The hand -washing basin is installed on the aisle -it has such effect, the small apartment is necessary


The three major functions in the bathroom are washbasins, toilets and shower rooms. When using toilets and shower rooms, they need to be relatively private space. Therefore, the shower room and toilet should be installed in a closed space with doors. As a place for washing and washing, privacy is not very important, so you can put the washbasin in an open space! Therefore, we can see that many decoration cases are settled at the aisle position. What are the benefits of design? Today we will talk about this topic!


1. Improve the efficiency of bathroom use

There are only one bathroom in many small apartment. If you put the washbasin, toilet and shower room in a closed space normally, some people want to wash or wash their hands or wash. Especially when you go out in the morning, when some people take up the bathroom, others will wait in line.


▲ You sit in the toilet inside, and I brush my teeth and wash my face outside, which does not affect each other.


2. Improvement of space utilization


If the washbasin, toilet, and shower room are within a space, the dimensions of the moving line are limited to the inside of the bathroom. If you install the toilet basin on the aisle, you can use the aisle as a station person to use the place where the bathroom is used, like a small apartment toilet, like a small apartment toilet, If you are more crowded, you can consider this design method! And this can also increase the dynamic line size of the aisle space, which belongs to the design of every bird.

▲ The washbasin is set in the aisle area. When using the washbasin, let the aisle also become the position of the station person, so that the space is used in one way.

3. Wet and wet separation

Even if there is a partition of the shower room, the water vapor during bathing will make the entire bathroom full of moisture, so that the surface of the bathroom cabinet is extremely humid; and the bathroom cabinets, mirror cabinets and other subjects of the washbasin are made of wood, which is easily damaged by moisture. The outside of the hand washing basin to the aisle area is equivalent to the guarantee of the separation of weight and humidity. It can effectively avoid the wetting of the washbasin being invaded by the wetness of the bathroom, thereby improving the durability of the washbasin.

▲ If the bathroom is not enough to make a shower room, the outside of the washbasin can be avoided to avoid splashing on the bathroom cabinet.

4, conducive to lighting

The washbasin is located in the aisle area, which is equivalent to reducing the deep size of the internal internal in the bathroom. From the perspective of lighting, it is conducive to promoting the lighting and communication on both sides, and the space on both sides is brighter and generous.

▲ Shorten the depth of the toilet room, let the space lighting have more communication, and make the room brighter.

5. Put the washing machine in the bathroom


Regarding the situation of the washing machine in the bathroom, if the washing machine and the shower room in the same space, the humidity during bathing will also invade the washing machine, which has a certain impact on the life of the washing machine.

▲ If you plan to put the washing machine in the bathroom, you can also allow the washing cabinet to make a track with the washbasin to avoid the washing machine from being placed in a humid bathroom.

6. Easy to use


Like a bathroom near the door, setting the washbasin in the aisle is equivalent to the porch, so that after entering the door, you can wash your hands as soon as possible to cultivate good living habits and avoid pollution living environment after you go home.

▲ The washbasin is located in the aisle near the porch. After returning home, you can wash your hands by the way.

For small units, the layout of the exterior aisle outside the handwashing basin is a good design worthy of having a good design from the perspective of space utilization and functional practicality! Will your bathroom adopt the design of the external aisle of the basin?