Simple and small handmade: Children’s first customized waterfall


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1. Origin

The one -and -a -half -year -old baby is full of curiosity about everything. Recently, I do n’t know when to start watching the hot kettle on the table. How can a pot of hot water allow her to make this, if it is too dangerous to do it, she can’t play for her. Do it as a father for a daughter, and it ’s hard to be a little Case, a small Case of a siege lion that is scarce and expensive.

I remember I have seen a lot of DIY videos like foreign cattle human beings before. Essence

Main materials: hard paper shell+beverage bottle, plus small water pump switch and other small devices (add up to a dozen dollars, hahaha)


Second, start stocking

一二三干起来,材料和工具出场,主材:纸壳、矿泉水一瓶;电子器件:开关两个、小水泵、电压小转板(用来接充电宝);辅料:输液管、老Two popsicles; see what the tools are: hot melting guns, beautiful workers, electrode iron, round rules, triangular boards. There are not many things but incomplete, then buy it, first buy the old popsicle to eliminate the heat.


In terms of materials selection, it is still particular. For example, the cardboard should try to choose a box with a larger size as much as possible to cut the effect of cutting, and the children are more resistant to playing; Add up to about ten dollars directly on Taobao. It happened that there was a infusion tube in the family as a small pump inlet and the water outlet pipe. The problem was perfectly solved. The last thing that is more important is that the old popsicles must be bought when the weather is the hottest, and it tastes good enough.

You can buy these things below, other local materials.


Third, start work

The materials gather together to start, first take a framework.

Counted with a hot melting gun, the first half of the water dispenser is completed, isn’t it easy?

The shell of the first half of the water dispenser is basically half completed. Below is to add the rear part of the mineral water bottle. The size here is basically varying from the bottle. It is better to grasp the final matching of the last match.


Wow haha, is there any response.

There is enough space below to install small pumps and switches, and you can also install a small charging treasure (unfortunately to leave the interface outside at the time). Let’s stand vertical lines. Such a hard paper board fold a arc to come out.


Seeing the specific situation in the latter part of the latter part, it will be the following way. It should be noted that the top cover and the base will be 2cm more than the two pieces in the middle (used to stitch with the first half). The size of the mineral water bottle is determined.

So far, the shell of the water dispenser is done.

Next, began water and electricity transformation, water pipe installation, and simple circuit welding. Part of the material from the water pipe comes from the infusion pipe. Look at the picture from the infusion pipe to the two sections below. The thick water pump out of the water pipe, and the previous interface is taken as the connection between the pump and the bottle cap.

The bottle cap is fixed with a rubber gun.


There are water pipes and interfaces. Start fixed switches and outlets. Simple circuit welding will connect several devices. The water pipe comes with the water pump is too short enough to not reach the position of the bottle cap. After a meal, you will grow up like this.


The last step is fixed in the combination of glue to see if there is any feeling.

Fourth, effect display

Five, highlights

After the completion, a sad thing was discovered. The pump support was forgotten to fix it. When I played the baby, I came up with a rolling pump interface. Essence Essence There is no way to remedy it next to it.


The small board of the USB interface took a hole in the paper shell and fixed it. It looked perfect, but the stuff was not enough. The USB poked the booth twice and stabbed in. Essence Essence Later, I thought about it, and I should actually stuff the charging treasure together, and it also saved the children and dragged the roots outside.

The other is that the children are completely restless to the card. The good water dispenser finally becomes a watering machine. It will be soaked in the paper shell without much paper shell. The baby is watering haha, wit.



Trailer for the next issue:

Ready to be a marbles like this below, children should prefer.