Ten children’s pajamas evaluation: Youbei is not qualified, Xiaolan Elephant “sweating pajamas” is not good


Sleep is particularly important for the growth of the baby. Choosing a healthy and comfortable pajamas for children is a must -do homework for each parent. There are many types of pajamas on the market. Is it safe? Which brand of pajamas is better?

Recently, the Nandu Appraisal Evaluation Laboratory jointly tested the science and technology public evaluation, purchased ten children’s pajamas on the market, and commissioned Guangzhou Biwei Technology Testing Co., Ltd. to test. The results show,

You Beiyi a children’s knitted home set is unqualified for dampness and friction color;

Disney and Meng Duoduo are relatively poor; the small blue elephants that claim to “sweat pajamas” are not outstanding.


【Appraisal Background】


How to wear children’s pajamas


Two companies “tear each other”

How to choose children’s pajamas? In June this year, this topic set off waves in the mother and baby industry. In the cotton era and children’s pajamas brand, the mother -to -child brand small blue elephants have carried out fierce debate around the fabrics and functionality of children’s pajamas. Xiao Lanxiang founder Jia Qiansheng “torn pure cotton” in public, saying that cotton cotton is sweating without sweating, and “breaks the public’s cognitive misunderstanding of cotton for hundreds of years.”

In this regard, Li Jianquan, the general manager of the cotton era, said at the Global Maternal and Baby Conference that “tearing pure cotton and not respecting his ancestors”, and children’s sweating pajamas “deceived women and children”. Two days later, Jia Qiansheng took out 12 national patents and authoritative testing agencies in ecological environmental protection testing reports and hygroscopic quick -drying test reports in his speech to prove the safety and functionality of his products.

Polls pay attention to children’s pajamas selection

Prefer to consider whether the material is comfortable

In response to the debate of the two enterprises and the choice of children’s pajamas that consumers’ attention, the Nandu Appraisal Laboratory launched a network poll on August 29, and exceeded 30,000 netizens to participate in the investigation. The results showed that when the netizens interviewed were prioritized whether the material was comfortable when choosing a children’s pajamas, the second will consider safety and brand awareness.

For the choice of fabrics for children’s pajamas, over 70 % of netizens choose cotton. Netizens “Wangwang” said that cotton is a natural fiber and no chemical fiber is comparable. Some netizens believe that cotton fabrics are easily wrinkled, and the improved new fabrics are smoother and more functional. Netizens “Desert Eagle” said that after many years, non -cotton fabrics are no longer a cheap cheap chemical fiber product, which has greatly improved in terms of comfort and health.

【Appraisal Record】

Safety, hygroscopic fast dry

Which children’s pajamas perform better

Sample list



Youbei is wet and frictional color is not qualified

Pajamas are clothes that children often wear at home. Safety is an important consideration for buying and picking. According to the relevant standards of the GB31701-2015 (type A infant supplies), the formaldehyde, pH value, aromatic amine dye, heavy metal, flammable and coloring fastness of ten products are detected.

The results showed that ten products were not detected in formaldehyde, decomposition of aromatic amine dyes, 4-amino pupin nitrogen benzene, and heavy metals, and the pH value and flammable were up to standard.

However, in the inspection of the color fastness, the Western Covered home sleeve is not up to the standard.

When testing the wet friction color fastness, the principle is to repeatedly rub the textile samples with a wet friction cloth, and use white cloth to dip the degree of color as the basis for evaluation. In contrast to the standard gray sample card, a total of 5 levels. The better the fastness.

Wet friction color fastness detection

According to the relevant provisions of the National Standard GB31701-2015 “Technical Specifications for Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety”, the moisture-resistant friction colors of category A should ≥ 3 (dark color ≥ 2-3), while Youbei The test results of this project are level 2.

It is understood that the wet friction -wipey clothes will not only cause the clothes to colors. If some harmful substances in the dye penetrate into the skin of children, it will also cause damage to the body. Rosjie, deputy manager of the Textile Department of Guangzhou Biwei Technology Testing Co., Ltd., said that in the process of manufacturing, the selection of dyes, adhesives, and printing and dyeing processes of dyes are all factors that may cause poor wet coloring.



Disney, Meng Duoduo’s breathability is relatively poor

A high -quality children’s pajamas must not only be soft and comfortable in touch, but also have good breathability. The so-called breathability is the performance of the air through the fabric. This evaluation uses the test method of GB/T 5453-1997 “Testing of Textile Facilities”, which detects the permeability of ten children’s pajamas.

The results show that the value of most products is about 300mm/s. The cotton era pajamas have the best breathability, reaching 1537mm/s, followed by three guns, Youbei, and Antarctic. The breathability of Disney and Dream Duoduo is relatively poor among the ten products. The value of pajamas is 157mm/s, 199mm/s, respectively.

