Shoulder wide, small belly, arm thick, paper people, how to choose T-shirt to make up for the shortcomings?


Have you heard such a sentence in some sisters:

In the summer, I can put the T-shirt and almost half.


. Absolutely not exaggerated, T-shirt is absolutely wild. More than we are wearing, exciting people on the screen, the private service is also T-shirt.

Released as “small children wear textbook”


Wang Ziwen


She wore a black T-shirt, with a pleated femto skirt, feet wearing a double high to canvas shoes. The elegant fashion is temperament, and the clothing is really good!

Wu Ming

It’s also quite wear, a black print T-shirt, this T-shirt is good, on the side of the shoulders dig a big hole, there are more people in the chest.

floral print

Fashion and lively.

My Goddess


Dili Hot Bar

In the new drama “Anle Biography” official, grape printing, T-shirt, black jeans and canvas shoes, simple and clean and comfortable!


Liu Wen


Out of the airport, one



The print t-shirt of the home, there is a new bag with white trousers, so refreshing!


Seeing so many female stars put the t-shirt so beautiful, is it can’t wait, don’t worry! I want to wear a t-shirt, but also choose, I will talk about it today.

Different body


How to





Shoulder-wide back


shoulder width



It will seem to be very strong, this body’s sister is more suitable.


Big collar T-shirt

While exposing the clavicle, it will move the line while it is not so strong like this shoulder.

Large V-collar


The T-shirt effect is very good, not only can be slim, revealing the knees and then wearing a necklace, let you look fresh and fall.

It is best to choose this


Solid color

The shaded body, the printing of the print is too much, but there is an expanded feel.

Everyday it is more simple, no matter

Suit pants


still is



You can, the clothes are in the waist of the trousers.

You have: Do you wear T-shirts to wear T-shirts that are more troubled 20 pounds? If there is, come back one

Let’s say goodbye to bloated in minutes.


The T-shirt of the big U collar, with short pants, revealing your legs, can be said to be super good-looking. The big breasts of the limbs can imitate it.

There is no relationship without fine legs, with one

High waist bread pants

What shortcomings are hidden on your legs, and it can also optimize the size ratio.




Many arm grungy sisters, a short sleeve T-shirt, meat on the arm will expose. You need a t-shirt with a cuff wide, so you can hide your meat on your arm.

The classic striped element plus the sleeves of the upper arm, it is really perfect, even if the upper body is weak, it can be slim by stripes.

Striped T-shirt + shorts wearing, too casual, suitable for student girls in summer vacation, then step on a sports shoes, refreshing and energetic.

What should I do if my sleeve is big? Bundle

Roll up

Ah ~ It is possible to hide a side of the arm in this way.

This small collar T-shirt, the effect of wearing a necklace is also very good. The next half is a special fire this year.



, I don’t want to see everyone’s calculation?

This is the most satisfying T-shirt, loose version of the body, is particularly good for the inclusiveness of the body.


The small bear on the T-shirt is made up of countless flowers and leaves, but the price of the price is the embroidery, with sports pants, very comfortable.

Small belly

This era, there is a small belly, it is not very normal, I also have! When you choose T-shirt, you will not choose too much.

However, when you are loading, you can choose the high waist items of the meat, you can put the t-shirt in front of the trousers, the small belly is gone.


Black high waist pants are preferred, with white t-shirt. Classic black and white combination is best wearing in summer. The nine pants can also show the finest ankle, and wear a pair of canvas shoes on the feet.

Another kind of wearing is, against it, the upper body is a loose black T-shirt, hiding the small belly, a white high waist pants, the effect is also good, I like to toss can try.


Sheet of paper


Who said that the paper is not worried, wearing a t-shirt “rack” will not look good. It is recommended that this type of girl who wears a small round neck and the printing pattern will make you the upper body very “full”.

This T-shirt is a large-scale printing, of course, you can also wear a necklace.


No matter how black or white trousers are very suitable, regardless of black or white pants. You can also take a big bag, it is also a good choice.

See here, have you found a T-shirt that suits you?

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Big collar T-shirt