What do you wear in autumn? Learn a thin skirt to cover the meat


Now changing seasonal drags have been given to you


Plant grass a lot


Jacket, top

such as

Sisters’ wallets are okay

Have you emptied the duck?


Drag today

Not ready to let your wallet

Ready to give you Amway

Don’t know what to wear


Hurry up


Autumn is really suitable for wearing a half skirt

There are many possibilities in matching

Halway skirt vs shirt is very elegant

Half -body skirt VS sweater is quite casual

There are very fashionable

With a suit jacket

Definitely salt and sweet

Niang MAN balance



There is also an advantage in the skirt

That is

Cover the meat and thin

The tolerance of the body is really high

So even if you are a slightly fat sister


It’s really friendly

I have selected 10 carefully for you






Let’s take a look together


Trendy temperament skirt

This short skirt

Very temperamental

One -step hip skirt is very slim and commute, there is no pressure

I prefer the blue on the picture

In fact, there are dark green and black

It’s pretty good

NO.2/High waist bag hip A -line skirt

This black small leather skirt


Chic girl must

The A -character version is thin or a high waist model

It’s friendly to the little man

It is really A

The design of the zipper will not be cumbersome and loves love anymore

NO.3 wave dot is college style set

Although more than 100 yuan, this is a whole set of price

So in general, it is still very cost -effective

White T + wave dot cake skirt

Student party sisters must have considerable youth


It’s cold when it’s cold, a small coat looks good

NO.4/Flower Chiffon Skirt Set

This set of pink is quite fairy


Drag really like it

The same color matching that is particularly popular this year

Pink red bag shoes plus short T and floral skirts


Self -level sense


NO.5 comfortable half skirt

This skirt is also what I like very much

Whether it is green on the picture

Still pink, gray, and yellow are particularly good -looking

With checkered element retro and fashionable

Just choose a solid color T on the upper body

The simpler the match, the more you will not be eliminated


No.6/button skirt

The skirt is different from the above pieces


Literary and artistic

Small and fresh

The style of pure cotton linen and the design of the buttons

Mori girl standard standard must have

NO.7/Net Skin Skirt

Net yarn fairy skirt is also a good choice in autumn

Pink, black, smog blue, white

Every one has different styles

Design is also more exquisite

Dispellet design is thin and extra points

NO.8/lace stitching skirt

As gentle as mesh yarn

Lace element

You need to arrange in autumn

The hollow design with sweater is very temperamental

Straight version slim

Black models are also very versatile and hurry up

NO.9/medium long one -step skirt

The material of the corduroy itself is very autumn and winter

Middle -length models are more temperamental



More retro

Split design

The tolerance of the figure is also stronger

This skirt is more suitable for the working party

Full sense of commuting

NO.10/Mori Women’s Denim Skirt Set

The last one

It’s also a set look


Although the price is a bit higher than the above


Quality is very touching

Very worth starting

Pure color T with a large skirt denim skirt


Long -legged sisters quickly get off