New house renovation, how to choose the bathroom hardware pendant, not stepping on the mine


Golden Kitchen Yinwei, new house bathroom decoration, everything cannot be sloppy. Make sure that each budget is spent on the blade. How to choose bathroom hardware pendants, pay attention to these, and avoid being pitted.


1. Choose a shower room

To make a shower room, there must be at least 900*900mm in the bathroom to be comfortable. If you are too small,

The elbow is easy to touch the glass when bathing

Essence You cannot choose to choose Sanwu products cheaply, the quality is not easy to rust, the heat can not be discharged, and even the glass will burst. shower room


If you can’t choose well, live in the dangerous house every day.


Three -proof shower room burst, glass fragments splashed around, hurting people

The shower room must use a large brand of tempered glass, choose a 3C certification sign, and use laser to directly print it on the glass.

3C certification logo is printed with laser is reliable

Priority is given to safety, followed by appearance and function.

It is best to stick a layer of explosion -proof film on the glass.


Stew glass shower room, thickness of 6-8mm thick is enough


The thickness and temperedness of the glass, the thickness of the glass, does not need to choose 1cm, as long as 6-8mm is enough.

Shower house sliding rails should be smooth

The shower house should be smooth, too thick to damage the life of the pulley, remember to select 304 stainless steel in the pulley. The alloy is easy to rust, and it is difficult to open the door later.

Choose 304 stainless steel pulley


Second, choose the faucet

The bathroom faucet is very frequently used, and the faucet is made of copper, stainless steel, ceramic and other materials. Copper has already become the first choice for the leader. The content of inferior copper lead elements is high, polluted water, and unhealthy uses for a long time.

The material of the sanitary waters is recommended to choose 304 stainless steel or pure copper. The copper core needs to be ceramic, also called ceramic valve core, which is safer.

The valve core is stored inside the faucet, which is equivalent to the heart of the faucet. The ceramic valve core is tightly sealed, and it is resistant to aging and abrasion.

Third, choose a shower.


Show is more important. The nozzle is recommended to choose silicone, which is not easy to hide scale.

The shower is not selected well, it is easy to hide the scale


The softer the silicone of the shower nozzle, the better the quality. The more the drainage port, the more comfortable the water flows.

in addition


The good shower is a ceramic valve core, smooth and non -friction.


Imported shower, such as Hansgia, Gaoyi, Kohler, Moen and other brands, have high popularity and guaranteed quality. Hansgia is a German brand. It is a high -end route. The entry funds are more than 2,000, and the price is relatively high.

Hansgia shower

Domestic shower is like Jiu Mu, Arrow Card, Farnesha, Huida, Hengjie, etc., which is also a very good shower brand, and the price is more affordable. Generally, domestic shower can buy a set to buy a set.

Nine Muchi Show

Fourth, choose hardware pendants


The new titanium alloy promoted by the merchant has not rust for 20 years, gimmicks, large water, and cautiously.

It is recommended to choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy, wear resistance,


Good moisture, not easy to rust



Hardware pendant is recommended to choose aluminum alloy or stainless steel

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