Can’t prevent the virus in ordinary gloves? Academician: One dollar and one pair of cotton thread gloves are very good


Science and Technology Daily reporter Wang Yanbin

“Ordinary gloves can only play a warmth, and there is no preventive effect on the virus.” “Don’t wear gloves, because the unclean gloves are easy to cause infection.” At present, the people should wear gloves? This is the point of view of some experts in the near future. On January 31, Zhu Jiankang, director of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, director of the Shanghai Plant Adverse Biology Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said,

It is necessary to wear gloves. As for the type, there are no special requirements.

“At present, almost all preventive manuals and disease control experts emphasize that people need to wash their hands frequently, so it is consensus to spread the virus in hand, but after all, we have no one to have the conditions to wash hands anytime, anywhere, so I call on wearing gloves to wear gloves anytime, anywhere, so I call on wearing gloves. Important. “Academician Zhu Jiankang shared in the circle of friends.

There are three reasons to support him.

First, the ability of gloves to adhere to virus is far weaker than the ability of the skin to adsorb the virus on the hand; second, the virus will survive the skin on the hand to survive on the gloves; It will reduce the deep touch of the counterpart, nose, and eyes.

Recently, some experts told the public that they did not need to wear gloves, thinking that the unclean gloves could easily cause infection. Zhu Jiankang believes, “This view is very lacking in biological common sense, and has become a huge loophole in this epidemic prevention work.” He said,

The epidemic spreads from the spread of droplets and contact dissemination. When wearing gloves, wearing gloves will greatly block contact and spread, and effectively protect themselves and others.

If the gloves are reused, they need to be cleaned and dry.

“If you are already a virus carrier, wearing gloves can to a large extent blocking the source of the disease caused by touching others or shared items.” Zhu Jiankang emphasized.

In the “News 1+1” column on the evening of January 28, Li Lanjuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a member of the State Health and Health Commission, a member of the CCTV host, Li Lanjuan. To prevent it, for example, if you have n’t washed your face or your eyes? “Academician Li Lanjuan’s answer is: In the hospital, our medical staff should wear gloves when exposed to pollution substances, but in the external environment After all, this amount is limited, so just wash your hands frequently.

It can be seen that to a certain extent, it is necessary to resist the new coronal virus and wearing gloves. Finally, Academician Zhu Jiankang repeatedly emphasized the importance of wearing gloves, “So,

Wearing gloves, gloves, and gloves, important things say three times.


Source: Science and Technology Daily

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