Handan, Hebei: Make elementary and middle school students comfortable and enrich


From lying on your stomach to “lying down and sleeping”, some schools in the main urban area of ​​Handan City can find the best solution for lunch breaks according to local conditions


Make elementary and middle school students comfortable and fulfilling

Before the lunch break, students in Handan Chunguang Primary School adjusted the desks and chairs. Photo by Hao Yufang, a correspondent of Hebei Daily

Open the desk chair, students in Handan Chunguang Elementary School have a small bed, which can “lie down” for lunch break. Photo by Hao Yufang, a correspondent of Hebei Daily

The problem of sleeping for primary and secondary school students has always been the focus of school and parents. In order to effectively protect the rights and interests of minors, and better promote the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, in April last year, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Sleeping for Sleeping for Primary and Middle School Students”. In 10 hours, junior high school students should reach 9 hours, high school students should reach 8 hours, and conditions and schools with conditions should ensure the necessary lunch breaks for students.

There are limited space in primary and secondary schools. How to make the lunch break for elementary and middle school students comfortable and fulfilling? Beginning this spring semester, some schools in the main urban area of ​​Handan City have explored the better “opening method” of lunch break around the quality of after -school service.

Adapt to local conditions

Sleep from lying on your stomach to “lying down and sleep”

At noon, the students of Handan Chunguang Primary School packed the stationery and textbooks into the drawer, quickly took out the quilt and pillow from the small box under the chair, and prepared to enter the lunch break. I saw that they shook the control rod on the side of the desk skillfully to slow down the desktop. Subsequently, pulled up the handrail, the back of the seat slowly flattened, turned into a small bed, and could “lie down” to sleep a comfortable noon.

“Since the service after class, we have paid attention to the child’s lunch break.” Hao Yufang, vice president, said that in the past, most of the students put a pillow on the table for lunch breaks after lunch. arm.

In order to provide students with a high -quality lunch break, the school has several meeting research solutions.

When the principal Yang Xinxing went out, he accidentally saw an office folding chair, and suddenly inspired: “You can design and make folding tables and chairs according to the needs of students.”

In December last year, Chunguang Primary School took the lead in buying a new table and chairs, solving the long -awaited sleep problem after meals, and students could sleep well at noon.

The main reason why it is difficult to ensure that students sleep well for a lunch break are the lack of venues. There are dozens of students in a class. It is difficult to place dozens of lunch breaks in a limited classroom space to meet the needs of students’ lunch break. To this end, some schools continue to activate the limited classroom space, and some give full play to the resources of the school venue, open the multi -function room, reading room, gymnasium and other places to open to students at lunch breaks, equip them with lunch breaks, and strengthen lunch breaks to ensure sleep time adequate.

During the lunch break, under the leadership of the teachers, the first -year students of Nanyu Cao Elementary School came to the functional classroom, set the cushion, laying the mattress, and lay down to rest. Nanyu Cao Elementary School is located in Handan City Urban and Rural Joint Department. There are three floors of teaching buildings, the first or second floors are classrooms, and the third floor is a function room. There are dance rooms and art rooms. At noon every day, these functional rooms become “bedrooms”. The school purchased a tidal pad, and the students brought the bedding from their home and rest. Vice President Zhao Gang introduced, “The function room itself is transparent, and it is also relatively dry on the third floor. For a month, students have reported that they are more comfortable than sleeping.”

After lunch, the classes of Dahe Road Elementary School in Handan City are doing the same thing in an orderly manner: the classroom transformation.

Students get up from the seat almost at the same time, some drag their tables, some move chairs, some plasma mattresses, and some cleaning classrooms. In just a few minutes, there were temporary “beds” made up of ground pads in the classroom. After about 40 minutes of quiet sleep, the students got up and quickly returned to the table and chairs, and switched to the class state.

Li Xianfang, the principal of Luohe Road Primary School, introduced that according to his own situation, the school finds the best way to solve the lunch break. Without a spacious lunch break, the school uses existing conditions to improve treatment. “There are a lot of school teaching classes, saving time in the classroom of this class, easy to organize; floor mats, pillows, and summer quilts, each student’s lunch break package costs about 80 yuan, economic pressure is not great; Put, occupy a small area, “Li Xianfang said.

