Which is more suitable for chest delicate women?


Many girls choose underwear is that thin bra is suitable for women with a relatively full of chest, there is enough space to accommodate it, will not be extruded, blood is not smooth. Thick suitable for chest, you can mention, concentrate, improve beauty, let you be more confident. Today we are mainly analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of thin underwear. What should the small breast should be thin underwear or a thick underwear?


Thin underwear


Usually, the thickness of the cup is about 0.3-0.6cm. There are ultra-thin and translucent thin underwear, and there is a non-sponge thin underwear, Bralette underwear and film cup underwear, which have a common feature, that is, the cup is more Soft, more comfortable, wearing it is also very comfortable, and it is not easy to cause the little breast girl.

However, thin underwear is closer to “Original”, so its breast-shaped function will be slightly coupled, this is its shortcomings. Of course, underwear designers also have ultra-high pigments in order to make small chest sisters, they often pass through various tricks, lace, embroidery and printing, plus sexy deep V cup type, stylish shoulders With strap style, etc. The inner and outer jackets are also matched. It is also beautiful.

Thick underwear

Usually, the thickness of the cup is between 0.8-3cm, and some taro (thick cup) has a thickness of up to 6cm, such a thick underwear, can instantly create a beautiful curve of aggregation. It is worth noting that when choosing a thick cup of underwear, the lower bust size (85 in 85B) should be tightened to prevent the cup.


From the distinction between the thin underwear and thick underwear, we can see that small chest should not wear a thin underwear or a thick underwear problem, each has a thousand autumn, and the final choice is still required to decide on underwear. Oh! Ok, about the problem of small underwear or thick underwear, it is shared here.

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