After Galanz acquisition of Whirlpool China, how can the brand layout be clarified?


After the acquisition of Whrant China, Galanz has made new progress. On July 28, Galanz Group and Whirlpool China held a brand upgrade strategy press conference. The two companies focused on brand development. Whirlpool China focused on white home appliances business, focusing on Whirlpool and Dudu brand. Grand Steel Group focuses on living appliances, and its main push Grandians and Yi Kitchen brands.

While Wedu President Liang Huiqiang said that in principle, the company will no longer operate the “Rongshida” brand and will have a specific listing announcement. The transaction of Galanz’s acquisition of Whirlpool China is particularly special, and Whirlpool Group still holds a series of commercial arrangements in the Chinese market.

No longer operates the “Rongshida” brand, Wholepu focuses on Bai Electric and Galanz mainly attacking domestic appliances

On July 28, Galanz Group and Whirlpool China held a brand upgrade strategic conference. This is the first joint conference organized by the two parties after some of the Grand Steel Group’s appointment to acquire Whirlpool China.

According to reports, Whirlpool will continue to internationalized brand routes. Grandons and Emperor Brand will adhere to the quality and cost -effective route, focusing on fashion consumption, and will make up for the trend fields in the brand matrix. The Galanz Group and Whirlpool China have been upgraded by the newly upgraded brand matrix and complementary product categories.

In this regard, Liang Huiqiang specifically introduced that Huiruopu China has two brands, namely Whirlpool and Emperor. The two brands of the Grandos Group are Galanz and Yi Kitchen. Wyripuopu China has paid more attention to White Home Appliances. The two brands of the Grandis Group focus on domestic appliances, and the product line will become more and more diluted. In other words, Galanz will become increasingly diluted in ice washing, and Whirlpool China is not the main direction of domestic appliances. As for kitchen appliances, Whirlpool and Galanz are involved, because kitchen appliances involve a lot of products.

Whomo China, formerly known as Hefei Ronaldo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Hefei Sanyang), was a strategic cooperation with Whirlpool Group in the United States in 2014 to reorganize it as “Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.”. It owns brands such as WHIRLPOOL, Kitchenaid, Jennair, Royalstar, Diqua and other brands, covering refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, drying machines, and kitchen appliances, living appliances and other series product line.


The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter learned that the Kaixianyi brand has always belonged to Whirlpool Group. At present, Whirlpool China is the main fight for Whirlpool and Emperor Du. How does the “Rongshida” brand arrange in the future? In this regard, Liang Huiqiang said that in principle, the “Rongshida” brand will not be operated in the future. How to deal with the formal information will be disclosed in the future, but it has reached preliminary opinions with the relevant departments of Hefei.

In fact, there are not many successful cases of domestic enterprises’ operations and acquisitions of international brands. How does the management model and corporate culture integrate between the two enterprises? Liang Huiqiang said, “There is a precedent for enterprise integration. This is an objective fact, and we don’t need to avoid it. The confidence of Galanz acquisition of Wynuepu is derived from the in -depth trust with the Wyrifu Group for more than ten years, and the two companies are in What is the common point of values. “

“Whirlpool technology has a broad potential in the Chinese market. Previously, because of some strategic swaying and many measures did not implement it, it caused a lot of detours in the brand operation. As long as we can adhere to the strategic direction and polish the products, Whirlpool is still in the Chinese market in the Chinese market. There is potential, this technology and strategy are also one of the sources of our confidence. “Liang Huiqiang said.

There is a series of commercial arrangements with Whirlpool Group, and Galanz is still growing in the first half of the year.

Whirlpool China has attracted another attention and originated from the August 2020 Grands offer to acquire part of the equity. After nearly half a year of declaration and other procedures, on March 28, Whirlpool China issued an announcement saying that the acquisition of this offer acquisition has obtained the “Concentrated Anti -Monopoly Examination of Operators’ Concentrated Anti -Monopoly Examinations of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration”, which has been acquired. It has completed antitrust review procedures for the United States, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Austria, and Colombia.

On May 6th, Whirlpool China announced that a total of 392 million shares were actually issued by Grands, and the planned offer to acquire 468 million shares, accounting for 61%of the company’s total share capital. Based on this calculation, Galanz accounted for about 51.10%of the company’s total share capital, totaling 2.05 billion yuan. Since then, Galanz has continuously increased its holdings. As of June 29, Grandos held 53.77%.

After the transaction is completed, how can the global Whirlpool brand and R & D resources be arranged? In response, Liang Huiqiang introduced to the Beijing Newspaper Finance reporter that the acquisition of Huidu China’s transactions is unique. Whirlpool has not intended to withdraw from the Chinese market. This cooperation method is upgraded. There is also a series of business arrangements to ensure that Whirlpool can operate in China for a long time, or can use some patented technologies of Whirlpool exclusively, there are very close communication and collaboration in R & D.

Liang Huiqiang, vice chairman of Grand Steel Group and President of Wyripuopu China.

What is the first half of the Galanz Group? As the chairman of the Galanz Group, Liang Huiqiang told the Beijing News reporter of Shell Finance, looking at the Galanz Group alone, continuing a high -speed development trend in the past two or three years.

Grands is a rare domestic appliance company with large volumes of large volumes. In the “2018 Chinese Private Enterprise Fortune 500 List” promulgated by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Grandos ranked 375th with 2017 business revenue of 20.92 billion yuan. The “2019 Report of the 500 Chinese Private Enterprises” shows that in 2018, Grandians ranked 415 with operating income of 21244 billion yuan. The “Fortune 500 Report of the 2020 Chinese Private Enterprises” shows that in 2019, Grandians ranked 488 yuan with operating income of 20.743 billion yuan.


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