In order to ensure the effect of lunch breaks, some schools have also formulated a special plan to clarify the duties of schedules and duty teachers. The Luohe Road Primary School planned the in and out route for each classroom, and refined the processes such as “the release of shoes” and “the trilogy of the lunch break”. After lunch every day, under the leadership of the teacher, the students go to the playground slowly and eat after the meal. After 10 minutes, the lunch break. In order to make students fall asleep faster, low -grade teachers use light music and stories to help students sleep to help students fall asleep.

Ms. Guo in Handan City is the mother of two children. His daughter is already in the fourth grade of elementary school, and the younger child is the first grade. Before the beginning of this spring semester, she felt that she would not be busy taking care of her two children. “For the child to go home at noon to sleep well, I pick up and drop off every day at noon, and I am exhausted.”

The school’s lunch and sleeping services after lunch and after -school custody service made Ms. Guo lose her previous worries, and her life was a lot calm. “The campus space is used to be used to the extreme. The school really spent her thoughts and has a strong energy.” Ms. Guo said, “If you have to spend 800 yuan a month outside the school lunch break, the school’s measures They all reduced our parents’ burden. “

Curriculum integration

Explore the new model of “lunch break+education”

What is the effect of lunch break reform? Students’ personal feelings are the most convincing. In Chunguang Elementary School, the children who got up after the lunch break all had a ruddy face and clear their eyes: “I used to lie on the desk to rest, I always feel half asleep and wake up. Especially spiritual. “


“Since the lunch break and sleep, the children’s sleep quality has improved significantly.” Hao Yufang said, “When lying on the lunch break in the past, the children were difficult to fall asleep and did not sleep well. We can almost sleep deeply, and the teaching feedback and interaction in the class in the afternoon have also improved significantly. “

“As the upgrade of after -school service, the school combines lunch break with hygiene, labor, and discipline to guide students to develop a healthy and healthy living habits.” Li Xianfang introduced that Luohe Road Elementary School integrated the lunch break into the school curriculum system, based on the guidance of students’ healthy sleep guidance Student physiological characteristics, behavioral habits, etc. Set up education links. Through the preparedness of lunch and hygienic micro -classes and relaxation activities before lunch breaks, and then organize the internal affairs and meters of the instrument after getting up to comprehensively educate students.

In terms of management, Danhe Road Primary School requires the class to schedule the rotation of the day every day, conduct hygiene and disciplinary inspections before and after nap, and urge students to abide by the siege discipline and cultivate students’ discipline awareness. At the same time, carry out education habits of civilized behavior, and guide students to follow the ringtone and work normally; at lunch breaks, close their eyes and rest, and walk around if they are necessary; after lunch break, they wake up the classmates politely; Essence

Nanyu Cao Elementary School combined the lunch break and labor education course, guided students to get up to organize their domestic affairs, stack the quilt in a unified position, packed the beds and flattened, put the mats neatly, and integrated labor education into the campus life. Under the infiltration of the lunch break, the children are stacked, bodied, wearing off shoes, combing hair, and developing a good habit of taking care of themselves and self -reliance.

Under the premise of ensuring students’ rest, some schools use the time after lunch and before the nap to relax to closely combine morality, intensity, physical and labor, to create more quality education. After lunch every day, the school rationally groups the children based on their age characteristics and interests. Children may learn red knowledge, or walk activities, or clean the classroom sanitation to carry out labor education …

Behind the changes in the way students’ lunch breaks are the unremitting exploration of high -quality after -school services in our province. According to the relevant staff of the Provincial Department of Education, our province will improve the quality and efficiency of after -class services, and further enrich the form and content of after -school services, fully meet the diversified growth needs of students, and promote the comprehensive development of students in the school. Promote the “double reduction” work, effectively reduce the burden on students and parents, make students happier, parents easier, and happier families. (Hebei Daily reporter Ma Li)