Inventory of the 6 most popular oriental double lions in history, A716 has 3 million single sales records


It is not important for you to buy these historical watches in the Oriental Double Lion, because some watches have stopped production when you are born. The pain that can’t be bought if you have money, you can’t afford more pain!

The following 6 double lions historical watches, model explosive products, the earliest time to be regarded as a historical classic watch can be traced back to 1963.

1963 Olympia Calendar’s unique diamond charm

In 1963, the appearance of Olympia Calendar made consumers who did not want to open up but want to be more individual.

In that round/square dial with three stitches, the oriental double lion chose a very rare diamond design at the time, and the crown and the date disk were fixed at 4 o’clock.

What’s more interesting is that it uses a rotary dial instead of the hour hand, and its unique creativity of the triangle will still give a refreshing visual impact even today.

1970tenbeat was born for challenge

The vibration frequency determines the accuracy of the mechanical watch, and the high -vibration -frequency watch movement can control the error within the minimum range under the careful debugging of the professionals.

Defending accuracy for challenges

At the end of the 1970s, quartz watches swept the traditional watchmaking industry with their precise walking time and low prices at a short -sighted momentum, and the balance of the market was tilting from “mechanical” to “quartz”.


Because of this, with challenging quartz as the ultimate goal, the Oriental Double Lion launched the Tenbeat series in a timely manner. It was born to challenge, and it was also born to defend the accurate persistence of mechanical watches. In the 1970s of the average frequency of mechanical watches in the 1970s of 18,000 times, Tenbeat’s vibration frequency was set at 36,000 times in 1 hour.

1982 Southern Cross challenged conventional personal creativity

At the beginning of the listing of the Oriental Double Lion released in 1982, the SOUTHERN CROSS set off a lot of waves in the watch industry.

O arrangeing of adverse clockwise challenge routine


At that time, in Japan, all manufacturers were seeking a rigorous attitude to carve their own products. The appearance of Southern Cross was to challenge tradition, and it tried to break a certain conventional balance.

Its biggest feature is that the clockwise of the dial is arranged in turn in turn in turn, which is inspired by the designer’s discovery during the haircut:

When the number of clocks arranged in the number clockwise reflected in the mirror, it became a counterclockwise. In this way, we might as well design a watch with a number of numbers in counterclockwise. Essence

With such assumptions, the Oriental Double Lion initially launched this personality watch with the mentality of trying, and Southern Cross lived up to expectations. With the high popularity, he dispelled all the doubts and prejudices of its previous public opinion.

1983 A716 3 million single sales record


The round dial and luminous three -needle with the dual calendar display function. Whether it is daytime or night, it can provide consumers with excellent visibility and take into account the convenient Oriental Double Lion A716.


A716 million -level sales items

It is equipped with the most classic 46 -type movement under the Oriental Double Lion brand, and pursues the ultimate streamlines in design. This core concept makes it destined to look unusual, but at a deeper level, it exudes charming charm and a practical beauty, a unique brand of age. It has a total sales of developing countries led by China exceeding one million levels.


1991mon bijou’s hollow experience at reach


Hollow experience is born for art

Hollow-is not just to simply remove the excess metal part of the movement, but asks the designer to carefully consider how to display the most elegant part of the movement, and to carve them as rich as artworks, each piece is full of affection, each piece The hollow watch requires the carefully polished by the craftsmen.


Therefore, the significance of the existence of hollow watches has already surpassed its original timing function. From the moment of birth, it is destined that it will be born for art.

The clearly visible movement rhythm, take you and me into the charming mechanical world. As the boutiques in the world of watches, the output is not large, but the price is expensive. But this cannot prevent consumers from enthusiasm for it.

Mon Bijou is a high -cost manifestation of the oriental double lion. It has core technologies. The entire process from designing to production is completed in the company’s system. Beautiful art experience.

2004 mecha trenics automatic

Display of the three -time area and the unique sense of existence of 50.5 mm diameter

Three -time zone business person dedicated to business people


The three -time zone watch with a practicalist spirit is a practical single model tailored for business people.

The three movements in the table each control the time in different regions. You can set the time of overseas business destinations-Tokyo time in the first time zone; set Beijing time in the second time area; then set the time of the customer company’s area in the third time zone.

Although it is in different time areas, it is clearly displayed on a white dial with a diameter of 50.5 mm.

In addition, the names of the main cities are distributed near the bench, and Mecha Trenics Automatic is also equipped with a world -time function necessary for business people. No matter where you are, you can know the time accurately.

Between the fingers and the white halie passing, the charm of the oriental watch was hidden in the memory of a generation. Those classic charm are enough to make people taste time. Dongfang Watch, as the earliest imported watch brand to enter China, has accompanied a generation of shallots, and also records the good time that I can’t return.

Record time with the name table, inherit the memory of a generation

Oriental Watch is the most loyal recorder

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