The wonderful life you want is indispensable for XR-V willful performance


Most boys have a dream about cars when they are children. This dream often starts with toy cars. As the age grows, the dreams also began to reach reach. Buying a favorite car with their own hard work is particularly logical. A XR-V, which carries a dream and starts a wonderful life, everything will become simple.


A car may subvert your lifestyle. Even if you used to be a “dead house”, you can’t help but hold the steering wheel and fly all the way. If you catch up with the sun, I am afraid it is even more difficult to endure the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t let youth endure “aggrieved”.

Do not worry about the space for XR-V, the energy of TA may be far beyond your imagination. Especially in the rear space, even if your partner is full, you can easily obtain a rich leg and head space. The best 2610mm ultra -long wheelbase of the same level will make you really experience what it means “surprise”.

“Surprise”, of course, first comes from the guarantee of comfort. In addition to the excellent driving environment, the XR-V also uses the humanized design to add comfort to improve the comfort. For example, the design of the seat, the top model not only uses a sports -style red seam punching leather seat, but also enhances the visual effect. It is also considerate in the materials and workmanship. Long -distance travel will not feel too tired. In addition, the rear seats of the XR-V are also equipped with 3 independent headrests and central armrests, which reflects a sense of “more than the level”. Friends who believe in the third season of “I am a singer” will also find Each star big coffee enjoys the carefully escort of XR-V.


Another level of “surprise” is of course in terms of storage. The volume of the trunk of the XR-V reached 437 liters, which not only dominates the advantages of the same level of products, but also has a high flatness. If you want to have a private two -person space during the journey, I am afraid that it is the most suitable choice.


In addition, unlike other models, the rear seats of the XR-V can not only be turned over 4/6, but also the cushion can also be easily lifted up, thereby increasing the height of the rear load, such as large-sized LCD TVs and bicycles. Wait, easily accommodate completely!


It is precisely because the XR-V has such a “willful and changeable” space performance that every trip to you will not leave regrets. I believe your friends will feel happy. After all, in the wonderful life, you must not without you without you without you. You can’t without TA …

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