Moisturizing and dry performance:

Little Blue Elephant “Sweeping Pajamas”

Stepical performance is mediocre


In response to the moisture-absorbing and dry performance of ten children’s pajamas, this evaluation uses GB/T 21655.1-12- 2008 “Textiles and Hypertrophy Smooth Assessment” for testing. It should be noted that except for the small blue elephants in the trademark in the ten pajamas, other products do not have related functions, so the test results cannot be used as a basis for determining whether the product is qualified.

Nandu reporters learned that during the test, the samples need to be washed repeatedly, and the values ​​before and after washing were detected. According to the test results, the tested values ​​of ten products are generally better than before washing. “When some products leave the factory, they may have a water -reactive tidal agent on the surface, causing this phenomenon.” Roseje explained.

The moisture absorption is specifically divided into three items of water content, dripping time, and core suction height. Except for Antarctic people, GAP and three guns, the hygroscopic performance structure of other children’s pajamas products reaches GB/T 21655.1-2008 recommendation indicators. Among them, pajamas samples in the cotton era are outstanding in the detection of moisture content, dripping time, and core suction height, while the detection results of the small blue elephants, Antarctic people, and GAP are relatively low in the test results of the three projects.

The quick -drying contains two items of evaporation and perspective. The results showed that the evaporation of pajamas in the cotton era was the fastest, up to 0.40g/h after washing, followed by Anear, Gap and Little Blue Elephant; and the small blue elephant was better than other products in the humidity project. It is 7799.3g/m2.d, but this value has not yet reached the standard with the dampness amount of ≥10000 g/m2.d in GB/T 21655.1-2008.

【Appraisal Supplement】

Children’s pajamas should be fully cleaned after buying back

What are the places to pay attention to when buying a child’s pajamas? Roseje reminded that when buying children’s pajamas, pay attention to checking the relevant logos of the product, choose regular purchase channels, and pay attention to the safety of small parts such as pajamas buttons and rope bands.

Regarding the color of children’s pajamas, Rosejie said: “In this evaluation, the wet rubbing color of dark pajamas is generally lower than light pajamas, but it does not mean that the color of dark pajamas must be poor. There is a higher risk. “


Roosejee pointed out that the newly bought children’s pajamas must be fully cleaned. On the one hand, it can remove floating colors and chemicals remained on the surface of the clothes. On the other hand, according to the test results, the sample can improve some performance after washing.

【Corporate response】

You Beiyi: No qualified item in the quality inspection of shipments

In response to the test results of this evaluation, Nandu reporters called You Beiyi and the phone was hung many times. Subsequently, a reporter from Nandu contacted Youbei customer service staff. The other party said that the company attaches great importance to the quality of the product. Each of the factory of the product has sample quality inspections. The quality inspection report did not appear this unqualified item.

Data show that Youbei registered in 2010 and is an infant clothing brand under Zhangzhou Huilongxiang Trading Co., Ltd. Tianyancha showed that Youbei was punished because of unqualified products last year. On November 23, 2018, the brand’s knitted hat-connected top (specification: 120/60, batch number: Y253913016) In the sampling test of the Gangwei Market Supervision Institute, the content of the fiber component was not in line with FZ/T73025- 2013 standard requirements.

Little Blue Elephant: Select the right standard according to product characteristics

Xiaolan Elephant claims to “sweat pajamas” and has provided the functionality of the test results of hygroscopic fast -drying and dry -drying on his official Weibo. However, this evaluation shows that the hygroscopic absorption of Xiaolan Elephant is not prominent among the ten products, and the rapid dry performance does not meet the relevant standards.

At the same time, although Xiaolan Elephant has not claimed to be a standard of water absorption and dried underwear and executing hygroscopic quick -drying standards, the “sweating pajamas” and related publicity expressions on “sweating fast -drying” are very ambiguous, which can easily misunderstand consumers misunderstandings Essence The webpage of the small blue elephant flagship store shows that its perspiration fabric can quickly absorb sweat and eliminate the surface to achieve a dry effect. At the same time, in the promotional slogan of its basic perspiration models, the words “dryness and sweats, dry and comfortable baby”.

Ximian (Little Blue Elephant) Flagship Store Homepage

In this regard, the person in charge of the Xiaoli Elephant Brand Department said that the small blue elephant chose the appropriate standard according to the characteristics of different products. The other party did not respond to whether it claimed to be “sweating pajamas” but not implementing the standard of hygroscopic quick -drying and drying.


According to the data, the original name of Xiao Lan was officially renamed on June 1, 2018. Tianyancha showed that the company was established on April 8, 2009. The legal person is Jia Youbing, with a registered capital of 3.9 million yuan. According to the information of Tianyan, the company was punished by administrative penalties on February 17, 2016 and November 13, 2017 due to false propaganda.

At the same time, the company was named twice due to quality problems. On April 20, 2017, a batch of “CC00004” infant sweats and nursing pajamas were not qualified in the “CC00004” infant sweaty belly pajamas in the quality inspection of the “CC00004” infant. The products of the Hongkou District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Japan are unqualified.


Produced: Nandu Big Data Research Institute

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