Small gambling king’s alchemy: spending 1.1 billion to create a dream of dreaming, Macau’s most spurting entertainment


Macau, the land of the project, is the only place in China’s legal business gaming.

Macau’s gambling will six from the world, namely Jinsha, Galaxy, Macau Gaming, Wynn, Xinyi, MGM.

In 1961, a generation of gambling kings He Hongyi may not imagine the scene of Macau today. At that time, he had just got the privilege of Macao’s business gaming industry, and thus began a surge in Macau gambling industry for 40 years.

After Macau returns, the local government broke the monopoly situation, publicly bidding 3 gambling business licenses, and finally, the Silver River and Yongli, which is headed by He Hong, as well as the background of the Gala and Wynn, the background of foreign banks.


MGM, Xinyi, Jinsha also points “subpacks” from these three companies, and finally formed a six-point situation.

In the four-family wife and children in He Hong, it was mainly connected by the second house and children from He Hongzhen. When He Hong, when he was in the world, he had held the chairman of Macau Gaming Holdings (Ao Bo), and handed over to the second room daughter He Chao Feng management; the second room is a scholar He Yulong, and it is in charge of the Xinyi International Group.

[Small gambling alchemy]

(Picture of Hotel)

He Hongqi’s second room is alone, who is born in 1977.

In 2004, He Yulong led the New Ziboa Entertainment Co., Ltd. to create a comprehensive resort as a goal, successful cross-foot and entertainment, continuously expanding the business sector and developed rapidly.

In 2019, He Yulong was on the world’s billionaire list, ranking No. 1008.

Xinyi Tiandi is located in Yucheng, Macau, is a project, which is the new Ziboa Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a high-level entertainment leisure resort in Macau.

There are 3 hotels in Xinyi Tiandi, more than 20 restaurants and bars, a series of world brand names. In addition, there is also the world’s largest water show “Water Dance”, which is the most attractive water curtain theater in Xinyi Tiandi.

The Morrus Hotel opened in June 2018 is the 4th hotel in the Xinxian Tiandi’s comprehensive project. It is the most fascinating casual entertainment for all business expansion!

[Macau’s most incredible building]

Regardless of the aircraft or take a ferry to arrive at Macau, I saw Morrus asked: “What is that building?”

Moror Porus Hotel, its singular exterior is very attractive to everyone, it is a real landmark building in Macau.


Prior to 2018, Macau did not have any buildings that would be impressive. This is what the new generation of small gambling kings wants to solve. He wants to build a building that is both an out-of-life test, a building that people will always remember, a real landmark building.

At the beginning of the idea, the Xinyi Group considers some internationally renowned architects to take a mark. After several screening, Zaha Hadid’s work made a small gambling king.


Zaha Hadid is the first female architect who won the Plyzk architect. Her first work in China is Guangzhou Grand Theater, Beijing Galaxy SOHO Building Group and Beijing Daxing International Airport are also from her hand.

Zaha Hadid’s design has always been famous for bold shape, known as “deconstructed masters”, with a fantasy and superficial style. She is good at using space and geometric structure, reflecting the complicated characteristics of urban buildings.

[1.1 billion US dollars to create a “dream of dreams”]

Morrus Hotel, English name Morpheus is the “Dream God” in the Myth of Greek.

Zaha Hadid is inspired by Chinese traditional jade, combined with the unique streamline aesthetics of jade carving, created Morrus this mysterious dream space.


In Macau, Built a hotel usually takes 2-3 billion US dollars, but Morrus has reached 1.1 billion US dollars, because Morrus Hotel broke through a number of construction technologies: it is the world’s first free-form structure construction Skyscraper.

The appearance of Morrus is the free-form steel bar surrounded by the entire hotel. The number of steel steels is 4 times that of the Paris Tower. Complex and unique constructs make it a most difficult design in the history of world construction.

Therefore, Morris and it is a hotel, it is better to say a miracle of a building.

[The fantasy of outer space]


Entering the Morpus hotel in Macau, the lobby of up to 35 meters is now in front of my eyes.

The rooms are spacious to accommodate a ferris wheel, but there is no column in such a tall lobby.

The mesh steel structure has been stretched from the sky.


On both sides of the lobby are 12 full transparent luxury bullets.

The elevator is an external, modern avant-garde design looks completely unlike an elevator, it is like a bullet airship that is “time and space shuttle” in outer space.

Each level of the hotel is designed to be super modern.


Looking up to the top of the lobby, it is entirely the spirituality of the outer space in the Hollywood movie scene.

[Deluxe Yacht Or Private Airplane]


There are 42 floors in Morrus, including 770 rooms.


