The Korean stewardess calendar exposure, with the modern uniforms instructed by Kim Jong -un, a suit and a capable suit skirt


Dongfangwang · Calligraphy Journalist Shan Shan


According to the Yonhap News Agency on December 26, North Korea ’s Goryeo Airlines released the 2020 calendar that day, and the Korean stewardess on the calendar was shining.

At the top 2020 of the calendar, the North Korean main age is 109 years. It is reported that after 1997, North Korea ’s annual method was changed from the AD to the main age, that is, the first year of the first year of 1912, which was born in Kim Il Sung.


The Korean stewardess in the photo is naturally capable. The skirt with black leather shoes, the hair is neatly combed. With a smile, it looks very calm, and the makeup is very natural.


On the left side of the chest, the badge of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, on the right is the golden North Korean Air Essence. The brim is inlaid with Phnom Penh.

It is understood that in 2012, Kim Jong -un has personally instructed Pyongyang Shun’an International Airport that the stewardess uniform must meet the requirements of the times. In 2013, the stewardess uniform changed from the previous red style to the current style.

The calendae are used to wake up the target with red fonts on Sunday, as well as national holiday arrangements such as the Spring Festival on January 25 and the Mid -Autumn Festival on October 1st. The statutory holidays in 2020 include 66 days on Sunday; traditional festivals are similar to South Korea.


Among them, Kim Il Sung, the late leader of North Korea, was red on April 15th and Kim Jong Il’s birthday on February 16th, which were marked with the “Light Star Festival” and “Sun Festival”. But Kim Jong -un’s birthday is still black and has not become a holiday.

Reuters previously reported that Kim Jong Il, the former leader of North Korea, had terrorism, but Kim Jong -un liked to travel by plane and attached great importance to the aviation industry. The official Korean television station has played a picture of Kim Jong -un’s fighter.

Goryeo Airlines is the only civil airline in North Korea. It runs international routes such as Pyongyang to Moscow and Berlin, as well as domestic routes such as Pyongyang to Kiyoshi.

Some analysts believe that North Korea’s joining a stewardess on the calendar aims to help the development of tourism and attract foreign tourists. The US media also revealed that Goryeo Airlines is working hard to make its operation diversified, and has involved in various aspects such as tobacco, cola, and gas stations to taxi services.