There are too many hidden safety hazards, Wuhan Elementary School campus does not advocate a leisure schoolbag!


Chutian Metropolis Daily, September 5th (Reporter Guo Huqiao) The classroom of the classroom is added, and a schoolbag basket is added under the chair to make students develop the habit of reading the schedule and the book. Today, the reporter visited many primary schools in Wuhan and found that this year With some elementary school campuses updating campus facilities, there are fewer students who drag their luggage -like leisure schoolbags into the campus. In this regard, the principals generally stated that “Although it is not clear that students are prohibited from bringing leisure schoolbags into the campus, they do not advocate that primary school students use lever schoolbags because the hidden safety hazards are very good.”


This morning, the reporter saw in Wuhan Guan Primary School that most of the students memorized a common backbone bag, and only individual students used lever schoolbags. Third (1) class student Liu Min said that she likes her schoolbags very much because she is not heavy and comfortable. She just went out of the school gate, and she didn’t want her parents to memorize her schoolbag on her own. She could do it herself. At the scene, most students told reporters that they liked light schoolbags.

“This year, the school built a row of bookcases behind the classroom, which is convenient for students to place some books and stationery. In this way, the weight of students’ schoolbags can be alleviated.” Fang Qi, the principal of Wuhan Guan Primary School, told reporters that this year, the students using the lever schoolbag using the lever school bag this year are significantly reduced Essence Moreover, the school does not advocate that students use a tidbag schoolbag. Because there are a lot of hidden dangers using a tie rod schoolbag, the schoolbags are dragged around the ground, and they can easily trip the students and even trip themselves. “The most important thing is that when you go up and down the stairs, the lever schoolbag must be mentioned. This weight is much heavier than the backpack of the backpack. The child will be very difficult and not safe on the stairs.”


Shan Lingyan, the principal of Hankou Furen Primary School, said that the school promoted new desk desk chairs in some classes. This chair uses the wooden board in the following space and set it into a schoolbag basket. “In this way, students are not often used in books, and they can also be put in the schoolbag basket. The weight of the schoolbag is light, and there are fewer schoolbags with tie rods.”

Teacher: Let students learn to organize schoolbags

Wan Yuxia, president of Wuhan Evergreen Experimental School, told reporters that in fact, weight loss to the content of the schoolbag is the best care for children. “The schoolbag is a child’s partner. Because the schoolbag is too heavy, many children will give the schoolbag to the parents when they arrive outside the school. If the schoolbag is light, the child will not have a burden on the child’s body, and the child will carry it on his own.” As a school, it will be clear and transparent in the schedule. Students can clearly understand the books they want to bring the next day. Do n’t put it in the schoolbag without using it. The first grade children have just entered school, and parents are only parents of elementary school students, so the teacher will send the second day of the schedule every day to remind parents not to bring more books and supplies to their children.

Another good method is to add storage space to children in the school, so that children can put the textbooks and unspecified textbooks in the school without having to put them in the schoolbag. This year, the Evergreen Experimental School was equipped with a locker in each classroom. After the use, all students reduced the weight of the schoolbag.

“Primary school students are not good at sorting out their schoolbags, which is also a reason why the schoolbags become heavier.” Said Min Xianyan, head of Baiyou Class in Wuhan, Chongren Hanbin Primary School 5 (4) class teacher, in fact, the school’s daily curriculum daily courses Limited, there is no need to bring so many books at all. At present, many children think that the schoolbag is too heavy. The main reason is that they do not know how to organize the schoolbags and carry many books that have not been class that day to school. Some children think that changing books every day is too troublesome and lazy, but they have suffered their shoulders, and some simply replaced them with tie rods.

Teacher Min Xianyan suggested that elementary school students are best to organize schoolbags every night according to the curriculum table, and then develop a good habit of sorting out schoolbags and stationery. The reporter saw in Chongren Hanbin Elementary School 5 (4). The head teacher placed a number of Xinhua dictionary and modern Chinese dictionary in the corner of the classroom. Students can borrow it at any time when needed. Essence