“9 -point pants+short boots” is the correct way to open the winter, which is high and thin, and improves temperament.


In the cold winter, if you want to avoid bloated in wearing, in addition to selecting some thinner jackets and tops, you also need to choose the correct pants length. Using the length of the 9 -point pants to instead the trousers. Usually, it is usually usually instead of trousers. It can largely show the effect of increasing the sense of negative. “9 -point pants+short boots” is the correct way to open the winter, which is high and thin, and improves temperament.


1. Courtes of cardigan+9 pants+short boots

The long knitted cardigan is paired with denim 9 -point pants and short boots, and the more loose matching items are used on the upper and lower body to present enough comfort. The open dressing method can also avoid bloating. The lower body matched denim is matched with 9 -point pants are designed with the tearing edge to show a different feeling, both personality and foreign.


However, when wearing a gown, you need to pay attention to avoid wearing a thick feeling. Using open dressing methods is usually easy to use.


Second, coat+9 pants+short boots

In winter, the coat must be an indispensable item in the wardrobe. When choosing a coat, you need to choose different coat lengths according to your height. If your sense of height is not very strong, you choose the coat. At this time, you should use medium -length or short style design methods to show a sense of prosperity, reducing the coat’s sense of oppression on height.

If your body is very tall, you can use a long or extended coat to pair with 9 -point jeans and black boots. The extended coat can show a very good matching effect when wearing it. , 9 -point jeans showed a small ankle on the body, and you can also wear the effect of showing your figure.


The coat with 9 -point pants can be worn enough warmth through the long coat, and you can also wear a powerful aura through the hem of the coat. The effect, the part of the boots can just make up for the characteristics of the lack of 9 -point trousers, which can wear a sense of sharpness and no need to sacrifice warmth.

If you use 9 -point pants with short boots, if you are afraid of putting out the effect of part of the leg segment, you can use the color matching and use the basic color system of the same color to present a visual delay. Effective connections on the top can avoid the negative matching effect of partial interception of the leg.

Third, shirt+9 pants+short boots

The refreshing and capable warm color shirt with high -waisted 9 -point pants can not only show the profile and capable of the shirt, but also the effect of putting on the waist line through high -waisted 9 -point pants. Through this combination The method can not only show the slimness on the waist and the effect of long legs.


Fourth, down jacket+9 -point pants+short boots

The short down jacket with 9 -point jeans with the edge style, concentrate the practicality of the warmth on the upper body, and the lower body with the edge -style 9 -point jeans. With a sense of trend, with the length of 9 points, you can wear more sense of sharpness, and the moderate loose version can have enough tolerance effects.


If you are afraid that the down jacket is thick and fat, you can try to use down vests to replace the down jacket. The sleeve -free down vest will be better to wear on the body. The design method of the legs shows sufficient comfort. The leather fabric can wear a trendy flu. The feet are paired with the tone pointed short boots, which are both capable and very gentle.

Do n’t just know how to wear heavy trousers in autumn and winter. The feeling of 9 -point pants with short boots will feel more foreign. If you do n’t believe it, try the above matching methods.

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