Why does this spring “sweater+skirt” fire? After reading these matching demonstrations, you will also fall in love with


As spring comes, the weather is getting warmer, and daily dressing must also be prepared to change ideas and light up. In this spring, the idea of ​​sweater with skirts began to get angry again. The neutralized sweater met with feminine skirts, collecting leisure and elegance, fashionable and age -reducing. Why does the spring “sweater+skirt” fire? After reading these matching demonstrations, half handsome, half tender, I believe you will also fall in love with this unique fashion combination.

Hooding sweater+printed skirt

The mixing wind in spring is still prevailing. The sweater is matched with a skirt, which is soft, handsome and beautiful. This method of wearing can perfectly interpret the mixing style of the mother MAN.

In spring, choose a romantic and colorful printed skirt with a loose solid color sweater, which is simple and complicated. Comfortable and fashionable.

Sweater+pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is high -level because of the neat wrinkles. It is used to use it to match the street -style hooded sweater in the spring to collect leisure, casual, elegant and exquisite. The overall dress shows a relaxed sense of dignity, which is very special.

The color matching is as simple as possible. You can choose a black hooded sweater with a white or light blue pleated skirt, or the similar color matching, such as pink round neck sweater with a khaki color pleated skirt, elegant age reduction is very temperamental temperament is very temperamental Essence


Hooding sweater+tulle skirt


There is a fantastic tulle long skirt, the most fond of the romantic spring atmosphere, the gentle tulle skirt with a loose hooded sweater can resolve the rough and thick sense of the sweater, and make the overall style of the overall dress balance.

The hooded sweater can choose a loose Oversize version, more chic and uninhibited street Feel, with a thin veil wrinkle skirt and black loafers, casual and exquisite and elegant. The small girl should avoid wearing too loose sweaters, and choosing some fit can be more suitable.

Sweater+wave dot skirt

The white round neck sweater is simple and bright, and it is very embarrassed in spring. Choosing a loose shoulder style has a lazy and relaxed temperament, which makes people look petite, but it looks even thinner. For the matching of the skirt, please choose the classic black and white, blue and white wave dot skirt. In addition to retro, it is playful and agile, which is very feminine. This combination is also very suitable for middle -aged women, fashionable and elegant and age -reducing.

Sweater+straight skirt

The loose sweater is more suitable for a slim straight skirt with a narrow skirt. If you want to be more fashionable and stylish, you can match the soft silk straight slit skirt, or choose a delicate lace straight skirt to interpret the maiden MAN balance.

The retro woolen checkered straight skirt is also suitable for simple sweaters. It can also appropriately increase accessories to enrich the details and layers of overall dressing. For example, adding a child hat, the overall is also very fashionable.


Round -neck sweater+short skirt


The sweater with a short skirt, the overall feeling is very age -reducing and energetic. When using this method of wearing, it is best to choose a more street casual -style letter sweater or a round neck sweater printed with patterns, with a little cool handsomeness, with denim skirts. If a small girl chooses a sweater with a short skirt, remember to reveal the waistline.


In addition to denim skirts, there are more fashionable leather skirts, which are used to match the alphabet and pattern sweaters. It has a handsome rock flavor. In contrast, the overall dress has both street wind and high -level sense, and the effect of age reduction is full.

Sweater+satin skirt


The gray round neck sweater, elegant color tone is very versatile and temperament. Choosing loose styles is actually more obviously obvious, free and comfortable, and feel very neutral. Increasing tenderness and feminine, the color of the skirt can be selected from the elegant color system, or it is also worth reference with a light blue satin skirt with a gray hooded sweater. In short, do not jump too much. It is the most beautiful.

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