detoured, and they do n’t read it smoothly.

Don’t worry, the ingredients are excellent and touching oil control shampoo, we all help you pick up- ——

Feiyang oil control oil fluffy shampoo


Some friends have tested that this shampoo is not only refreshing and comfortable after using it, but the scalp will not feel dry.

The point is that the fluffy feeling is super long, and the hair will not collapse for one night, it is a small -faced artifact!

Image source: User Evaluation

These magical effects come from the intimate formula of the mother -in -law level.

0 Silicon oil formula, turn the skull top after washing.

Sodium sulfate, laurel -based hydroxyl sulfonic beet -alkaline, cinnamine, etc. ——

Clean oil control ✅

Fluffy full score 满

Glycerin, polymer ammonium salt -10, butanol, ilogenin, etc. –

Without silica oil 硅 硅

The scalp does not pull dry

And the oil control effect of this shampoo has also been clinically tested, which can achieve real 48 hours and gently control oil control.

The testing agency is a three -party testing agency Ryder

Experimental object: 30 subjects


Experimental solution: The use of placebo periods to be used to use the experimental period, and after entering the experiment, the whole head is divided into the left and right sides, and one side continues to use placebo, and the other side is used. 48 hours before using the product, 48 hours after using the product, detect the amount of scalp oil secretion

Experimental results: The experimental side has significant differences compared to before use, and there are significant differences compared with the control side.

It used to be very oily for a day, and now I can persist for a day and a half or two days.

The scalp is easy to produce oil and acne friends, all of which are used!

The head that was not washed on the left, and the head washed with Feiyang on the right.

The foam is moderate, and Xiao Chong is clean.

After using it, I feel that each pore is clean, and even the roots are rising, and the hair is fluffy like opening a big head effect.

For the first time, it was found that the amount of hair was actually not much.

The taste is also super suitable for spring and summer grapefruit fragrance. Like the perfume of Shushengtang, it comes from the same fragrance company.

After washing my head to see my friends, I couldn’t help but smell it twice, thinking that we bought new perfumes.

After a busy work all day, I was immersed in the fragrant bubbles. It was really very relieved. I wanted to press Amway to give all my friends around me!

Not only that, buy today, you can also enjoy the 618 major price promotion in advance!

Just buy a bottle

89 yuan

, Send a pack of wet toilet paper worth 19.9 yuan (60 pump).

Buy two bottles more

Attack 8.8 % off

156.7 yuan not only took the two bottles of shampoo home, but also gave a bottle of Feiyang free washing hair milk (98ml) worth 89 yuan.

Now the order is really cheap, the gift is also great, the quantity is limited, it is here!

Activity time: May 11th-May 16th

In the end, I would like to go out without any oil head, but occasionally encountered the tragedy of her people.

If you have also been troubled by the head oil and died, the end of the text


You are not alone!

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