Yulin, Shaanxi: non -heritage inheritance hundreds of flowers


Source: People’s Daily-People’s Daily

陕西榆林:非遗传承 百花齐放

Folk Songs, Yangge, Speaking, Stone Sculpture, waist drums, paper -cutting, Jiuqu Yellow River Array, Suona, clay sculpture … Yulin City, Shaanxi Province has a long history, profound cultural heritage, and abundant intangible cultural heritage resources. In April 2012, the former Ministry of Culture formally approved the establishment of a national -level cultural ecological protection experimental area in Yulin. In recent years, Yulin has attached great importance to the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, and implemented the non -heritage protection policy of “protection, rescue first, reasonable use, and inheritance”, and take the construction of the construction of northern Shaanxi cultural ecological protection experimental zones as the grasp. Hand, crack the protection problem, and realize the living inheritance. The non -heritage resources of the establishment of the venues can retain 11 existing national non -heritage representative projects, 59 provincial non -heritage representative projects, 211 municipal non -heritage representative projects, and county -level non -heritage representative projects 527. In order to strengthen the protection of non -heritage, Yulin City has issued relevant policies and regulations, so that the inheritance of non -heritage protection inheritance is effectively promoted in accordance with laws and regulations. Yulin also incorporated the construction of non -heritage protection and the construction of the national -level Shaanxi Cultural Ecological Protection Experimental Zone into the high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin, actively integrate into the major national strategy, and coordinate the construction of the national cultural park. Since 2011, Suide County, Hengshan District, Shenmu City, Dingbian County, and Yuyang District have been named “Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art”. The hometown of “, Yuyang District is also named” the hometown of Chinese folk songs “. The Shaanxi Folk Song Museum located in the northern Shaanxi District of Yuyang District is a functional music museum that integrates collection, display, exhibition, research, and cultural dissemination. Since the opening of the museum in May 2018, a total of 450,000 tourists have been received, which has become a new cultural landmark on the Loess Plateau. At present, the city has built a total of 1 municipal non -heritage exhibition hall, 35 non -heritage exhibition venues, special halls, 119 practices (bases), 8 representative inheritance units of provincial non -heritage projects, and 24 traditional Chinese villages There are 77 provincial traditional villages. In recent years, in recent years, Yulin has organized more than 2,000 national non -heritage projects such as northern Shaanxi folk songs, northern Shaanxi Yangge, Yulin Xiaoqu, Fugu, and northern Shaanxi Lecture. The Cultural Tourism Department opened a non -heritage theater in Yulin Old Street and organized non -heritage project performances every day. Since February 2018, 735 games have been performed, and the concept of “seeing people, seeing things, seeing life” has been implemented, allowing citizens and tourists to experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage, and become a new business card for the ancient city of Yulin. Essence Yulin County Cultural Tourism and Education Department established a collaborative mechanism to promote the education of non -heritage popularization. At present, 13 non -heritage projects in the city have carried out non -heritage campus activities during the compulsory education stage. Yulin Citizen Arts and Opera Research Institute and the Municipal Cultural Museum organize training activities such as community residents, northern Shaanxi Yangge, and northern Shaanxi folk songs to conduct free training for non -heritage enthusiasts. At the same time, according to the needs of community residents, the entire performance of the entire performance and the integration of the prestigious sections is combined, and the traditional drama and non -heritage projects are selected to perform the community performance to enrich the cultural life of the masses. Promoting consumption with employment stimulates vitality to benefit people’s livelihood since 2017. During the Spring Festival every year, northern Shaanxi and auntie paper -cutting art exhibition, northern Shaanxi Yangge exhibition, thousands of people singing northern Shaanxi Taoism, large fire judges, thousands of people Hengshan old waist drums, hundreds of people Suona, 100 people, 100 people, and hundreds of people, 100 people Suona, hundreds of people, and hundreds of people. Northern Shaanxi Lecture, Dingbian Sai Donkey Club and other types of authentic northern Shaanxi Cultural Culture are densely displayed in all parts of Yulin. The magnificent non -heritage charm has shined in the series of “New Year’s Eve in Northern Shaanxi”, which brings a different experience to citizens and tourists. Cultural tourism influence. With the continuous strengthening of excellent traditional handicraft protection and inheritance, in recent years, a large number of non -heritage assistance in Yulin has emerged from Wubao Zhangjiashan Hanging Cooperative, Suide Wuwen Stone Eagle Factory, Three Sides Qiaomao Paper -cut Cooperative, Dingbian Fu Xiang Furnace Factory Excellent group of rural revitalization. There are 18 professional cooperatives developing handmade noodles in Wubao County, 5 specialty agricultural product companies that are mainly hand -hook -ups, 502 family -hanging workshops, and 1 noodle village (Gaojiazheng Village, Zhangjiashan Town). The average annual income is 70,000 yuan. Suide County has successfully registered the “Suide Stone Carving” geographical sign to prove the trademark. There are more than 1,000 people in the county’s stone carvings, which drives the surrounding stone mining, processing, transportation and other related industrial chains, with an annual income of 150 million yuan. These non -heritage -related traditional process projects have made positive contributions to promoting employment, promoting rural revitalization and economic development. Data source: Propaganda Department of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

“People’s Daily” (March 10, 2022, 19th edition)