Did you grow grass with black technology underwear?


Underwear and panties exist to protect the sensitive parts, but do you know that underwear and underwear are not clean and will it hurt us? According to relevant survey statistics, the attack of 80%of women’s gynecological diseases is related to underwear!

Due to the normal secretion of the human body and the impact of the external environment, underwear and underwear can easily reserve bacteria, and the breeding speed is extremely fast, and some bad living habits will exacerbate bacterial residues. For example, if you do n’t clean the underwear in time, you will leave countless scalp -ray bacterial virus parasites in a day; or you will be lazy to throw underwear and coat into the washing machine together, causing cross infection and bacterial residues; I did n’t wash it when I was drying, and I did n’t dry it completely when drying … These are easy to cause bacteria to reproduce.


The impact of bacteria of underwear on the health of private parts must be understood that the hygiene of underwear should not despise its importance. The human nipples have no skin and no natural barrier protection, but there are thousands of pores. Harm bacteria enter the breast from the pores, which can easily cause various breast diseases.

So whether it is underwear and underwear, you must pay attention to hygiene cleaning. It is best to choose a neutral detergent to gently wash, dry and dry it before putting it on. The underwear must be cleaned on the same day and replace it on a regular basis. Generally, the water is washed 30 times. The use of the bras is longer than the underwear. It needs to be replaced for three or four months. It is easy to accumulate more bacteria after a long time. The underwear wearing underwear is closely related to women’s physiological health, but it cannot be sloppy!

How to choose underwear


The purchase and selection of underwear is also very particular.

When choosing underwear, you must pay attention to the breathability, humidity and safety of the underwear fabric. Some panties made of synthetic fibers are extremely low, but this kind of fabric comes with irritation. The breathability and hygroscopicity are poor, very uncomfortable, and more likely to breed bacteria.

When choosing underwear, you must measure your upper bust and lower bust. Select the right cup and size. Excessive bras will restrain your body and have poor comfort; too loose bras cannot support the chest, and the effect is not great. In addition, the material material is equally important. For example, many sponge coasters have been eliminated on the market and used laterally, because latex can inhibit bacteria, and sponges can easily cause bacterial residues. Some underwear fabrics also have bacteriostatic effects, which is more hygienic than ordinary fabrics. After all, it is a whole day of personal clothes. Good fabrics with the right size can make people easily.

Runmei tea muscle series underwear pants


After understanding these underwear, I was more cautious during the purchase process. When I checked the information, I found that many people recommend the underwear and underwear of the Mo -Tea muscle series. The “tea muscle” in this name has attracted my attention. As a “professional” person, we must figure out what the name it is.

It turns out that the tea muscle is to extract tea polyphenols from the tea, and the fiber created after a certain process is treated. The tea polyphenols in tea do have a certain effect of sterilization. In the past, people were afraid of inflammation after the pierced ear pierced, and the tea rod will be used as earrings. Runwei used this special performance of tea to develop tea muscle inhibitory black technology that has obtained a national invention patent. This fabric can effectively inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, White Candida, etc. At the same time It also has the function of antioxidant and removing free radicals. In short, it can maintain the skin, prevent mites, and eliminate odors.


This fabric is used on underwear and underwear, and naturally has bacteriostatic function. Moreover, tea composition does not contain heavy metals, which is healthier than silver ions on the market I learned, and more assured to wear.

In addition to this series of underwear and underwear, it can inhibit bacteria. After buying it, it is also good to feel comfortable.


The fabric selected by the underwear is 80 Lanjing Modal. Compared with the current mainstream market -based underwear fabric yarn woven, 80 Modal’s weaving is higher, the fabric is thinner, softer and more delicate, and it has reached the reach The comfort of maternal and infant fabric certification!


By the way, they also want to mention their packaging. Each one is independently sealed. It can be worn without washing it. After the underwear pants are opened, the bag is opened to wear industry standards. The production process is quite particular. The dust -free production workshop is equipped with ozone and ultraviolet rays, which is equivalent to the hygiene of some medical items. This kind of panties that are worn on the bag completely pierced the needs of my lazy person, and it is also very convenient to carry on business trips.

The design of the same series of underwear is equally intimate. The range of 70A to 85C is provided in the size, and most customers can find the most suitable bras in this range. In addition, in the version of the underwear itself, Runwei is a heavy -duty version of the Japanese national treasure -level underwear -type underwear Mita Mita Hiroshi. Before the final edition, a comparative research data comparison of trial -through verification data of 3.3 million Asian women was designed to design a steel -free but at the same time to solidify the breasts, 35 ° up, and the upweed underwear.


Underwear comfortable in addition to the version fit the human body, the fabric is also another focus. Runwei Tea muscle series bras also use fiber black technology -tea muscle fabric. This fabric has an amazing bacteriostatic effect. After 50 washing, the bacteriostatic effect is still far exceeding the international; after being soaked in 100 degrees of water, it can also be 3A international bacteriostatic standards. To a large extent, the probability of harmful bacteria entering the breast from the pores, and does not give the breast disease a chance to come to the door.

In short, the underwear pants of the Runwei Tea Muscle Series really meet my various requirements. It is quite peace of mind. The purchase of a 10 % discount on the Double Eleven period. The underwear is equivalent to 50 % off. , Buy and send a wash bag, come back and place an order!