It turns out that 100 high -heeled shoes and 5,000 yuan are only here. After watching it, I feel a pit.


“Desire Metropolis”

Carrie Bradshaw

I once said, “This road of a single woman is not easy to walk. Therefore, we occasionally need some special shoes to make this road a little fun.” In fact, girls need a pair to support the scene at any time and we can wear it and we can wear it and we can wear it and we can wear it and we can wear it and we can wear it and wear it. The shoes running with a knife, a pair of good shoes is really important.

However, buying those shoes that only have a sense of cheap design and no human science and studies are simply spending money to find sin. Dare to dare to feel more and more, a pair of shoes worth buying can only be comfortable and versatile before they can talk about styles and brands.

Therefore, many babies have a myth. I spend 5,000 yuan to buy high heels to wear it very comfortably! EMMM, don’t be busy first. After reading the tweets of today, everyone will judge whether to buy big shoes.

Is big -name shoes more comfortable to wear?

Honestly, I dare not know what to wear comfortable high heels, such as red sole shoes, although wearing it as if walking on the tip of the knife, whoever buys this brand is to be comfortable and buy for good -looking.


Dare to say that you have to say-

If you want to be comfortable, don’t wear high heels.


The design of high heels does not conform to ergonomics. Long -term wear is not conducive to the health of pelvis, ankles and even spine.

No matter what Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolo Blahnik, wearing it for five minutes and barely, try to wear a half day to ensure that the feeling below the waist is like amputation …


The finer the heels of the heels, the more uncomfortable the heel, the higher the heel, the more uncomfortable the heels.

At 5cm


On the left and right, this height will not be too tired, and it will not cause trouble for the health of the human body. It is also a height that can be worn for a long time.

Ecological engineering research shows that the heel is minimal to the body at about 3 cm. However, once more than 6 cm, the burden on the ankle and knee will be very large, and the calf and waist are easily fatigue; if the heel is more than 10 cm, then whether it is standing or walking, the feet, ankles, calves, lumbar spine and neck will be very good uncomfortable.

Girls who need to wear high heels can install a pair of comfortable shoes in the bag to make it easy for high heels to grind their feet and swelling.

What is the main expensive shoes?

In addition, some brands of shoes have a long history and have a patented technology with absolute advantages. The big name is expensive here. The brand has accumulated decades and a large number of outstanding designers’ labor results. Stir up a lot of water.

The handicrafts and materials of big -name shoes are more particular, and the cost is definitely higher than the cheap, or even a thousand yuan -level shoes.


The real cost of a pair of ordinary leather shoes can be estimated like this


— Generally, the first layer of cowhide is about 20-30 yuan/foot, sheepskin is about 20 yuan/foot, and the second layer of leather is about 10-15 yuan/foot.

At most dozens of pieces of leather, you can get a pair of leather shoes.


Most of the long -name high -heeled shoes are sold out from

Brand premium

Essence For example, to ensure its absolute exposure rate, you must ask superstars to endorse, attend the event brush exposure, and regular media public relations activities, new product conferences, shows, and advertisements on major magazines and platforms. Now Even various TV series and movies will not be let go.

Of course, you think the Taobao model of ¥ 49 and 1,000 shoes have a completely different sense of foot feeling. It is definitely the reason for one penny and one penny. As for the difference between 1,000 and 5000 yuan, most of them are just just to wear, most of them are just just to wear, most of them are just just. The labels on the shoes are different.


However, some professional shoes brands are indeed much better, such as Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, and so on. Jimmy Choo is a shoe brand named by Zhou Yangjie for English. Jimmy Choo is hand -made shoes for customers. With the principle of “comfort, elegance, classic”, the design fit the curves of both feet to make it more convenient to walk.

His standard 8.5 cm high heels are easy to wear among many big -name shoes. Although it is said to fit the foot type, most of the soles of Jimmy Choo are very delicate. Wear it a few times and waste it.


Ferragmu’s comfort is higher and practical. The founder Salvatore Ferragamo attracted abnormal attention and details, and won


“Star Royal Leather Shoes”


The title. By the way, in order to make comfortable shoes, he also studied the structure of the foot at the University of California. There are dozens of sizes in each shoe, ensuring that all girls of the feet can buy their own shoes.


It is said that each pair of Ferragmu shoes takes 10 days of production time, a total of 134 processes, which are participated and directed by professionals, modeling, leather cutting and upper installation, especially the final sutures and other procedures. Essence


Ferragam’s evergreen Vara


It is designed by his eldest daughter Fi Anma Ferragammu. The girls who love shoes are a pair of hands. The width of the shoes is marked with A, B, C, and D.



