The decorative small hanging painting on the wall is also the finishing touch


Hanging a decorative painting on the monotonous wall can greatly add a lot of home vitality and play the finishing touch.

Category of decorative painting


1. According to the frameless frame, the standard is divided into frame painting and frameless painting.


2. Divide them according to the production method. There are printed decorative paintings (such as card paper painting), physical mounting decorative paintings, hand -painted work decorative paintings (such as oil painting, Chinese painting).


3. Divided according to the material, including oil painting, dynamic painting, wooden painting, painting, photography, silk painting, woven painting, pyrographic painting, etc.

The combination of decorative painting and home style


1. European -style home is suitable for oil painting works. The European retro decoration style must choose the cumbersome oil paintings of the border; while the Jane European style must choose the simpler oil painting; the rural style home can be matched with flower -themed oil paintings.


2. It is best to choose calligraphy, Chinese painting, watercolor, and gouache painting in a Chinese -style home. The patterns are based on traditional freehand landscapes, flowers, birds, fish and insects. You can also choose to paint with traditional craftsmanship and special materials, such as paper -cut painting, wooden painting, flower mud painting, etc.

3. Hyundai simple style home is suitable for some impressions, abstract oil paintings, crystal frameless paintings, post -modern and avant -garde fashion decoration styles are suitable for some decorative paintings with modern abstract themes. Essence

The combination of decorative painting and space

1. The first point of sight is the best position. The first point of the vision of entering the door is the most suspended decorative painting. The choice of this painting is very important. It must have a bright feeling.


2. Corner decorative paintings can change the direction of sight. On the two walls of the corner, two paintings are hung on one wall, and a parallel wall is hung on the same style amount on the wall to form a combination of the L -shaped combination on the wall, which can increase the taste of the layout.


3. The staircase hanging decorative paintings can be very casual. On the wall of the staircase, you can follow the slope of the stairs. The staircase hangs a set of decorative paintings with consistent styles. It is possible to have a frame or frame without a frame. And, there are irregular sets of the most popular photo wall. All kinds of photos taken from all over the country are definitely good.

4. The color matching of decorative painting is particular. Generally, the interior of the modern home improvement style is mainly white, and the decorative paintings are mostly beautiful tones such as yellow, red and green. If the interior decoration is very stable, you can choose a high -grade gray and artistic decorative painting. The European -style home must choose a stronger color. Otherwise, if the color is too bright, it will make people feel tacky.

5. The shape of the decorative painting should echo the shape of the space. If the wall of the hanging painting is rectangular, then you can choose a single decorative painting of the same shape or a more popular combined decorative painting now; and the horizontal rectangular wall should hang horizontally, and the vertical rectangle should hang vertical paintings.