“Automobile Complaint” Nissan Xuanyi Oil Oil Oil has severely replaced the engine assembly failure still exists


China Net Motor June 4 (Reporter Wang Fang) A few days ago, China Net Automobile Quality Complaint Platform (I want to complain: http://315.auto.china.com.cn/) received a Nissan Xuanyi car owner complained Essence “This incident fainted my old lady several times, and I could fall asleep by sleeping pills …” When talking about his fault car, the owner excitedly said …

「汽车投诉」日产轩逸机油乳化严重 更换发动机总成故障依旧存在

According to the car owner, his 2020 daily production Xuanyi purchased it in October 2020, but it was just 1,000 kilometers. By December last year, the owner found that the car’s engine had severe oil emulsification.

The owner drove the car to the 4S shop for maintenance on January 11, 2021. The other party said that he needed to change the engine assembly. On February 3, 2021, the owner will replace Xuanyi from the engine assembly, but only one month later, the car was obviously emulsified by the motor oil on March 13th, “and” and the oil in the oil pungent in the oil. The smell of gasoline, so far, my mileage is only 1771 kilometers! I want to change the new car or refund the money! “The owner told reporters angrily.

“(Dongfeng Nissan) The manufacturer is too perfunctory. It is really easy to buy a car. It is difficult to change the quality of the quality problem. It is difficult to defend the rights. We have no place to complain at all! If a major accident car is destroyed during driving due Who is responsible for the safety of consumers? Think of it! “The owner reluctantly expressed his mood.

「汽车投诉」日产轩逸机油乳化严重 更换发动机总成故障依旧存在

Later, after a 4S shop negotiation, the owner agreed with the demand of the car owner to return the car, but he needed to bear the relevant costs. The owner listed to the reporter one by one, including: “Vehicle purchase tax 12,200 yuan, damage 8,200 yuan, GPS cost of 1680 yuan The five -year -old double -pack cost of 1,000 yuan and the cost of intensive insurance is 1310 yuan, a total of about 24,000 yuan. “The owner said that it was unacceptable.” There is a problem with the vehicle itself. The request for full refund, change to a new car “.

When it comes to the mother who was dysfunctioned by this matter, the owner asked Dongfeng Nissan in anger: “Unscrupulous manufacturers, you all have parents, what is your conscience?

According to the above complaints, the reporter consulted the relevant regulations that according to Article 18 of the “Repair, Replacement, and Returning Responsibility Regulations of Household Motor Products”: During the repair period of household car products, product quality problems occurred in household car products. The package voucher is repaired for free (including working hours and material fees). Household car products within 60 days from the date of issuing the car purchase invoice or within 3,000 kilometers of driving (prefabricated). If the main parts of the engine and transmission have product quality problems, consumers can choose to replace the engine for free, transmission.

In addition, the 20th provision says that within the validity period of the three packages of the household car products, one of the following situations occur, and if the consumer chooses to change or return the goods, the seller shall be responsible for replacing or returning the goods: after the engine and transmission are replaced twice, and after 2 times the engine, the transmission is replaced twice. Or due to its quality problems, the same main parts of the engine and transmission are still unavailable after replacement twice. The number of engines, transmissions and its main parts is not repeatedly calculated.

After the active communication and coordination of the China Net Automobile Quality Complaint Platform and Dongfeng Nissan manufacturers, the other party stated that the other party will attach great importance to the issue of this complaint. As of now, the owner replied to the reporter: The refund has been refunded.