, B code is the famous Hepburn shoe


(Very narrow, not suitable for Asians).


Settles for each foot type–


Therefore, let ’s take care of any big names. Finding shoes that are suitable for your feet are king. The general foot type is divided into 5 types. The most common Chinese people are Egyptian, Roman and Greek feet.

(Ie 1, 2, 3)

① Egyptian foot:


The longest toe is the longest, with a slope


This type of foot type is suitable for the tilted shoes of the toe, oblique pointed and oblique head. If you often wear symmetrical pointed shoes, it is easy to grind the cocoon on your thumb.

② Roman feet:

The toes are almost long, and there is a horizontal line


This type of foot type is suitable for square heads or rounded shoes with larger toe spaces. Because the toes are almost long, they are not suitable for wearing pointed shoes, and they will squeeze to the toes. If it is severe, it is also a matter of minutes.


③ Greek feet:

The longest toe


This type of foot type is suitable for pointed shoes, which fully exerts the perfect foot type and looks more slender and sexy. But don’t wear fish -mouth shoes. The longer two toe will run outside embarrassingly.

In addition to Belle and Jimmy Choo, these thousand yuan shoes are also worth buying!

The characteristics of American shoes are: fashionable, shoe -based changes, high cost -effectiveness, and more efficient efficiency. It is almost impossible to spend ten days and a half -month -old shoes like Italians. Budget, make high -quality shoes, so most of the American brands are given to everyone today.



The founder of the same name, Sam Edelman, has made shoes for more than 30 years before making this brand. It is a creative legend of the shoe industry.


His summer shoes are within 1,000 yuan. The short boots in winter are generally in the early ¥ 1,000. The price is very friendly to almost all ethnic groups. There are very few domestic counters.

The basic model of the SAM Edelman family has a very rich shoe shape and basically covers all the crowd. Some styles include wide and narrow yards. Girls tailor -made! Unfortunately, these are not sold in the Chinese market, but you can get it on the Haitao website such as Shopbop, and the price is more advantageous.


In addition to high heels, his ballet shoes are even more explosive. Several series of Sara, BEV, Felicia are the most classic and easy -to -wear. Among them, Felicia’s forefoot is as wide as the tip of the shoe, suitable for Asian foot types.


Cole haan

Cole Haan’s shoes are ranging from ¥ 700 to ¥ 2000. Women’s shoes are basically ahead of the country, and it is also a native American brand brand. If you think the United States is only MK and Coach, it is too old. As early as 1928, Cole Haan was born in Chicago, which has a sense of age than some big names.

At first, Cole Haan only made men’s shoes, and later expanded to women’s shoes, handbags, clothing, glasses, and accessories. Although it has not been launched in China, it is an absolute household name in the United States and wears it!


Old American shoes brands are both quality and styles. Although there are not many styles of shoes, each pair is a level that can be blindly bought, and they can find big -name shadows on it, but the suspicion of plagiarism is not large. After all, the main model is the main model. Here, the version of the shoes is very big.

Some netizens showed the same similar models of cole haan and Jimmy Choo, and they were almost exactly the same. They were stunned after dare to watch it. This operation is too ruthless … Cole haan’s only disadvantage is that most of them are basic models. The design is the gospel for OL, which is the main safety card.


The Singapore brand does not lose the small CK in their local attention. Although the price is also a few hundred pieces of affordable goods, the foot feels small CK eighteen streets!


Putting the design and version first, the materials of Pazzion’s shoes are very real. Almost all the shoes are made of lambskin. It is very soft and not lost without losing thousands of dollars on the cotton. Big card.

Especially the flat shoes of his house, the soles are soft enough to be coil into a ring. The inside of the shoes is lambskin, the upper is pig leather or cowhide. All of them are made of leather. The shoes are more breathable and flexible. Asian size is definitely a good friend who loves beautiful stars and shoes.


It has not opened a counter in China for the time being. If you buy it, you can only go to Tmall or purchasing, but fortunately, the popularity is low, and the fake goods have not spread yet. In particular, the classic net red model “ballet shoes” is most suitable for babies who are running away and cared about in the trip!

In fact, whether it is tens of thousands of Christian Louboutin or a thousand yuan daily models, as long as you enter your own purchase range, you will have good shoes. However, it is necessary to say that 5,000 yuan must be better than 500 yuan, and it is not necessary to buy hard and shrinking food.