investigation! Children’s telephone watches have become the “standard” of Fuzhou primary school students, the cheapest is less than 40 yuan


In recent years

Having a call, sending WeChat

Real -time positioning, free disturbance,


Waterproof, shooting and other functions

Children’s telephone watch 表 ️

Welcome to parents and children

It brings a lot of convenience to parents and children


That child phone watch

What is the usage in Fuzhou?

Let’s take a look together!

Children’s telephone watch has become a “standard” student

Parents in the middle of a primary school in Gulou District, Fuzhou told reporters that more than 50 people in their children’s class, at least half of children are using telephone watches. While they are convenient to contact their children, they also want to understand their children’s whereabouts through positioning. Make sure your child’s safety.

Although most children in the class have telephone watches, and the children have repeatedly asked their parents to buy, Ms. Liu still rejected her child many times. Until the child in the fourth grade, Ms. Liu finally compromised. I bought a phone watch for the child.

“I originally thought that the actual effect of the telephone watch was not great. The children basically went out with the adults, and every adult at home has a mobile phone. If you want to contact anyone, you can use anyone, not to mention the child’s own mobile phone on the weekend will It was distributed to the child, but for a while, the child was too addicted to various small videos on the mobile phone. Ms. Liu completely confiscated the mobile phone.

Telephone watch or more suitable for children, can prevent children watch various videos indefinitely, and it is convenient to contact “


A parent of Jinshan Primary School in Cangshan District, Fuzhou told reporters that their husband and wife are office workers, and they have no elderly people at home. The children have been sent to the custody since the first grade. Chinese food and dinner are resolved. It takes 7 o’clock to host the custody. I simply take the child’s hosting to the custody class and then take home. It not only solves the problem of eating, and the child can also be completed in a timely manner with the care of the teacher. In this case, this is the case.

Keep contact with your children anytime, anywhere

It became an imminent thing, so he was equipped with a telephone watch for the child in the first grade, and now it has been replaced twice.

Data Matchmaking

Parents are equipped with various telephone watches for various considerations.

A fourth grade class teacher in elementary school told reporters that most children in the class have telephone watches, and in the past two years, there are not many children using telephone watches.


There are many brands, the cheapest is less than 40 yuan!

Now that the telephone watch has basically become the standard for parents to give children, its market is naturally huge.

Yesterday, the reporter visited Fuzhou Dali Jia, Baolong, etc., and found that there were not many telephone watches sold on the counter.

In the interview, the reporter learned that most parents choose

Online shopping

Telephone watches, this can not only compare the three companies, but also carefully understand the various functions of the phone watch and the evaluation of the buyer for easy choice.


The reporter entered the “telephone watch” on Jingdong, and there were more than 21 brands of telephone watches. In addition to some familiar brands such as small geniuses, 360, Huawei, most of the brands were not common.

The cheapest phone watch searched by the reporter on Taobao is participating in the special price of “gathering”. As long as 35 yuan, the monthly sales volume exceeds 15,000. Another 38 yuan phone watch monthly sales are even more staggering, more than 35,000. Others, whether 58, 68, 88, 138, 268, 368, the monthly sales volume has exceeded 10,000.

Most parents

For convenience and convenient considerations for safety and connection

More and more dependent on telephone watches

But under such a mixed fish dragon

Is the phone watch really safe?

Behind convenience, there are potential risks

Early November

A primary school in Jiangmen, Guangdong

There was a spontaneous combustion incident of telephone watches

Speed ​​up temperature

Burning the wrist of the elementary school students in the case

In fact

Children’s phone watch spontaneously combustion

No more special case

Similar incidents have occurred many times

On May 29 this year, a telephone watch of a elementary school student in Fuyang, Anhui was spontaneous. Fortunately, the child put his watch in the schoolbag and did not hurt the child.

In the early morning of March 6, 2016, Ms. Zheng Zheng, a child who bought a child online, suddenly exploded on the bedside table.

The little watch that children wear on their bodies every day

There will also be such dangerous accidents

What should parents do

What about the phone watch?

Try to choose a big brand to recognize the national 3C security certification

During the interview, the reporter learned that parents are very dependent on telephone watches because of their security and convenient considerations, but when there is such a mixed fish and dragon and the spontaneous combustion incident,

How should parents choose a telephone watch?

Taobao telephone and watch customer service staff told reporters,

Try to choose a big brand as much as possible

The big brand is relatively safer, and the quality of the product is better than other miscellaneous brands. Even if something goes wrong, you can quickly find the manufacturer. Parents should

Try to avoid the idea of ​​cheapness and cheapness

Try not to consider when the price is too low, because one penny and one penny, these low -cost products are often inferior to the material, and the hidden dangers such as batteries are large.

In addition, when parents buy, they must pay attention to the watch

3C certification and qualification certificate

Parents must polish their eyes when buying to ensure their children’s personal safety.

Children’s smart watches are not “watching baby artifacts” and should not be too dependent.

Protecting children’s safety, what needs more is to give children sufficient safety education.

Improving children’s own safety awareness and emergency treatment ability is the correct way to protect children.


Reminder again

Parents buy children’s smart watches

Be sure to buy through regular channels

Recognize national 3C security certification

Keep your purchase credentials at the same time

Also pay attention to the child when the child does not need to be worn

Take off the watch in time


Encountering children burns and scald

Please leave the heat immediately

And keep in mind the following five words!


Rinse the wound with cold water or ordinary soapy water, the sooner the better! In addition to cleaning, it can reduce the temperature of the injury surface.

Take off

: Be careful to remove the clothing of the burns. But if the clothing sticks to the skin, do not tear it off for new damage.


: The burns are soaked in a clean cold water or a cold compress of cold water towels, which can reduce the degree of pain and burns. But remember to avoid directly contacting the skin with ice cubes. Although it was cool at the time, it may further increase the skin damage.


: Local sterile gauze or cotton clean cloth coverage. However, there is no need to disinfect the skin with alcohol, iodine, and other cleaners, let alone toothpaste, egg white, soy sauce, etc.


: Seek medical treatment as soon as possible and seek the help of a professional doctor.

Southeast Express reporter Xu Caifang

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