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On April 14th, China Business Daily-Erli Li Information Platform invited Dr. Gao Dai Rong, Deputy Director of Children’s Hospital of Children’s Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Xixian New District Central Hospital) Dr. Lin Haibo, director of the Department of Neurological Endocrinology, came to answer questions online for everyone. Here, we sorted out some of the questions raised by netizens. Let’s take a look!

What is the cause of constipation?

Common causes of constipation include genetic susceptibility, social psychological factors, dietary factors, flora dysfunction, stool behavior, food allergies, colon, rectal, and anus sphincter weakened. Constipation can not only lead to endocrine disorders, but also cause symptoms such as bloating, bad breath, dizziness, and poor appetite. It can cause children to grow and develop in children with low immune function.

How to treat children constipation?

1. Basic treatment

(1) Select beautiful, convenient placement, and suitable for baby to sit in a toilet for bowel movement training. First, the baby is interested; prepare the handrail and pedal to ensure the safety and comfort when the baby is pulled. During the bowel movement, you need to be quiet and dedicated.

(2) Adjust the lifestyle, drink plenty of water, ensure the water content of the intestine, eat green leafy vegetables, and eat more foods with high dietary fiber to speed up intestinal motility. Little babies do passive exercise to promote gastrointestinal motility.

(3) In psychological guidance, Bao Da Bao needs to find the cause patiently, relieve the baby’s pain, concerns, and embarrassment through harmonious communication. Do not scold or blame, otherwise the baby’s rebellious psychology is more serious.

2. Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Drug Treatment

(1) Treatment of western medicine: Including lactose, compound polyethylene glycol dispent, softened stool, Kaisai Lutong to assist bowel movements, but it cannot be used for a long time.

(2) Treatment of traditional Chinese medicine: Including Baohe Pills, Wooden Murong Pills, Buzhong Yiqi Orals, Divine Comedy Dian Dian Oral Liquid.

(3) Ear acupoint press beans.

(4) Pediatrics are commonly used.

3. Gastrointestinal dynamic detection and biological feedback treatment instrument for treatment

What are the principles of children with cold treatment? Should I take medicine for injections?

Ordinary colds have certain self -limiting, and symptoms do not require drug treatment. Symptoms significantly affect daily life. Drugs are mainly based on symptomatic treatment. Pay attention to rest and properly supplement water to avoid secondary bacterial infections.

Children with high fever, what about parents?

Parents should keep calm, keep the respiratory tract open, remove the secretions of the mouth and nose cavity in time, and unlock the patient’s clothes, especially the neckline. When convulsions, the child should be lying flat, the head is biased towards one side, or on the side lying position to prevent mistakes, reduce bad stimuli to the child, keep it quiet, do not force the mouth, do not force people to pry the mouth, pry open the mouth, open the cavity Do not feed medicine and water when convulsions, do good protection at the same time, and timely record the form of the child’s convulsions and the time of convulsions. At the same time, you can use physical and drug cooling methods to actively cool down. It is important to take it to the hospital as soon as possible. It is important to prevent children with a history of convulsions.


Children’s foreign body cards to the airway, how can parents first aid?

1. The head is low, and the top of the thumb with a fist on the top of the upper abdomen is acoustated, that is, the upper navel, the other hand holds the fist, squeeze backwards and upward, the movement should be fast, and then relax, you can quickly squeeze 3 times to 5 times to 5 to 5 Second-rate. You can also use the back of the chair and the table to squeeze the upper abdomen, and then relax.

2. Savior stands behind the child, his arms around the waist, with a fist punch with a fist on the upper abdomen, and holding the fist with the other hand, squeeze quickly, repeat the above actions.


3. You can take a low head and high position, and use your palm to properly strike in the back of the back of the child.

Does the child’s deciduous teeth need to be corrected?

Under normal circumstances, if the deciduous teeth are uneven, there is no special correction. One is that because the child is too young, he does not cooperate with correctional treatment. Many methods of appliance or orthodontic correction are not easily accepted by him. The second is that the chances of deciduous teeth are actually relatively rare. Because after our deciduous teeth grow out, there is basically a gap between the teeth and the teeth. This gap is to replace the permanent teeth in the future to make the permanent teeth ejecting to prepare. The deciduous teeth are particularly corrected in advance.

Because we know that the growth and development of the upper jaw bone of the whole person is before the age of 10, then if it is continuously continued at this time, it is likely that the upper jaw bone will not develop, and the lower jaw bone grows crazy, and the result will become a nap. Therefore, any deformity that may affect the development of the jaw bone needs to be corrected in advance, and it is best to go two and a half years old.


Can a small teeth be treated?

When children’s teeth appear to the ground, early correction can be performed, which means that they do not have to wait until the teeth are replaced. If the child can cooperate with the model operation, the sooner the better, the start of about 3-4 years old. The child’s ground bag is corrected quickly, because the jaw itself is in the developmental period, and the external force will respond quickly. Therefore, the child can be completed in the early days, and the effect is better. For adults, the earth Bao Tian may need to combine whether there are bone tissue deformities to determine whether orthodontic and mandibular surgery are required to correct them.

Children’s land bags may be related to bad habits. Parents also need to carefully observe whether children have bad habits in daily life. For example, bad habits such as bite pencils and fingers may cause deformities in the oral teeth. If there is a bad habit, parents are the first level, and they must communicate with their children to reduce the occurrence and formation of bad habits.

Is it sick for children to urinate?

Generally speaking, most children can basically control urination at the age of 3, and there are few urine beds after 5 years of age. Due to poor brain functional development within 3 years of age, children have poor self -control capacity for urination. As the saying goes, “urine is” urine bed “. The International Children’s Urine Control Association believes that enuresis usually refers to children who have a normal development of the nervous system> After 5 years of age, there is an involuntary urine leakage in sleep, at least twice a week and continuing ≥ 3 months. The consensus of Chinese experts generally believes that the following three conditions are considered to consider diagnosis of enuresis: ① Children’s age is ≥5 years; ② does not urinate ≥ 2 times/week in sleep state Without obvious pathological reactions and other discomfort symptoms.

What are the problems of family care for children with risin?

In terms of psychology, do n’t intimidate, scold or irony after urinating beds, tolerate, encourage, eliminate children’s shyness and nervousness. When the child’s urine bed is improved, they must be praised or rewarded, including material rewards.

In terms of life, develop good hygiene habits, stool regularly daily, should be treated in time with constipation, pay attention to changing underwear and vulva cleaning and hygiene; avoid cold, especially pay attention to the warmth of the feet and waist and abdomen; it is not recommended to practice swimming and Skating may induce enuresis; avoid excessive fatigue, nervousness or excitement, do not watch thrilling games, television, movies, etc. before going to bed.

In terms of diet, avoid tea -alkali and caffeine foods (such as tea, coffee, chocolate, functional beverages, etc.), and avoid eating desserts (such as watermelon, grapes, melon and millet porridge, etc.) for dinner to ensure normal drinking water every day.

What are the factors that affect children’s height?

Generally, 70%-80%of people’s height depends on genetic factors. The same race and family have similarity to its adolescence. Mother’s nutrition, emotion, uterus and placenta, whether there are pregnancy hypertension, diabetes, etc. will also affect the child’s innate height to a certain extent.

In addition to heredity, there are also disease factors, educational factors, nutrition, exercise, sleep, psychological and environmental factors in life, and the height of children born of the same pair of parents will also be different. Therefore, parents are high, and children are not necessarily high in the future. They need to monitor height.

How to judge whether the child’s height is normal?

The age of 0-2 is the first peak period for infants and young children to grow. After 3 years of age, children usually grow at a rate of 5-7 cm/year, until puberty before adolescence.

Girls’ adolescence is usually after 8 years old and the average age is 9-10 years old. Boys’ adolescence is usually after 9 years old, with an average age of 11-12 years. The entire adolescent development process takes about 1.5 to 6 years, with an average of 4 years. During this period, the growth rate of children’s height is twice as much as the early period of adolescence.

How can the family help?

In sleep, growth hormone is an important hormone that promotes height. Generally, it ushered in a peak of secretion during night sleep. Parents should let their children go to bed before 10 pm, and school -age children should go to bed before 9 o’clock in the evening. In addition, gland samples and tonsil hypertrophy lead to snoring at night, etc., which will also affect the quality of their children’s sleep, and they should seek medical treatment in time when they encounter such conditions.

In diet, try to choose nutritious foods for children, avoid high oil, high sugar, high salt and overeating, eat regularly, and slow down the speed of eating.

In sports, dancing, skipping rope, swimming, ball movement and other bouncing and stretching exercises, as well as sufficient outdoor sports every day, help children grow taller.

What is precocious puberty?

Sexual development is a continuous process and has certain rules. The adolescent development of the boy first showed the increase in testicular volume and the development of the penis. After that, the development of the pubic hair will begin. In the end, the sound of low sound, nocturnal emission, axillary hair and beard development. The girl first showed breast development, and then the pubic hair growth, the changes of the external genitals, the growth of armpit hair, and the final menstrual tide in the end of development.

It can be seen that when the boy has a beard and sound, the first tide of the girl’s menstruation indicates that their adolescent development has reached the post. The correct sign of sexual development should be: boy’s testicular development and girl breast development. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to the physiological changes of adolescent children.

Medical, boys are 10-11 years old, and girls develop at 9-10 years old. Once the girl develops breast development before the age of 8, pubic hair, armpit hair, etc., or menstruation before the age of 10, the boy’s penis or testicular increase before the age of 9, armpit hair, beard, throat knot and other growth, it is identified as precocious puberty precocious precocious precocity Essence If these situations occur, parents should pay attention to.

How to prevent precocious puberty?

Strengthen attention. Adolescent children grow and develop quickly, and parents need to pay more attention to their children. You can ask or observe whether the child’s body changes. If there are abnormalities, it should be treated as soon as possible. Adolescent children become sensitive, and sexual development may make them feel inferior and anxious. Parents can learn more about relevant knowledge and help children maintain their mental health by communicating and communicating.

Early treatment, early health. If you find that your child is “precocious”, you must treat it in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, children can inhibit or reduce chronic development by taking drugs to avoid premature menstrual tide, prevent premature closure of bones, and improve the problem of short height.

Reject over -replenishment. Rich nutrition is conducive to the growth of children, but nutritional balance is sufficient, and you should not be blindly supplemented. Many nutritional supplements contain hormones. The favorite of Cordyceps, ginseng and other supplements that the elderly are not suitable for children. On the contrary, it is easy to cause problems such as obesity and “precocious puberty”.

Develop a healthy diet. It is recommended that children eat more fruits and vegetables, low -fat milk products, coarse grains, high -quality protein (chicken, fish and beef), and eat less fried foods. It is worth noting that many children like to eat foreign fast food contain more hormones such as cooked agents, which will increase the chance of children suffering from “sexual puberty”. While healthy diet, we must also encourage children to exercise more and improve metabolism.

Reduce sex information input. Frequent romance or novels that are not age -age, receiving too much sexual information, can easily ripen children’s minds, and promote “precocious puberty” to a certain extent. Parents should not only pay attention to their children’s behavior, but also pay attention to the behavior between parents, and try to avoid sleeping with their children as much as possible.

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