How to buy old flower mirrors? Beautiful Island: Optical resin lens resistance impact, metal frame frame elasticity


Foreword: Whether you choose the old flower mirror for your parents, or the elderly to choose. How to buy old flower mirrors? Pay attention to these issues below: Choosing glasses should first choose a formal and reputable eye vision center or hospital ophthalmology department to prepare old vision mirrors. The quality and service of glasses are guaranteed.

In fact, in daily life, many people will equate old flowers and myopia glasses. In fact, they are two completely different things. Moreover, myopia belongs to ophthalmology, and the old flower eye is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a disease. With the increase of age, the crystals of human eyes are gradually fibrosis, the ciliary muscles are gradually paralyzed, and the function of contraction and diastolic decreased, making the human eye cannot effectively regulate the shape of the eyeball (axial change). The distance of objects must be moved away when looking at objects nearby. This state of eyes is called the old flower eye.

Some elderly people are saved, and they will buy a pair of old flower mirrors at the supermarket or street shops casually. However, the old -fashioned mirror currently sold in the market often has the same degree of eyes and fixed pupil distances, but most of the elderly have refractive situations such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Positive glasses, not only cannot make your vision achieve the best effect, but it will cause visual interference and eye fatigue. Follow the beautiful island multi -focus mirror today, how to buy the old flower mirror?

Before matching the mirror, all optometry should be verified first. Before the mirror, a comprehensive inspection of the eyes must be performed, including remote vision, myopia, eye pressure, and inspection of the bottom of the eye. It is necessary to exclude other fundus diseases and obtain accurate optometry. Depending on your universities, you should not buy it blindly under the guidance of the professionals. Generally speaking, if the parameters are appropriate, you will feel very clear when wearing new glasses.

Determine the pupil distance after eliminating some fundus diseases such as lesions. At the same time, inform the optometr of the optical testist, and use eye habits, etc., which directly determine whether the glasses are comfortable and clear.

Select the frame: Select the elastic mirror frame size to match the pupil distance


When choosing an old flower frame, you must not only consider the price and beauty, but also pay attention to the size of the selected mirror frame as much as possible with the pupil distance, because it directly affects the inner optical quality and wearing comfort of the glasses.

The identification of the quality of the frame can be considered the following:

Good elastic frames are generally better quality. The smooth and shiny frame is better in the smooth and shiny frame. The quality of the material with smooth, small and uniform mirror shelf is better. It is better to assemble each part. The size and shape of the mirror circle must be exactly the same quality. Take into account hardness and rebound force.


Select lens: glass lens wear -resistant optical resin lens anti -impact

The glass lens includes optical glass lenses and high refractive index lenses (that is, the ultra -thin sheet). In terms of impact and weight, it is slightly inferior to optical resin lenses.

Resin lenses are generally much lighter than glass lenses, and the impact resistance is better than glass sheets, but its surface hardness is low and it is easier to be abras’. Due to the soft characteristics of resin lenses and coating lenses, you should usually not to let the mirror directly contact the hard objects. It is best to clean it with water (or mix a small amount of dishwashing) when scrubbing, and then use a dedicated cloth or high -quality cotton paper. Drop a droplet on the spectacle. In addition, in the place where the environmental conditions are poor, the coating lenses should be used carefully to avoid being difficult to clean with dirt.

With the development of technology, the hardness of the resin lens is close to glass lenses and is not fragile and light, so we recommend resin materials.