The classic pot type in the purple sand pot-Ruyi pot


Ruyi pot is one of the traditional round pots. Ruyi pattern is full and stiff, which is a symbol of wealth. Ruyi adds auspiciousness and blessings for the shape.

“Ruyi” is a kind of utensil that symbolizes auspiciousness, made of gold, jade, bamboo, bone, etc., head -shaped or cloud -shaped, and the handle is slightly curved to refer to or play rewards. Ruyi has always been loved by everyone and used it for pots, so as to express their emotions, affection in the shape, sending affection in the scene, and passing their blessings.

The traditional “Ruyi pot” is beautiful, both quaint and mellow, and simple and stylish. It is a classic pot type of purple sand pot. The “Ruyi Pot” flying pot handle is opposite to the lift -up pot, forming smooth lines, and the round pot body in the square is beautiful and beautiful, and is loved by the pot friends.


“Ruyi” is the incarnation of auspiciousness and has been welcomed by the public. Ruyi pot has changed in the traditional pot shape, with an extraordinary momentum, and the structure proportion is perfect, especially Ruyi’s pattern, light and agile, and the production of the whole pot is difficult. This pot has both delicate sketches and big products and domineering. , Grasp the degree, can be called a boutique.


Initially, the Ruyi pot was Shao Maolin during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Initially, this pot was selected for the fun of the wealthy businessmen and citizens. However, as the people’s living standards continued to improve, they were attracted by the humanistic and historical background and traditional culture that they reflected. Ruyi pot was also more popular.


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