Recommended | Benq X12000 Projector | Professional Appreciation of the Film Industry, 4K picture quality is realistic!


The projection product is more and more, this is an unexpected fact. In the past, the audio and video enthusiasts were in order to pursue the stimulus of the big picture, and they chose to invest in a set of projection portfolios. It is a very sensible decision, and This year, the launch of the big screen TV, plus the mobile phone and tablet constantly eroding audio and video consumption crowd today. Projection products want to kill a blood road, you must rely on the hard technical quality, and unsubstituted image quality.

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

Benq (BenQ) has started the layout of the living room and audio and video entertainment. The same is a praise of many audio players. It enters the 4K era, and BenQ is accelerating and continuously introducing the latest. The audio and video technology is like the Benq X12000 introduced in this article, which is the latest power of Benq in the 4K era.

Benq X12000 has a very important feature of technology. First of all, its display core, which uses Ti Texas Instrument 0.66-inch UHD 4K DLP solution, with unique XPR technology to make the picture’s output resolution can be easily 3840 × 2160 / 60Hz, the total number of pictures of the screen reached more than 83 million pixels, consistent with the native 4K display chip, so it is very difficult to detect the difference between the picture and the native 4K display chip in the process of seeing.

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!


Within the international standard, as long as the output resolution of the projection chip can reach 8.3 million pixels, 4K projection standards can be reached.

Another feature is that high-frequency pixel displacement techniques are configured by high frequency vibrations of each microscope in the chip, belonging to an optical upgrade method, and is not a digital manner, so it ensures picture The fineness is closer to the native 4K chip. This is also the main advantage of other 1920 × 1080 display chip upgrade programs.

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

From a more in-depth perspective, the 0.66-inch DMD digital micromirror chip used in X12000 is actually a display chip on a 4.15 megapixel 2716 × 1528 actual resolution transmission and high frequency pixel displacement. The image is superimposed to form a picture of 3840 × 2160, which is simple to explain that the projector outputs a 2716 × 1528 picture in the first 1/120 seconds, and the time of 1/120 seconds outputs a pixel position to form 2716 The picture of × 1538, combined with the two, in 1/60 seconds, form a 4K ultra HD picture of 83 million pixels 3840 × 2160.

Through the precision operation, the image quality can completely surpass the fine effect of the full HD image. When playing 4K movie, we can also feel the powerful color expressions that the DLP chip can present, which is convenient to restore the image, can show realistic And there are three-dimensional delicate colors. After subtle adjustments, we can also make the sharpness of the image, with the outstanding optical design of the X12000, the bright and dark performance of the image, the contour of the object, and the smooth transition of the color, You can use the naked eye to see it.

Benq X12000 Important Features:

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

New DLP 4K UHD display technology

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

Newly developed super high brightening lens

HLD gauge new wort source

DLP technology has excellent ANSI contrast performance

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

DLP technology has high-pixel and high contrast advantages

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

Scene HDR 4K test fragment

In the test section, we use it to match the Visione Screen’s investment, and play multiple wonderful high-quality documentary, under the restore of x12000, we can see even distribution, the color steps are obvious, and the effect is the effect, and this Just the standard color setting, change to a bright pattern, we can feel the sense of the image of the image is greatly enhanced, and the three-dimensional sensation of the object is highlighted, and the details of the image are also very in place, the animal’s hair, people Skin texture, the surface details of the utensils are presented in the screen, and the three-dimensional and thickness are quite excellent.

Japanese street 4K test fragment

Switch to the movie mode, the sharpness of the image does not decrease, although the color temperature of the image is close to the flavor of the film, but the brightness of the picture quality is still smooth and natural, the high contrast is restored to the screen three-dimensional, which makes people enter the movie In the world, with 4K’s picture quality, the naked eye can’t find the pixel point of the image. The story of the entire movie seems to occur in front of you. The speakers hidden behind the projection, the ultimate enjoyment of the movie should be like this. !

Movie “Batman Wars Superman”

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

The X12000 is the future development strategy of the Mingji Temporal Master. The 4K high quality is the foundation. In addition, BenQ will provide better color effects and better video enhancement technology. In addition, the BenQ has new ways in promotion, transmitting film culture. It is the core of the BenQ, from the professional recognition of the film industry, to the exchange of the national viewing experience and the operation of professional content, so that professional users can recognize professional products.

BenQ is no longer providing hardware devices, in order to let users understand movies more deeply, the product is the foundation, and the content is also a key part. From the professionalism, the scene experiences the spread of professional film culture, this is Baby’s future development direction.

推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!


推荐|BenQ X12000投影机|电影工业的专业认可,4K画质的逼真感染力!

For a whole, the X12000 is a choice of the most value in the 4K projector. It is not only easy to install and debug. It also has a lot of elasticity in the matching screen, whether it is electric curtain or picture screen, even a sound screen It can make 4K’s picture quality performance, which makes the real elegant film effect, presenting the home theater, this is the reason for the projector really shocking our!