Exhibit transformation products and product explosives nationwide the first online theme consumption new format opening up


People’s Daily Online, April 30 (Gong Sha) On the occasion of the second “Five -Year Plan”, in order to amplify the overflowing effect of the Expo and help the construction of the city of Shanghai International Consumption Center, on the morning of April 30 The “Kaiba Commodity Market” jointly created by the Global Commodity Trade Port Group and the Shanghai New World Group appeared at No. 555, Nanjing East Road, and successfully launched the first shot of Shanghai’s “Fifth Five -Year Shopping Festival”. As the first domestic consumer consumer format, the “Kaibabo Commodity Market” gathers nearly 10,000 unique products and the same products of nearly 10,000 countries and regions, to create an infiltrated doctrine culture and shopping for citizens and tourists Experience. In the context of building a new pattern of domestic and international dual -cycle development, Shanghai is accelerating the innovation and transformation of resources in the expo, and striving to build a new global first -time launch place, exotic cultural punch, and overseas explosion -based buying land, benefiting the Expo dividends to benefit the majority of consumers to consumers. Essence

The “Kaiba Commodity Market”, which debuted, is the first new retail format in the country with the theme of Kaijizhang products and national experience. “Chengbo Commodity Bazaar” is located at 555 Nandong Road. In a space of about 550 square meters, it has created the National Pavilion, the Kai -Bo Commodity Collection Hall, and the Light Luxury Brand Museum. In the Wanjiao Food Experience Area and Cultural Performance Area, more than 10,000 imported goods are introduced in more than ten categories, including clothing luggage, food and wine, beauty, and handicrafts, of which more than 5,000 are the same products. With the active participation of the embassies and consulates in China and the Commercial Association, the “Kaibabo Commodity Market” has created 16 national museums such as Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. Rich national cultural elements, introduce product tasting, cultural interpretation, scene interaction, and multi -dimensional dimensions from vision, hearing, smell, and taste to create an infiltrated national cultural and shopping experience for citizens and tourists. For example, the Sri Lanka National Pavilion uses elephant woodcarving as the decorative element, and has a special Ceylon tea tasting area, which will be heard in the museum. More than a hundred Belgian craft beer. It is worth mentioning that, as the 4th China International Import Expo recruits service providers, Greenland also set up the Kaiwen Cultural Products Zone in the “Expo Commodity Market”. Nearly 200 Kaiwen Cultural Creative Hot -selling products such as the Herbal Stroke and the Expo Commemorative Book were unveiled. In the Global Food Area of ​​the “Kaibo Commodity Market”, citizens can taste the pure and authentic and national food of Swedish meatballs, Norwegian sweet shrimp, Spanish vegetable balls, Belgian ice cream and other purely authentic and authentic gourmet food. In addition, the “Kaibo Commodity Market” will also open a pilot of digital RMB payment to launch preferential activities such as “full consumption”.

With the opening of the National Consumption Promotion Month in 2021 and the opening of the “Fifth Five -Year Shopping Festival” in the second session of the “Fifth Five -Year Shopping Festival”, the “Kaibabo Commodity Market” will focus on festivals such as “Import Hi Shopping Festival” and “Six Six Night Life Festival”. At the same time as the goods are purchased, more than 20 theme activities such as the national cultural punch card, handicraft workshop, Wan Guo Beer party, and live broadcast of people are launched. Not only that, the “Kaibabo Commodity Market” is closely linked to the embassies and consulates of various countries, combined with traditional festivals and folk culture of various countries, to host the Belgian Beer Festival, Argentina’s taste journey, Italian quality life festival, Nordic light food week, so that the citizens can be allowed to citizens Visitors experience the charm of “all nations of goods, all food, nation’s culture” in all aspects.

(Responsible editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang)