Tmall 618 Ideal Life Carnival, buy American Jese three-dimensional variable frequency broken wall machine to send “car”


In June, the enthusiasm of the whole people has gradually warmed up with the summer hot weather, and Taobao Tmall opened the official promotion in June. It is understood that so far, the JESE Logistics Center is still continuously shipped, and all orders are all digested in 72 hours. Mr. Mo, the head of the logistics center, said: We look forward to the arrival of “618 Ideal Carnival”, this time to open the public promotion, just in response to a large number of orders in the “year”, ensuring that the package is issued within 24 hours.

618 surprises continue, offline transactions send hand-held car


At present, the first stop of the United States Jese “Ten City Hundred Store Program”, Beijing offline counters have been successfully opened. The National Concern Tmall 618 Ideal Life Carnival is about to start, US Jese will realize the same price underline, as long as the store is purchased, consumers can enjoy the best prices and the most abundant gifts. More importantly, the offline counters will “price” in advance on June 10, and the official flagship store is more released earlier.

In addition, considering the “share of all models of the US JESE model”, even the lightest rice box is 12 pounds. Anyone online counter has traded in the United States JESE three-dimensional variable-frequency breaking machine, a large diameter slow squeezing machine, and you will send you a very solid hand-drawn car, which is convenient for you to take the spot directly.

If you are in Beijing, I suggest you have to take a time to the store, you don’t have to grab your needs. You can enjoy the lowest price of 618 directly, and you can experience rich recipes in advance.

Summer health “in the flowers”, JESE “summer flower” recipe free

Providing nutritional recipes for customers, has always been an important part of the US JESE brand. After recent recently released American Jese, from the data, fans generally expressed very interested in the recipe of flowers and plants. Based on this, the United States Jese Nutrition Team conducted a concentration development, four seasons divided the flowers recipes into four categories: spring bud, summer flowers, autumn, and winter and white. By joining the seasonal calendar and China’s solar terms, use Chinese traditional elements to design, and plan to print into beautiful internal booklets, give JESE fans.


The “summer flower” recipe of the season has been completed, and the line is free from the official WeChat public number. The fans can also be free to receive free.

The United States JESE Nutrition Team hopes to produce the season’s superscript, with consumers who have just purchased the US JESE products, they use their own quality, enhance the quality of life of the user, and enjoy healthier summer.