The bed where the owner buys the kitten, the second one is so lucky, live like a little princess


Share the warm bed of a group of owners and kittens, it is not too cute.There are 3 kittens in the master’s house. The owner made three small wooden beds, which spread pink beds for the cats.

This kitten is more lucky. There is only one little baby in the family. It collects thousands of pets. Every day, it is like a gorgeous little princess. Don’t be too happy!

These three cats, the owner made them three layers of bed, and also made the kitten feel the feeling of the dormitory. The sleeping position of these three goods is also bright, especially the cat is so funny at the bottom!

This kitten is a bit pitiful. This is obviously a family. Many kittens. Because it is plastic, it feels that the kitten will collapse the bed. No one is, don’t be too funny!


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