The New! Trend color casual shorts, splicing graffiti! Playing the ball can wear


Once you have passed, this rain is finally stopped! Outdoor stadium rush!

A few days ago, Baller pushed some special features, plus a short sleeve with high playability! There is no pants in the clothes, you must arrange it today!

This five-point casual shorts, this year’s new, colorful graffiti stitching is very characteristic, everyone will never have seen the squirt in the market, spring and summer is outdoor, everyone rushes!

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Baskets spring new sports shorts men’s trend color doodle casual pants loose quick breathable five pants

¥ 99



Do not look at the pattern, single look, white blue two color stitching, this is not the color of the sky? Let the basket are like the sky! Wear it to play BUFF!

On the side of the basket elements, one side is painted graffiti! Stylish wild, full personality! It is the most exciting thing in the audience!

Five points of style, just can expose our knees, let you gallop the whole game is not bound! It also has a moisture absorbing and breathable effect, it is simply a double online!

The biggest feeling is lightweight, no matter from the version, color, to the pattern, it gives people a relaxed summer street wind, hip hop, handsome is full!

White blue is a substrate, while the Basketman Logo element, one side is the outline of the basketball court, the playability is very high, there is no dead end, the opponent is looking for you to link!

The unique digital printing technology of the family is boundless, the pattern and trousers are integrated. It is smooth and delicate, different from ordinary adhesive print, not worried will take off, fade!


Polyester fiber fabrics, a very breathable, moisture absorption, especially the material of our sports, especially in spring and summer, shorts is cooling the artifact!


The design of the shorts of shorts, free adjustment, and there is no concern! The pantlet pour pants is designed to make the knee activity is not constrained, and the movement is free!

On both sides, there is a sleek pocket, and the generous fashion trend is humanized design. Mobile phone keys and some small items are not afraid that they are not placed!

Imagine that spring and summer have such a short pants who have been able to shoot, the ball and my girlfriend have blowing the wind, or eats a skewers with friends, not too suitable!


Such a haired pants, Baller does not allow you to do not, the heart is not as good as action, it!