Canadian goose was interviewed for overlord clauses! Please collect this guidelines for buying down jackets


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Canada Goose has just been fined 450,000 yuan for “false advertising publicity” by the Shanghai market regulatory authorities. On the morning of December 1,#Canada Goose stipulates that mainland Chinese stores must not return#to Weibo hot search. This incident caused a hot discussion among netizens, “Is this too overlord!” “Isn’t this a ‘goose’?” In response to the matter, Canadian geese issued a statement on December 1 on December 1 that “Canada Goose Canada Geese strictly abides by China The laws and regulations implement the policy of return and exchange to protect consumers’ rights. On the morning of December 1st, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission interviewed Canadian geese and asked the Canadian geese to submit the formal explanation of the “Replacement Terms” before noon on December 2.


Down jacket, hard currency in winter

The down jacket was first born in the United States. In 1936, American entrepreneur and explorer Eddie Ball In a winter fishing operation, in order to facilitate the fishing of 90 pounds of fishing goods, he took off a thick wool band shirt, and then due to physical strength and cold weather. Almost frozen in the snow. He realized that he needed a breathable and warm jacket, which invented the world’s first down jacket.

The down jacket is made of imitating bird down layers. The quality of good down jackets is generally very fluffy. The same weight of down can fix more air than other materials. It is equivalent to forming an insulation layer that makes the cold air outside cannot pass to your body, so that the temperature of the body is kept, thereby achieving good warmth.

Domestic down jacket brands are in different arms, and there is a lot of room for development in the future


After the reform and opening up, the Chinese down jacket market began to sprout. In 1972, the state -owned down jacket brands duck, ducks, and Yalu successively founded. Since then, brands such as Bosideng, Da Yu, Selun, Jaao, Tanbol, Xuezhongfei have also emerged. Data from Tianyan Check shows that there are more than 65,000 down jacket -related companies in my country. From the perspective of geographical distribution, there are many companies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shandong Province, with a large number of companies with a large number of down jackets, with 12,130, 9203, and 5,628.

A diagram of a down jacket that passed on the Internet shows that the top of the contempt chain is favored; then foreign net red down jackets Canadian goose, Arctionsx (The North Face) despise each other; the third layer is Patagonia, etc. Outdoor brands; Bosideng and ZARA, H & M, and Uniqlo on the fourth floor; domestic brands such as ducks, Yalu, Xuezhongfei, Qianzhigang, etc. are located at the bottom. But now with various incidents of the epidemic, the Xinjiang cotton, and the Tokyo Olympics, our national self -confidence and identity have been detonated many times. It reached an unprecedented height.

In fact, domestic brands have performed well in sales data. With the improvement of the craftsmanship, raw materials, and fabrics of down jackets, many domestic brands have improved in many aspects such as fleece, fluffy, fabric elasticity, breathability, windproof and rainproof, etc., and keep warm and fashionable. It’s not inferior.

Boshon’s strategy of high -end pricing and design trends has increased by more than 700%in the past five years. At the end of October, the topic “Boshi Deng 10,000 yuan down jacket” appeared on Weibo hot search. This “climbing” series focused on the professional measurement of “Mount Everest”. Previously, the windbreaker down jacket launched by Burberry designers was also pushed on the hot search. In the cheap down jacket track, the duck and duck brand became a dark horse in August with the innovative Snow Mountain live broadcast, and even surpassed Bosideng in Douyin Double Eleven.

According to data provided by the China Clothing Association, from 2017 to 2020, the average growth rate of the Chinese down jacket market was more than 10 %. According to CCTV Finance and Economics, the size of my country’s down jackets has reached 131.7 billion yuan this year, and the industry growth rate is 8.93%. Industry analysts pointed out that due to the expected cold winter expectations, it is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan this year.

Among European and American countries, the penetration rate of down jackets is between 30 % -70 %, while the current penetration rate of down jackets in my country is only about 10 %, and there is still a lot of room for development in the future.

There are four keywords for choosing down jackets

Earlier, the “Canadian Goose” related company was punished for 450,000 yuan for false advertisements. The investigation of the administrative penalty decision of the case was in -depth. It was very convincing. Basically, he learned the decision to choose a down jacket through learning this punishment decision. To sum up, the warmth of the down jacket is not whether it is “Canadian geese”, but the maturity of birds. Specifically, there are four keywords for choosing down jackets:

Keywords 1: Velvet content. The containing voltage refers to the percentage of the content of velvet and velvet in the down. According to the standards of down clothing, down jackets that cannot be made with a down jacket with a velvet content below 50%. The voltage content of down jackets is generally the best in 70%and above. Generally, 70%-80%of the velvet content can meet the demand. In order to pursue “light” and “thin”, the light -light down jacket requires higher the voltage content, generally more than 90%. The same volume of down jackets, the higher the velvet content, the lighter the weight, the better the warmth.

Keyword two: charging volume. The volume is the weight of all down jackets filled with down jackets. Take a down jacket with a volume with a volume of about 90%. In general, if the temperature is between 0 degrees and 10 degrees, the chronograph with a velvet volume of 76g/m. If the temperature is between -10 degrees ~ 0 degrees, the winter thin-in-winter thinning can be selected. When the temperature is low, the volume is higher. The more the velvet, the heavy clothes, the more warm the down jacket. As the filling density increases, the heat loss is also increased by filling the material.

Keyword three: fluffy. Flly and fluffy refers to the value of the volume cubic inch of each cubic inch under the specified external conditions. The one -ounce of down the space is 600 cubic inch and the fluffyness of the down is 600. The general fluffy standard in China is 450. The higher the fluffyness of the down, it means that the down under the same volume can fix the larger volume of the air layer to keep the warm thermal insulation, so the better the warmth of the down.

Keywords 4: filling. The most common fillings in the down jacket are goose down and duck down, including white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down. Generally speaking, the larger and more mature poultry, the quality of the fluff is better, and it is more warm. The warmth of goose down is slightly higher than duck down, but the gap is small, and the human body almost can’t feel it. Because of the small output of goose down, the price should be high. The saying that the white duck velvet circulating in the market is not accurate than the gray duck down. The white duck down can indeed be more widely used in the fabric is a light -colored down jacket, but except for the difference between the two, there is no difference in warmth.

Down jacket cleaning guide

The down jacket is really good, but it is not easy to clean. The news about the down jackets in the washing machine was cleaned and exploded many times. CCTV interviewed experts said that some down jackets use special coats to prevent drilling velvet, resulting in not as breathability as ordinary clothing. If it is severely impacted or stirred by the washing machine at a high speed, it may explode. The down jacket should avoid washing machines as much as possible, and it is best to wash. However, the down jacket is washed by hand, and the down after rubbing hard, the down is easy to make a group, and the warmth is reduced. So, how to wash down jackets?

The stains of down jackets are mainly in the face. As a natural fiber, down can maintain its characteristics for a few years, and has the recovery of self -recovery. Generally, no need to clean. For the stains of the ingredients in the down jacket, it should be washed by manual method. You can buy a dedicated hand -made neutral drying agent. Use a soft brush to flatten the drying agent on the fabric (not soaked down the down) manually, then clean the cleaner, and then dry it naturally. However, it should be noted that local application will cause stains and try to wash as much as possible.

In order to prevent the down of down, the washed down jackets should not be sunny and dry in the ventilation. After cleaning and drying, you can pat the down jacket to speed up the dispersal of the down, so that the filling material can restore a certain fluffy feeling and increase the warmth. In addition, the down jacket cannot be exposed to the fire source when drying or saving.

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