Cross -stitch, rolling on the fingertips!


Cross -stitch is most suitable for passion. In today’s society, many people are busy with their lives. Most people only buy some ready -made products to give them to relatives and friends, and gifts made by themselves are precious. Cross -stitch is generally made by itself, and because of its exquisite finished products, it is often unexpected results to give relatives and friends as a gift. Not only can you gain friendship and happiness, you can also cultivate your own sentiment.

▲ A small cartoon character cross stitch is suitable for the best gift for children’s families, cute cartoon characters, decorated in children’s bedrooms, cute and charming.

▲ The peacock is the king of hundred birds. It is one of the most precious poultry in the world. It is a symbol of auspiciousness. The noble and elegant grade of this bird’s spirit is absolutely dazzling in the living room.

▲ Diamond painting the cross -stitch of the swan, a pair of swans that are stated, are most suitable for newlyweds to make family gifts! It can be dressed in the living room or the bedroom, and each needle is long and long.


▲ There are more than a cross -stitch in the printed. The black -red carp is intertwined together, symbolizing auspiciousness. It is the best choice to hang in the living room every year. It is also suitable for the elderly at home. Bless longevity.

▲ Purple elegant European -style vase and orchid cross stitch, a bunch of purple flowers, put into the thought of the vase, the flowers bloom, and the thoughts are colorful. Gently close your eyes to make a wish, and take a ray of flowers into your own house.

▲ The cross -stitch of spring, summer, autumn and winter, 5D masonry diamonds, is a combination of romance and beauty. The living room of the bedroom restaurant is suitable for hanging. Fresh and fashionable and versatile can bring a fresh source of life to life.

▲ The vitality of the sunflower oil painting cross -stitch is full of vitality. Everywhere you can hang it, it symbolizes vitality, vitality, love and warmth, adding a strong warmth to the room.


▲ The beautiful flower fairy has vivid images, beautiful outlines, strong three -dimensional sense, exquisiteness, beautiful color, never fading, the picture is clear, and the diamond will be more shiny and moving!

▲ The cute and beautiful moonlight girl, beautiful and moving, walks into the moon’s forest, with her own beauty and uniqueness, eclectic, stylish, beautiful and generous, hanging in the bedroom, bringing a fresh atmosphere.

▲ Lavender girl is immersed in the purple aroma and charming world. After hanging in the bedroom, it seems that she also becomes a lavender girl, and she is immersive. There is a large world of lavender.