Teach you how to choose a formal leather shoes for a suit. What are the styles of formal leather shoes?


The art of wearing shoes is not to be contributed, but no more. Shoes are supporting actors, and should be integrated with the upper body costumes. It should not be too obtrusive, so that the front is covered with clothing.

Strictly speaking, only special styles that are suitable for formal leather shoes include Oxford shoes, monks buckles, and some particular occasions. When the shoelace was not invented, men wearing a monk buckle shoe to attend the formal occasion. As shown in the figure, monks buckle also divided into single buckles and double buckle styles.


After that, Oxford shoes with laces are dominated, but the style of the monk buckle is still loved by some old -fashioned people and still belongs to the formal category.


Oxford shoe styles are relatively thin. According to the decoration of the upper, it can be divided into three styles: plain, horizontal and wing pattern. You can choose carved on the toe to see your personal preferences.

The leather shoes with horizontal lines are simple in the upper. In my opinion, it is more mature than a smooth upper, and it is more energetic than the old -fashioned wing pattern. This style of leather shoes and most clothes are not matched with clothes. It can be said to be versatile. Age span can be worn from 20 to 40 years old. The more clean the surface, the more stricter the surface is in terms of performance. It must be matched with the most perfect shoe type and cortex to win.

The following is the plain surface. The more clean the surface, the stricter the performance. It must be matched with the most perfect shoe type and leather to win.

Next is the wing pattern, which can play a certain modification effect on the shape of the shoe. For example, the instep is too wide, and the curve modify the upper will look smooth. In addition, its unique old -fashioned aura, I personally feel that you can choose carefully over 30 years of age.

It is also said that a British road blessing shoes. This is a special case in Lufu shoes. As mentioned earlier, the formal leather shoes are tie shoes or monks, but this one has been accepted by people to wear formal occasions.


I will introduce a kind of business -rated shoes to meet the current problems of general height of Chinese men.


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