Autumn and winter king bombing items! Wear a cool, stacking fashionable bottoming shirt, who wears who wears it?


As soon as Lidong passed, the temperature dropped straight, and it was reorganized to organize the closet and gave it to yourself

Add clothes

It’s time.

Every year, there are new trends, or emerging designs, or unique color matching.

But there is a single product, but it is a versatile classic that all the tide is acknowledged. No matter how fashion reincarnates, it


Always occupy the C position of the wardrobe.

That’s right, it’s a good one to wear



, Soft, comfortable, warm, thin, whether it is single, bottoming, stacking … you can use countless ways to wear it casually!


Among the many items, the bottoming shirt is simply

God -like existence


It can be easily concave when wearing it at will, and it can be more from autumn and winter to the beginning of spring. Countless stars and fashion bloggers fell under its charm ~


With the people’s power, the power is indispensable all year round.

Zheng Xiujing, a wearing textbook, has a small personality of different colors, which is too beautiful with a small personality.


The solid -colored high -necked bottom shirt is also the love of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, and it is very elegant and fashionable as soon as you wear it.

It confirmed

“The simpler, the more classic”

This truth, no wonder it is called the evergreen tree in the fashion industry,


The simpler the basic items, the higher the requirements for texture



Most of the bottoming shirts on the market are either loose and fat, or tight people, and they will be wrinkled. It is really not good -looking.

In order to find a truly high -quality bottoming shirt, we tested a dozen bottom shirts on the market, and finally selected this one

Touching and soft touch





Xianfu embroidered bottom shirt




Recommended reason for strong recommendation:

1. Double -sided imitation of cashmere hair fabric, smooth skin, not easy to get the ball

2. Simple slim -fitting version+unique small high -neck design, showing thin figure

3. Elasticity is large, 85-160 catties can be worn, comfortable and not tight

4, 6 fashion versatile colors, how to wear it, look good

Unlike a general bottoming shirt, it uses it


High -quality double -sidedly imitating cashmere wool fabric


The feel is soft and delicate, and it seems to be surrounded by a soft cloud on the body, super comfortable!


Unlike the loose Oversize style, this bottoming shirt is

Simple slim version


, Can just outline the waistline and shoulder lines,

Have ant waist and right -angle shoulders in minutes

Many of the sisters who start with the social software have taken beautiful photos and call it crazy for it ~

Outstanding fabric+thin version+high -level texture


Don’t hurry up!

Today’s fans’ special price only costs 59 yuan, buy one get one free

, Hurry up ~

Double -sided likes cashmere hair fabric


Soft glutinous skin is not easy to get the ball


This bottoming shirt looks thin, soft and waxy, and wearing it is warm and comfortable.


I did n’t know after doing my homework. It turned out that it used double -sided furry fabric.

Compared with cotton cloth, the hair grinding fabric has a hair grinding process in the process of preparation, which can make the latitude and weft yarn produce fluffy at the same time, and the fluffy hair is short and dense.


The fluffy is flat, full of feel, soft, full of villi, soft luster, fluffy fabric, good warmth, and no ball.


No wonder this bottoming shirt feels soft and soft, and


It seems like I didn’t wear it on my body

, Real nude experience ~

The lifeline grinding fabric is still very long, plus active printing and dyeing technology,


No matter how violent washing, it will not deform or fade.

Even if the fork is scraped hard, there is no ball at all!


Throwing the washing machine directly is completely OK, and it is not a problem to wear it for three or four years.

Whether it is a vest skirt, skirt, high -waisted pants, windbreaker, a good bottoming shirt is indispensable to complete the entire fashion look.

Wear it in autumn and winter, lightweight and warm, high -level sense!

Simple slim version+small high -neck design

Short and show your chest


Want to stay in the C position of the wardrobe, except for the soft and glutinous skin -friendly fabric,


It is also very important.

To this end, the designer of this bottoming shirt found dozens of women of different figures to try on and modify the version of the version many times. Finally, this version of the 3D three -dimensional tailoring is determined.

The service is not tight, the waist and abdomen are slightly waist,

It can cover the flesh, but also highlight the waist and chest


, Really super thin figure.


The position of the shoulder line is also calculated with a number of Asian women’s figure, which can fit the back of the shoulder.

Girls with thick arms and thick shoulders are also very friendly ~

Generally, dozens of dollars of bottoming shirts will not add locks at the cuffs and lower circumference, and roll the edge without wearing it a few times.

But this bottoming shirt was collected at the cuffs and lower circumference,

Don’t worry about the rolling edge of the line ~

The versatile version, whether it is single or inside, can make you feel fashionable!


Small high -neck design


, Showing a fair neck, instantly having a beautiful swan neck, exquisite and foreign.


Putting the hem of the bottoming shirt into the pants or skirt, the legs are thin and thin, and the goddess of autumn and winter.

When it is cold, with a small jacket, it is rich in layers, and a proper street shooting master.


85-160 catties can be worn

If you can’t put on this bottoming shirt, no matter how good the version is, the fabric is no matter how high it is, it is also white.


In order to allow more women to put on this bottoming shirt, the designer added to the fabric



Suslide is an excellent elastic synthetic fiber, which has extremely high elastic elasticity.

The amino yarn content is about 1 % -5 %, which is low-elastic fabric. The ammonia yarn content is about 5 % -10 %, which is a medium elastic fabric. The amino veil content is 10 % -20 %.

This bottoming shirt contains 11.5%, belonging to

High elastic fabric


, Elasticity is really super big,

It does not deform how to pull.


The feel is soft, comfortable and casual, there is no sense of restraint,


85-165 catties of sisters can be worn!

Light, soft and not tight, wearing it is never tied, wearing in autumn, in winter, real versatile items ~

A variety of colors optional

Multiple styles can be set up




Fashionable and versatile

: Mustard yellow brown light khaki black white light blue, you can always find your favorite model!

Belove shirt+suspender skirt:


Refreshing and age -reducing, Mori is full of girls.


Bottom shirt+suit, shirt:

The college style is get, cute and tender, but salt and sweet.

Bottom shirt+coat jacket:

Daily commuting easy to get it ~


Wear bottom shirt+mid -umbrella skirt, A -line skirt, small leather skirt:


Clean and cool, cool and stingy.

Wear bottom shirt+high waist pants:

The leg length and the gas field are all two meters eight.


With this bottoming shirt, this autumn and winter match is all mastered ~

The fabric is excellent+the version is thin, and the texture is even more invincible


Today’s fans’ special price only costs 59 yuan

, Buy one get one free, hurry up ~




Don’t hurry up!