You will find a marina or private aircraft that you will find a luxurious style of Peter Remedios.


Yes, Peter Remedios’s design is inspired by luxury yachts and aircraft. The indoor lines are mainly adjacent to stabilize and advanced black and brown as a non-symmetrical main melody.


The design style of the room and the perfect match of the hotel are integrated with each other. Let me feel that they are not in a hotel’s suites, but it seems to be a luxurious aircraft and flying out an unreal travel experience of outer space.

I was shooting the hotel suite, with an area of ​​106 square meters. The above is the living room of the suite.

Suite’s bedroom.

Bathroom of the suite.


This is the standard room of the hotel, with an area of ​​58 square meters.

The Morrus Hotel also has 3 pool villas, 6-way villas. These 9 special room types, each night is up to 6 digits, but they do not publicly sell, only to the hotel’s VIP guest.

I have been fortunate to visit 500 square meters of duplex villas under the arrangement of the hotel public relations, because it is not accepted, so it can only be described by the text: extravagant, shock!

[Century Chef’s Restaurant]


In addition to the design highlights of architectural exterior and indoor space, the hotel has also made a lot of topics in terms of dining.


The 3rd floor of the hotel is the name of the Mi, the famous French Hall-called French Temple, a “Century Kitchen”.

Decoration, menu, tableware of Dukas restaurant, showing traditional delicious and essence of French dishes in Dukas. The restaurant only accepts a dinner of 45 people.

Duras Restaurant: 4000 Macao / People.

There is also a French Takai-style restaurant – “Fengya Chef”. The restaurant focuses on reinterpretation of classic gangs, gives a new experience for contemporary law.

Monday to Friday business lunch set, lunch Price: 200 Macao / person.

Dinner is a single point, the price: 800 Macao / person.

In addition to Western food, the hotel’s 21st floor of “Tianyi” is the first high-end Chinese restaurant in Asia.

Total Kitchen Fan Jianhua Design “Daily Tasting Menu” is the division of China’s twenty-four holidays, and the dishes are changed each month, and the ingredients are used to cook.

Guests can book 10 dishes, but only after sitting, wait for the chef to send the last moment of food, I know what delicious.


“天颐” restaurant: 2200 Macao / person.

[美 酒: exclusive secret recipe]


“Fengya chef” is very unique. The “Chinese herbal immersed felt” in the restaurant is an alternating Chinese herbal medicine as an element, with a unique flavor with a felt, creates a series of unique felt cocktails.

Using Japanese Kinobi’s pure fragrance, combined with different Chinese herbal medicine, such as black 枸杞, spatholine vine, cinnamon, Schisandra, etc., accurately cooperate with optimal components and leaching time, showing a variety of other flavored felts Wine cocktail.


The bartender will push the trolley of “Chinese herbal immersion felt” to the table to show how to make a cup of felt cocktail.

Price: 158 Macao / Cup.

[Nordic style snow garden]


Located on the 3rd floor and 5th floors of the luxury spa, it is the name of the North Oulin Sea Snow, named “Snow Garden”.

Here the temperature is 5 degrees lower than the other indoor spaces in the hotel, walking into here, like coming to the Nordic’s omcular white snowworm.


The spa has multiple private treatment rooms, two of which are Mei Lun.

In the jacuzzi in this “Star Style” building, it is like floating in the half-air of “dust”, and it is like a dream pool in the interstellar spacecraft.

This seemingly dreamable feeling is it is Morris – this magnificent “dream of dream”, bringing me the most dreamy-colorful accommodation experience.


[Reasons for staying at this hotel]


Hotel name

: Moror Porns Hotel

Hotel Name:

Morpheus Hotel, Macau

Hotel Location:


Macao, China

Basic housing prices when publishing:


200 yuan.




1. The most famous landmark architecture in Macau, the wonders of the world’s architeral circles;

2, Macau little gambling king blasted a modern hotel for $ 1.1 billion;


3, punch the “Duskas Restaurant”.

[More practical information]


Arrival Hotel:

The hotel is just a 5-minute drive from Macau Airport (red dot location on the picture).


openning hours:

June 15, 2018.

Hotel Rate

: The standard is about 2200 yuan / night.

Hotel shuttle:

Morrus Hotel offers a free shuttle. If you are from the gate of the land (Gongbei Port) or the Hengqin Port entered Macau, after the departure, go to the public parking lot to find a logo with “Xinyi Tiandi” travel bus. Free ride, direct hotel. The above is a shuttle schedule.


The shuttle also offers hotels with free ride between its “Xinyi Things”.

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Anyuan (pen name), really famous Yang Yuyu.

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(Picture of Hotel)

(Picture of Hotel)