What role can we wear when jogging?


Do I need to wear protective gear for jogging? Jogging is one of the most popular national movements in recent years. Regardless of men and women, as long as there is a pair of running shoes, it can start on the road, so many people think that jogging does not need to be used at all. Because the entry conditions of jogging are low, people often ignore the importance of extension, jogging posture and muscle movement training before exercise, and cause fatigue accumulation or acute damage. If it continues to ignore, chronic damage and pain may be caused.


Generally speaking, most of the damage produced by jogging is chronic damage, which is often favored in the knee joint, the calf front and rear side muscles, the sole and ankle joint; the knee joint is the most common damage site.


The knee joint is an important load -bearing joint in the body, and the weight of the action is also different with the change of the movement posture. When walking, the weight of the knee joint is about 1 to 2 times the weight; and the weight of the knee tolerance increases by 3 to 4 times when running. In this case, the cartilage in the knee joint will be friction frequently. If the muscle strength of the joints is insufficient or the fatigue is not recovered, it is easy to cause more grinding of the cartilage, which will cause knee pain. It is recommended that runners with joint pain should strengthen the strength and coordination of the trunk and thigh muscles during normal training; wear protective gear with elastic support bars on both sides when running At the same time, the knee joints are too stressful to relieve pain and relieve pain and damage during the activity.

In addition to the protection of joints during the running process, you need to pay attention to the strength and coordination training of the trunk and leg muscle strength and coordination. The muscle of the torso mainly plays the role of stability and balance. Like the foundation of the house, it is necessary to have a stable foundation before you can stabilize the body during the movement and make your legs easily. If the stability effect of the trunk is not good, the muscles in the legs should be held more to allow the legs to cross forward and balance the body. Under the long -term use of over -use consumption, the leg muscles are prone to soreness and chronic strain. The most common muscle injury is the oligoscope tendonitis (jumping knee) and Hou Qun (runner’s knee). The pain position of the painful tendonitis of the bone is below the knee. It is recommended that runners with such conditions, usually pay attention to the muscle strength and coordinated training of the inside of the trunk and the inner thighs; Press the tendon at the bone, reduce the load of the tendon, and then relieve the occurrence of pain. Hou Qun’s pain position on the outside of the knee is on the outside of the knee. It is recommended that runners with such conditions usually pay attention to the training and tension of hip muscles. Relax the tight iliac tibial beam, soothing pain and discomfort.