Fun greater than practical-Sugar Cat Children’s Smart Watch Experience Experience


2015-07-02 21:25


After watching “Dear” in 2014, my wife and I suffered from anxiety

, I always worry about my daughter’s loss or abduction. In order to increase the sense of security, I have been looking for a dressing equipment or equipment that is suitable for children to wear and positioning accurate positioning. Some time ago I saw a crowdfunding on I wanted to try it. The opportunity to test this time has also experienced this experience.

1. External observation review

Everyone who opened the box or whatever is annoying, go directly to the body.

I am not happy to blur.

Open the box and see the watch directly, I get blue.

The charger and charging cable are removed below the watch, and then a small screwdriver and two replaced watch cat ears.

This is like this

This watch is magnetic adsorption and charging.


Screw knife and replacement ears

Front of the watch

On the left, this button is the boot button and the information response key.

On the right side, this is a horn.

You need to charge just when you get your hand


After the charging is charged, you can see that there are two on the target screen that will be on. In fact, only these two eyes will be on.


From the perspective of appearance, the workmanship of this watch is still remarkable. When opening the box, there is no odor. It should be a non -toxic material used. This is still important for children to wear.


My daughter is currently three years old and belongs to a three -year -old child. It can be seen that this watch is still quite big, and it is slightly bulky in my daughter’s hands.


The buckle behind the watch is safer and will not get stuck to the children’s meat, but the strap is relatively wide.

2. Positioning function evaluation


In fact, my biggest demand for this product is the positioning function. Although no one wants to happen to myself, it is also good to prevent problems.

In the case of not pursuing positioning accuracy, this watch can still display the approximate orientation of the wearer in real time.

However, please note that if you really encounter an emergency, the positioning accuracy of this watch needs to be improved.


This is the positioning of my watch when I was at a place. The map can be displayed on the map, but in fact, the watch and I are opposite the road, and the location displayed on the map is about 30 meters away.

A few more software can be displayed correctly.

This is the positioning of the thirty meters along the road to the left. My position on the map has not changed in place.


This is the positioning of my position after walking about 150 meters. My position is wrong, but it is a position for Mao watch and me. The watch is still not moved in place.


There are some changes in the positions in and out a few times. The position of my watch and I no longer overlap, but the position positioning of the watch is still not accurate, and the deviation is about 30 meters.

From the perspective of positioning, there are still many things that need to be improved in this watch. The situation where the positioning is inaccurate often exists. Fortunately, if it is indoors, especially the densely crowded places, such a large error is simply a mistake. Children.


Third, voice intercom functional test

After entering the software, click the chat in the middle to talk.

The interface interface is similar to WeChat, which is very good. It should be noted that each paragraph can only be sent automatically by 15 seconds, and it will be automatically issued in this time.


When a new message appears, the watch will make a sound prompt. At this time, just press the key watch on the left side of the watch to automatically play the voice. When you need to reply to the voice, press and press the button, and release the button after saying a good words.

After many tests, the ending part of the words when sending the voice is often not sent out. After speaking, you need to press 1-2 seconds to press the key to solve the problem.


Fourth, software test


The software is designed to be attentive, and many places can be set for yourself.


There are currently three games in the software, which is a simple physical game.

Five, wearing measures


After a period of testing, I feel that this watch has not met my needs. My three -year -old daughter wears a watch more about the game function of the watch. She is not only interested in the voice intercom function. Also often make mistakes. I asked the 6 -year -old child to test the neighbors. It is still the game function of the opponent’s watch. It is only enthusiastic about the voice intercom function. After the frequent operation error, I lost interest.


Thinking that your daughter can use the watch proficiently, but this watch requires an annual fee to pay the annual fee

The annual usage fee is 199 yuan, anyway, I will not renew.

6. Summary


1. Solid workmanship and high safety of materials used;


2. The supporting APP is rich in function, and you can perform multiple settings;


3. The watch -sensitive game function is good.


1. The watch is too large, and it is not convenient to wear young children;

2. The positioning function error is too large;


3. Speaking intercom time limit, and the ending part of the sound is easy to lose;


4. The watch can only answer the voice once, and the playback cannot be repeated when misunderstanding or not heard;


5. The annual service fee is too high;


Based on the principle of treating diseases and saving people, it is to make their own suggestions on improving the product.

1. I hope that the manufacturer will work hard on the design of the product. Although some of the cartoon designed can attract children’s attention, it is too bulky to make parents dare not wear them. From my personal perspective, if it can be designed, it is better to pay attention to it, and the ulterior motive person knows its role;

2. I hope that the manufacturer can still spend more effort in positioning function. Parents are most willing to spend money on children, especially children’s safety. The positioning accuracy of the watch needs to be further improved. I dare not say anything else, if it can reach the accuracy of Baidu Maps;

3. I hope that the manufacturer can upgrade the voice intercom into a voice call. The practicality of the intercom function is not high. If you can speak in real time, I believe that it can still be affirmed by some consumers.