2020 latest 8 tablet tablecloth brand list


Table is generally needed to have a set of table, so the table looks better, and the table has a tablecloth to prevent the table from being dirty and not clean, and the tablecloth can clean the tablecloth or replace the new tablecloth, so the tablecloth is still very It is necessary to buy some delicious table block.

The following honeypine antnel network Xiaobian organizes some e-commerce websites to sell a better dining table block brand, you can refer to it.


1, bamboo moon custom table shop

Recommended products: tablecloth art cotton linen style small fresh waterproof anti-oil free shipping table pad tea several European INS plaid

Xiao Note: This is a tablecloth of Bamboo Moon Cabinet, European waterproof cotton linen style INS small lattice tablecloth, very fresh and new, price is not expensive from 8 to 46 pieces, specifications have 90 * 90 There are large specifications of 140 * 220, and it is still good to sell in a treasure.


2, smell the home table cloth

Recommended products: new pastry table box chair set pad sleeve cover table cloth tea several round rectangular home European lace fabric

Xiao Note: This tablecloth is a European tablecloth set, the table and chairs can be set, which is a lace process with a long square and round fabric tablecloth. The price is from 25 yuan to 165 yuan, in a treasure moon. Sales reached 664 sets.

3, DXX / Fighting table block

Recommended products: New Chinese cotton and linen fabric table tablecloth thickening simple rectangular platform new classical American coffee table

Xiao Note: This product is a dining tablecloth in Fu Xian, a dining table made of cotton and linen art, has a new classical style, and the style of beauty, especially the Chinese Zen seems particularly high-end, which is very comfortable. The price is from 119 yuan to 139 yuan, and the price is still expensive.

4, Tongkun table block

Recommended products: idyllic table cloth waterproof and oil-proof anti-steel free desks cloth PVC plastic tablecloth restaurant rectangular tea several table mats


Xiao Note: This tablecloth is the tablecloth of Tongkun. This tablecloth is a PVC plastic tablecloth, waterproof and oil pollution, this type of pastoral style is from 26 to 49 yuan, and sells in a monthly sales month. More than 30,000 sets, the price is very affordable, the sales volume is also very high.


5, Xiqing table block

Recommended products: White oval tablecloth waterproof oil-proof PVC telescopic table continental oval dining table cloth table pad home

Xiao Note Review: This is a European tablecloth, is also a PVC material. The characteristics of this tablecloth are scalable. The price is 87 yuan, the price is still high, more than 1,000 treasures.


6, home U tabby tablecloth


Recommended products: Nordic fresh green plant inS wind cloth table cloth cotton Maixian garden table round table cloth long square tea a few mats

Xiao Note: This is a fresh green INS style in the Nordic style. Nowadays, there are now many people who like Nordic style to like this type of tablecloth. It is cotton and linen material. The material is also good, the price is from 129 yuan to 189 yuan. The price is more expensive, one point is worth it!

7, beauty selection table cloth

Recommended products: Small Qingxin INS Nordic Table Table Buffu Television Potton tea several cloth rectangular living room restaurant cover

Xiao Note Review: This is a dining tablecloth for cotton and linen fabric, the material is good, mainly rectangular, is a Nordic style. If the renovation of the family is the Nordic style, this tablecloth is also a good match.

8, home gallery table block

Recommended products: home gallery tablecloth waterproof anti-steel oil free to wash tea several fabric long square cotton linen modern Nordic tablecloth

Xiao Note: This dining table cloth is a sofa of wain-washed cotton and linen, waterproof, oil-resistant, style Nordic style, is a mainstream style tablecloth, there are different specifications, suitable for coffee tables and dining tables, prices from 63 yuan to 180 Yuan is not equal, and the total sales volume of some treasures has reached more than 3,000.


The top is the tableclock of the honeypine ant. The tablecloth is selected. 8 different brand table tablecloths are selected. I hope that everyone understands the tablecloth brand products. If you feel that this article is good, you may wish to share this article to you. Friends, please remember that we welcome everyone to visit this site, thank you