What is the bras plug -in, what role, and how much do you know?


Our female friends will encounter such two bras when choosing bras, that is, the bras with insertion and non -inserted bras. As far as the domestic brater market, the bras with plug -in, accounting for more than 62%of the large share, catering to the needs of Oriental women’s breasts and beautiful breasts with large chassis and chest -like petite characteristics

Return to the topic, and then share the related bras knowledge points about bras plug -in. It mainly allows the girls to have a comprehensive understanding through the following aspects.


What is the bras plug -in

The bras of the bras are also called the chest pad. Because the plug -in slices are mostly the shape of the dumplings, the Chinese on the tip of the tongue are also called “bras dumplings”. East stuff.


Melon seeds

What are the materials and specifications of the bras plug -in

The most used are sponge pads and cotton pads, and there are essential oil chest pads, ordinary water bag plugs, inflatable plugs, silicone plugs, and so on. The thickness specifications of insertion are generally ranging from 8-15mm.


What is the effect of bras plug -in

Because the bras are also called the chest pad, the most direct and effective effect is the visual effects of height and increasing the chest shape. In addition, it can also be concentrated in gathered the effect of chest fat and the physical auxiliary effect of preventing the chest expansion.

Who is suitable for wearing and plug -in bra

From the intention of inserting pieces, it is more suitable for petite breasts. In addition, women like the chest expansion and the big side of the chest can improve and modify the chest shape by inserting the slices. It is recommended that girls with full breasts (above D cup) do not need to wear it, avoid too much, attract “wolf friends”.

Is the girl’s bra?

Girls are divided into developmental girls (9-15 years old) and adolescent girls (16-22 years old). The former chooses underwear to promote chest development and cover bumps. Because the development is basically formed, it is in the period of the chest shaped, and the bras with inserted slices can be used to correct and improve.

Is it the same effect of wearing a bra and thick underwear, thick film cup, medium -sized cup, and thin and lower thick cups?

Generally speaking, the bras with a piece of inserted slices are mainly thin bras (cup thick 3-6mm). Among them, the plug -in effect of the bra and thick film cup, medium model cup, and upper and lower cups have the same effect, but it is just It can achieve the effect of the chest in a mobilized way to disassemble the chest. However, if the cup is not close, inserted may run in the daily life activities of the girls.


What are the dangers of the bra with a piece of inserted slices

There is no hidden health hazard in the bras of women wearing slices, but girls have to pay attention to the quality of inserting slices, such as sponge pads, essential oil bags, and silicone inserts. Or the material is inferior.


Essential oil soft beads breast enhancement massage chest pads

Which one is better for the bras and non -insertion slices?

This is not better and only more suitable. Will the bras with inserting slices affect the effect?

If the chest shape is extremely petite or flat, the chest shape effect is definitely not so straight to remove the insertion; if the bras (BC cup) have a good gathering adjustment function, the impact is not great.

Inflatable chest pad


Can you use a piece of plug -in?

The answer is: No


In the use of the bras, the cup must be equipped with a piece of bag or Jiamei pocket. If there is no picked pocket, one, the insert cannot always be in a correct position; second, the insertion is easy to drop.

What is the difference between plug -in bags and Jiameian

In fact, it is very good to distinguish. The plug -in bag is open, suitable for thin chest pads such as sponge pads, cotton pads, etc.; and Jiamei Panel is fully inclusive, suitable for those essential oil chest pads, ordinary water bottle inserts, inflatable types, inflatable types Inserting, silicone plug -in, etc., thick chest pads.


Is there a piece of vest underwear?


Vest -type underwear is mostly sports underwear or developmental girl underwear, and the bras of the bra are active (freely disassembled), so it is not advisable to choose a style of insertion.

Which side is positive, how to put it is correct

There is no distinction between the plugs of the bra, only the distinction between up and down and left and right. How to put it or how to insert it on the pointed on the pointed head like melon seed -type plug -in, and the method of round heads is sufficient, and the insertion method like dumplings is: a larger arc on one side facing the outside of the breast, the arc is smaller one, one is one smaller one, and the arc is smaller. Just facing the inside of the breasts. Generally, try a few more times, and the appropriate position is mastered.

Is it the same way to wear a piece and the bras without insertion

It can only be said that the same is the same, the only difference is where the insertion is put in (some people like to put it in advance, some people like to put it in front of the buckle, and some people like to put it in after the buckle. This method can probably know the position that the insert should be placed, and not the elasticity and shape of the cup). Finally, adjust the details of the insertion position and the entire bras to achieve the comfort.


How to clean the bra with inserted slices

In fact, the method of cleaning is similar, but more emphasizes the cleaning of the insertion, so before cleaning, please take out the insertion and immerse it into the water with a neutral detergent (about 25 degrees Celsius) with a neutral detergent. Soak for about 3-5 minutes. You can lightly pat it with your hands, and then gently press the sewage. Remember not to brush hard, otherwise you will wash it a few times!

After washing, find a large towel to suck the water, the better, and finally the inserted slices are smooth and dried or dry it if the temperature should be dried (the temperature should not be too high). Remember to store it without drying. Bacteria breeding!

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How to clean the bra with inserted slices