The eight most fashionable single shoes in summer


The hot summer is here! Wearing a pair of beautiful single shoes makes you charm this summer, even walking on the street is a beautiful landscape. It ’s not easy to find stylish versatile and not bad street style. Today, Leila will introduce 2 categories of fashion shoes that improve your trend index.

【Black wild style single shoes】


How versatile black shoes, I believe everyone knows, but it is not easy to wear a style. Simple straps and hollow designs help you solve all problems. You can make you wear a different taste.


South Korea purchasing new pointed fine heels with sandals, sandals, hollow single shoes women’s high heels, simple Korean wine red


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Roman -style pointed lace -up sandals made you enter the retro era at once, with a perfect and comfortable perspective, you can wear elegant and stylish even if you do not wear high heels. The old lace design makes the ancient black black with a hint of cool, very versatile of a retro -style Roman lace -up sandals.


MU exclusive customized 2016 Spring and Autumn Period, a hair ball strap the satin head head thick heel single -heeled single shoes women’s shoes sandals

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The unique Japanese -style wool ball straps make people wear a playful little femininity. The coarse heel style of the square head makes the temperament extra and shoe’s satin fabric comparison. Even the straps can be matched a variety of easily, a good Japanese -style square shoes.

Zuo Bank Xiao 2016 Senncs Spring and Autumn New Europe and the United States Simple and American Simple V -shaped black pointed flat flat flat heel women’s shoes

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The European and American style simple V -port gives people a very casual natural style, and the design of black pointed design is more elegant. Wearing black flat shoes makes people look more eye -catching. A simple and generous and never outdated classic style is even more fashionable.


2016 spring and summer new leather pointed pointed spiked Su Ping shoes hollow and cross -binding low -heeled women’s shoes single shoes sandals

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Roman style pointed styles give people a very delicate feeling, and tassel’s hollow and cross -strap effects are more artistic. A charming summer sandals that are not greasy to wear, it is naturally exposed to show the simple and beautiful and charming charm.


【Diamond Light Luxury Wind Single Shoes】

The attractive eyeball with BlingBling shoes is definitely the heart of the match. It can easily improve your feminine temperament. Even if you attend a banquet, you will not be buried in the crowd. It is very brilliant with a dress on weekdays.

Spring and summer new fashion skewers beaded single shoe rhinestone bag heel gold wedding shoes thick heels Korean edition tide, Baotou female sandals

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The rhinestone design that can’t open the eyes, plus the thick heel with Hanfeng gorgeous light luxury temperament. It is more beautiful to make people wear shoes, and comfortable shoes are also very quality. The exquisite one -fled pocket design is more convenient to wear and take off.

European Station Spring New Products Flat Diamond Polarit Single Shoes Supreme Sipid Lazy Shoes One Passing Thick Pilecake Puffs Lefu Shoes

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The eye -catching rhinestone pointed profile shoes are also a necessary style of the wardrobe with the rhinestone design on the upper to make the shoe beautiful and gorgeous at all. The design of the shoe of a pedal is convenient, and it also creates a comfortable feeling. It is a very unique thick -bottom loose cake loafers.


Korean version of spring and summer new fashion sandals women’s rhinestone Baotou flat shoes shallow mouth low heel spike -pointed sequins single shoes

The beautiful rhinestone effect makes the flat shoes more youthful. With a shallow mouth and low heels, you have long legs. The unique charm of pointed sequins makes people earn enough to earn a lot of attention, and it can’t open the eyes. Even if you attend a banquet, you can wear a beautiful flat shoes.

2016 Summer T -shaped hollow sandals inlaid Diamond Baohe Women’s Shoes Bow Sipping Flat Lady Diamond Diamond Sandals

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It is very fashionable Fan Er’s hollow sandals with a drill -inlaid Baotou design showing fresh colors. Also highlights. It also brought a refreshing taste to this summer.


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