Are you still wearing “leggings” in the skirt? Popularly wear like this now


Speaking of the matching of the lower body in winter, what do you think of?

I’ll come first! Of course it is skirt+leggings! How many little cute are wearing this now?

Although there are many tricks in winter, we seem to put more attention to the upper body, often ignoring the impact of the lower body.

For the dresses of the lower body in the winter, many people only use skirts to match bottom pants.

Wear every day and everyone wear, and it is less fresh.



Look, this seemingly daily match is actually easy to wear out of the village. Let us shout together: missing!

If you have a cute little, you want to say, I just like to wear skirts+leggings! Don’t panic, the grain summarizes the following two points, even if you wear it!

/// Preferred black, flesh -colored

When choosing leggings, do not choose some gorgeous colors such as white, pink to get eye -catching, not only have high requirements for color matching, but it is really a kind of “


Urban -rural binding department

“a feeling of.

The most secure color is of course black and fleshy. The threshold of control is low, and the basic people will not make mistakes.

Meat -colored leggings are the light leg artifacts that we often call, and we must not have a sense of prosthesis! I have share with you how to choose light -legged artifacts before, you can go to see the previous article.


/// wear the same color system

Pay attention to the matching. First of all, the color of the leggings and boots should not be too contrast.

When pairing with black leggings, some light -colored boots should be avoided.

Form a sense of segmentation visually

, Appearing short legs.

The correct way to open should be black short boots, which visually extended to achieve the effect of showing high legs and long legs.

In fact, in addition to skirts+leggings in winter, there are many warm and beautiful matching. I have summarized it for you, then look down ~



Box skirt+boots

Even in the cold winter, it still can’t stop the enthusiasm of Xiaoyu’s skirt. If you want to keep your legs and keep your relics, the skirt with the boots is a good choice.


At first, many people couldn’t accept such a match. Indeed, at first glance, it was bulky and procrastinating, without beauty.

But as a fashionable essence, our fashion vision should be farther, and we don’t have to be as exaggerated as on the show. Just change the style of the single product. In fact, you will find that it is not as difficult to control as it is.

For example, replaced with good control knight boots, loose skirts and smooth and sharp boots form a strong contrast to weaken the thickness of the lower body.

Such a combination is not only an Impressionist, but also a practical. The over -the -knee long skirt and boots are connected to enhance the integrated effect of the shape.


Midi is not noticed in a pair of leggings.

It not only solves the embarrassment of exposed leggings, but also retains the fashionable elegance of the skirt.


丨 Short skirt+knight boots

In contrast, replacing the long skirt with a short skirt will better control it, exposing a small tide skin, which will not make the shape too dull.


And even if you wear light -legged artifacts inside, there will be no prosthesis. It is warm and thin with boots. I really love to live.

It is recommended that small children try to choose boots with a length below the knee as much as possible. It is short and one long. It can also increase the proportion of the figure. A coat of coat, the wind and temperature are all get.

For specific styles,

Knight boots are still yyds


, Pretty and sharp version, whether you have a leg bending and thick legs, you can modify it clearly.

Combined with the light cover of the short skirt, this set of combination of fisting, visually appropriately thin 10 pounds!

If you think that wearing a short skirt is too sweet, you can put it in this way. The skirt comes with sweet attributes, and the “rigid” of the knight boots is soft and rigid, and the combination is just right.

丨 Short skirt+calf socks

The calf socks are actually very similar to the half -cut leggings. Don’t look at this small half, the fashionableness has doubled, and the saying “change the double socks = change the shape” is not unreasonable!

Picture source Xiaohongshu: Taro round circle

But because its length is generally between the calf belly and the knee, and there is a certain wrapping, so it

Not suitable for the cuteness of the calf muscles


Otherwise, it is easy to expose the shortcomings of leg shape.

The most common match is CP with the short skirt group, creating a vibrant atmosphere, and instantly breaking the dullness of winter.

Picture source Xiaohongshu: hebe_mq

Don’t think that short skirts+calf socks are synonymous with college style, but because of the variety of styles and colors, its tolerance for style is still very high.

For example, with a black dress with a strong sense of maturity, the basic black model is preferred, and it is versatile and thin. Not only will it not feel disobedient, but the overall is calm and pretty. At first glance, it is carefully matched.




Tight pants+knight boots


When it comes to stacking, many people will think of wearing a few more shirts. In fact, the fashionable charm of the lower body stacked is also uncomfortable.

For example, the matching of tight pants+knight boots brings a layer of beauty, so that the basic items will produce

1+1> 2

The effect of dressing.


But because it is a compact item, there are certain requirements for the leg shape, and the little cuteness with excellent leg conditions shows boldly!

Girls with insufficient height want to try this way, it is best to use the same color wear method, small black pants with black knight boots,

Let you from the waistline are all legs


It is not surprising that it is not high.

The biggest purpose of wearing this combination is to show a good figure, so try to choose a short jacket as much as possible in the upper body. One is responsible for moving the center of gravity. One is responsible for extending the legs infinitely. Isn’t the golden ratio?

Shark pants+sneakers


Little cute who likes to wear bottom pants, why not try shark pants! It is almost exactly the same as leggings, but it is thinner and fashionable than leggings!


Many shark pants have a certain pressure, which not only can hide the meat fiercely, but also make your leg lines look firmer.


Cold -hiding meat

The beautiful match.


Of course, the hottest way to wear on INS is to wear white lock socks, and then with heavy sneakers. By creating a poor visual, the bird legs become a small bird leg.

It is best to follow the rules of “upper Panasonic”,


The length of the top must be covered over the crotch


There will be no embarrassment of exposing the triangle.

Little cuteness that is not so satisfactory to your legs can also try to match long coats, but try to be above the ankle as much as possible to avoid bringing a sense of burden.

Town pants+short boots


I know that there are a lot of little cute wearing skirts, tight pants, etc., and I feel uncomfortable. I have a pair of pants upper body all year round.

The biggest problem of wearing pants in winter is: How to wear pants not bloated? In fact, as long as the legs are not particularly thick, they can be achieved by nine -point pants and short boots.

They are recognized as high weapons. The unique design advantage of the nine -point pants just shows slender ankles, which is thin and high. Connect a pair of pointed high -heeled boots, and the effect of modifying the figure is absolutely effective.


And it is really exactly

Don’t pick people, don’t pick your shirt

Essence Regardless of any body, any single item, nine -point pants and short boots can be perfectly integrated.

Especially with some fluffy jackets, they can also weaken the bloated bloated and make the shape look capable.


There are many ways to open in winter. Everyone does not have to be limited to a way of wear.


Jump out of inertial thinking

, Boldly try a single product that I have ignored before, maybe it is unexpectedly suitable for you.

Although the attention point of the lower body does not have a lot of upper body, it is actually the key to determining the style. Today, I share six lower body wear, so that you can be beautiful and not “freezing” in winter. Hurry up!